Daily Drop: Cola

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Shaken, not stirred. Also dropped.

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Quick! It's a Time Bomb! Get it back into play before all the liquid's came out!

Err, you are playing Fizzball, right? [/obscureSam&Maxreference]

I can't stop laughing when your drop went wrong. No offence but it you didn't think it through when you drop that cola.

Even if it did go "holy shit". It was an awesome drop. We want more cola powered rocket boots/engines.

how was it a problem?

From your reactions I wonder what you expected. Clearly not liftoff/continuous spray.

Eh... Wow. I guess that didn't go as expected.

Still, dropping a can of cola? Do you have any idea of the pressure inside a carbonated drink? It's quite literally a mild explosive if mis-handled. XD

On the other hand, the way this is shot somehow makes me think of product placement. XD.

How was this result a suprise? Have you not dropped a can of soda before?

Were you guys worried about the camera getting sprayed with sticky juices?

Diet coke + mentos + drop. please?

How was this result a suprise? Have you not dropped a can of soda before?

Exactly. YOU KNEW THIS WAS COMING PETE.... err, ... PAUL! :D


Let us have a moment of peace for the cola that has now been drained.


Why the "HOLY SHIT!"? Obviously it would do that.

Graham and Paul's reactions made me laugh, but now I wonder what they were expecting. Have they never opened a shaken soda before?

Also, take that Coca Cola! Your awful mess belongs on the floor while I drink this crisp, refreshing Pepsi.

Needs more crowbar, it always needs more crowbar! Really hope none of your equipment was damaged!

I would have liked to see the crowbar go at it.

Still, its cool to hear Paul actually speak in one of these. And it reminded me of a gas leak.

Okay, that soda can shaped rocket ship was very cool.

i live in a country where our cans are made of steel...all the cans i dropped didn't explode in a carbonated rocket, until i was stupid enough to open them right after i dropped them.

how was it a problem?

Im not sure but i think such things can send shrapnel's, and perhaps explode.

Perhaps the "problem" has to do with the fact that the can bounced off of the things I see to the right of the drop zone?

That's surprising: I expected it to survive the first drop.

Apologies if someone already said it five times, but:

Ha! I hope you had fun cleaning that one off the floor... And the walls. And the ladder.

Me and my friends did this with a two liter bottle of soda. We bought it and kept chucking it at the ground on the way back to my friend's house. On the eighth toss, it went from ground level to third-story roof in five seconds. We never did get the bottle back.

Actually, Coke is remarkably easy to clean up, if it doesn't dry. I actually use it as a cleaning agent for some tough stains.

I think that their reactions were probaly towards worry for the camera or the mess.

I've done this one in real life and had a much more glorious explosion. I would've liked to see additional testing with a shaked up can. That would've been much more interesting. Do it guys. Seriously it's awesome. Foam everywhere.

Diet coke + mentos + drop. please?

Although it will never happen (They're not Mythbusters-level crazy yet): THIS^^

Specifically a slow motion accurate drop of a Mentos INTO a bottle of coke!

Even in slowmo sh*t is censored

Coke isn't cola. It doesn't have any cola in it. It's just a bunch of shitty chemicals slapped together :/
As for the drop, obviously that was pretty unexpected xD
I had my sound off, so I didn't hear your reactions :/

That was a really good drop. The soda can actually looked like it was spraying at the drop floor continuously till it actually took flight. Baseballs tomorrow, eh? Or are they made of a more destructible material than rubber bands, leather, and twine?

I was really hoping for crowbar on this one, and man Coke can are weak as shit. The most i've ever had to drop a Pepsi can for it to leak was three times. Once again Coke is inferior to Pepsi.

Quite an awesome problem I must say.

Diet coke + mentos + drop. please?

My thoughts too. Do eeeet.

Better then shaking is heating. Boil the can before dropping. The can may tear clean in half.

Now THAT was fun. Best one in quite a while. I wouldn't've minded seeing a few more repetitions of that - see if you could make it explode; drop it straight on its base; that kind of thing.

Not sure how the baseballs are gonna work, though...

Diet coke + mentos + drop. please?

Best. Idea. Ever. Prob is, how to get mentos into a diet coke without unsealing it :(

They honestly didn't figure out this was going to be messy? Come on, it's a tin foil can with soda inside! Of course, it's going to spray all over the place!

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