Trailers: Dragon Age Legends Teaser

Dragon Age Legends Teaser

Animated Facebook friends battle a monster in this Dragon Age Legends teaser.

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The bloody 'ell is that? DragonVille? The trailer didn't really show off any selling points of a facebook dragon age game.

Well that... Looks playable. At least it's better than most other Facebook game premises.

The hell was that?
What's with teasers being extra stupid lately?
Anyway, I highly doubt it will be any good.

What was that? A thing?

Yeah if it didn't involve facebook I would try it. I'm a total Dragon Age fan but facebook is where I draw the line.

The typing sound was irritating.

I'll give it a spin, although I'll be breaking my rule against playing games on Facebook.

Tried to get into the beta too, but eh.

The hell was that?
What's with teasers being extra stupid lately?
Anyway, I highly doubt it will be any good.

Same here. Now I am seeing this, I am not for all this digital interaction with online services. Just give me the goddamn complete game on a Disc much as possible without making me feel you are holding content hostage from honest consumers.

Someone needs to write a eulogy for BioWare. This isn't the same company that made KOTOR and Baldur's Gate.

Not sure what should be in the eulogy, but it should definitely incorporate many references to how EA can kiss ear.

Wait... what? Oh dear... social networking worms its insidious tendrils deeper...

Thank you. Now I have absolutely no idea what your game is.

"Legend starts on Facebook"? I hope that's a joke. They're making the main game that's already being censored all over the place and this doesn't look like it's in the same spirit.
The style of the cartoon seemed familiar, I'm pretty sure it's Adam Philips.

The obvious complaints aside I'll be glad if some of the big money from the social gaming cake starts going Bioware's way, more money to fund awesome games? Yes please. Not expecting Legends to be any good though, gonna play it for the items in DA2 and then forget about it.

It looks, interesting... I personally don't see the point of games on Facebook. You have steam if you want to socialise and play games. I suppose Facebook games are for people who "don't really play games as they have better things to do" and not feeling guilty about playing a game.

Animation looked choppy.

The To Be Continued does not make me want to know what happens next as I in honestly didn't care about what I was watching.

*Edit* It's a nice touch that they offer unique Dragon Age 2 rewards obtainable from this game. It's nice that they feel they have to wave a shiney penny infront of their fanbase just to play stuff. Might be seen as rewarding, I see it as bribery.

Yeah, this doesn't look good. Seeing as how Bioware trailers are usually twice as awesome than the actual game (cough Dragon Age cough), the game will no doubt be awful. I don't blame you, Bioware, Facebook is a limited medium. Just focus on making Dragon Age 2 not suck like its predecessor, and maybe making Mass Effect 3 an RPG game instead of just a 3PS with flashy powers, and maybe I'll buy your games again.

Seriously, though, Skyrim looks like it's going to blow all of these RPGs out of the water, facebook of not.

Sooooo I need a Facebook account to try this? Damn there's always a catch.


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