Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Best Moments: <i>Monkey Island</i>

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I think censored swearing is insanely funnier than actual swearing. I'm not sure why.

I'd have to be the same way. I think it's that censored swearing lets you know the intent but says "we still have some class", the swear itself is not expected to be the joke.

As for this top five list I loved the way she stared after saying "I know all about head injuries." Ah such cheesy jokes. They're like the kind me and my brother tell. Man she's just so positive. I watch a few segments on the escapist here regularly and I have to say I never have anything negative to say about these. The way she acts like her nerdy self without a check it's very admirable, it's quite brave really. Not many people would go before jaded gamers, lift up their cat and go "Simmmmba". They always leave me with a good feeling. The opposite of Yahtzee who often tends to leave me with a feeling like I stepped in a mysterious greasy substance. That somebody totally should have cleaned up themselves. While I'm not wearing shoes. I want to rebutt some of the things he says but he does not care, for he lives on a palace on the moon and that's frustrating. Bob is a mixed bag. Half the time I cheer and whole heartedly agree with him and half the time he goes confidently in the wrong direction. But I get him. Even when I don't agree or he's wrong on the facts, because he relies on logic on the whole I respect him.

Back to the top five, pardon my rant, of course that toaster was scary... just look at it's face. It has something planned, obviously.

So glad she did this one. Had a couple of flashbacks while watching her video. And I don't mean re-released HD version flashbacks, no sir I mean those 16/256 color ones with no sound. Good times.

I have to disagree with your pick for number 1. Guybrush's fight with the sheriff was probably the funniest part in the series. I cannot remember any part in any other game that I laughed that hard. It was also interesting to see you acknowledge your failings in the video.

Okay! Favorite top five ever! And it didn't even have Samus in it! I might be saying that because I'm a Monkey Island Fan...

And Joel totally responded wrong. The correct counter is "And I've got a little TIP for you, get the POINT?". Lisa totally won. And Joel fights like a dairy farmer.

I guess it's safe to assume that Lisa is NOT pro-ninja

surprised no one has posted the Lazy Town "You are a pirate" clip yet.
mmmm, plunder in that chest me hearty, yo ho.
ot: Monkey island will always be a classic to the point and click genre.

This is easily the best Lisa Foiles Top Five in ages. Please do more favorite moments in old / unique / obscure games instead of "hot guys with glasses and cool shoes or whatever" episodes.

I had a reaaaaally hard time to actually hear what she says... very distracting clothing.

(keep it up girl)

Childhood gaming revisited.

Thank you Miss Foiles, I salute you ma'am.

And I've got a little TIP for you, get the POINT?

I had a reaaaaally hard time to actually hear what she says... very distracting clothing.

(keep it up girl)

She is keeping it up

Five mins of video

All I can say


the reason i watch this show?
the answer is simple:
hardsft ... grukblic

A Tasty Burger:

I had a reaaaaally hard time to actually hear what she says... very distracting clothing.

(keep it up girl)

She is keeping it up

She indeed is.

Lisa flash for charity!

i believe she WANTS us to be starring at her body.
she could talk about whatever , and we would still watch it, because of her breasts and waist...

Lisa Foiles is awesome!

It's nice to see this series redeem itself. The humor is less forced, and the choice of topics is whimsically funny. Things like Top 5 Scariest Giant Spiders is something nobody would normally think of, yet it was done quite well and made for a good video. I'm glad that this has hit its stride and left the unenviable position of Worst Show on The Escapist to that slimy pile of excrement known as The Show About Games Show.

That little toaster scared me as a kid too! Fucking toaster. You shouldn't be having scary adventures. You're a fucking toaster...

Ok ,thats it ,i`m buying monkey island right now.

This series has gotten good with time. In the first couple of episodes it all seemed a bit forced. And she has gotten a lot more comfortable on camera.

And damn, if you don't want these kinds of comments you should wear a shirt that makes an effort to hide something. *off to take calming pills*

shirt.... shirt.... huh, what!? uh yeah...
Damn, Monkey Island.... been like forever since I played those... might have to do so again now, they really were hella fun. :) Guess I'll wait till the remakes are cheaper on Steam.

I have never played "Monkey Island" but I do think that this is one of the funniest opening sketches the Escapist has ever hosted. Very well done.

I also grew up with Monkey Island. Love those games.

As far as I can tell though, this is the first time I've heard a girl say the same.

I think I'm in love...

Cat of Doom:
Dam, this is one game I have always told my self I would play, but never got round to.
THATS IT in going to play it RIGHT NOW.

BTW who are the two men that keep appering in the videos?

Same here. I've always meant to play those games and never got around.

As for the two men, Drew is he co-star from Everyday Achievements, a YouTube series she hasn't updated in five months. And I believe Joel is Lisa's fiancee, but don't quote me on that.

Finally, the recaptcha just presented me with "rmingedb ferfi", which is one of the lines in Guybrush's meet-cute.

This show has the right amount of charm to it. I never played a second of Monkey Island (and therefore had no idea what any of these events were) yet could still enjoy this episode. And the meet-cute is totally a real thing.

...I mean, I've heard it is. I, like, totally wouldn't know from firsthand experience.

Lise, that bra is doing wonders to what is already quit a few gifts from God.
I'd say wear it more often, but I'm not sure exactly what it is you are selling in these videos XD

Anyhow, do Sam and Max next time :3

That Batman Esque Fight Sequence had me on the floor laughing, this is the best episode by far; the into was fantastic and the t-shirt was also very.....very......Arrrrrrg.

I...wha...that gods woman.

Great episode but now I have to go buy Monkey Island again. This is going to be fun (also, agreed on the invisible fight, so epicly funny "no don't press the red button!", ahhh....) Never has a slightly askance jolly roger on a maroon shirt made me want to play a game. I've never really had any interaction with anyone who knows of Monkey Island, but then you show up, and make me want to learn everything about it. And my oh my would that shirt stop me cold, were I too see it on the street. Nerd, bit of a dork, sexy as hell, obviously quite intelligent, and a great taste in games. Way to go, Lisa, and thank you, Escapist, for bringing her forth from the depths of the internet.

Lisa Foiles is a pirate. Got it.

Things aren't looking up for you ninjas. Yar.

srsly, t-shirt.

oh my god.

I think she was saying something about monkey island, but to be frank she could of been selling crack for all I know about it... t-shirt damn it.

I've said it before and I'll say it again:

Pig-tails + choker = ^_^

Not to mention the shirt. I know I'm not the only one who thinks this series is just as good with the sound off as it is on.

I've said it before and I'll say it again:

Pig-tails + choker =

Jeanette Voerman :)


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