Zero Punctuation: Dead Space 2

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Great review, hilarious and to the point.

The one difference I have with Yahtzee (and I'm not all the way through the game, so maybe I'll get sick of it) is that I do find it fairly scary, but it has more to do with the sound. I feel like both the Dead Space games use sound better than any games since Doom.

Just my opinion, though. Certainly stomping corpses into jam has gone from really screwed up to the first thing I do in any room. It's kind of desensitizing.

I told my friends that I wasn't particularly impressed with Dead Space, and they didn't seem to understand what I was saying. As if I was speaking a mix of two different languages with grunts. They kept talking about how it was the best game ever, quote: "The best horror game ever since 'Resident Evil 4'." and suggested that I really play it. Opposed to my just sitting at my desk, pounding the keyboard with sweaty fists,...and my eyes closed. Because I am obviously not aware of it's sheer glowing awesomeness. When I told them I was probably not going to get Dead Space 2 anytime soon they still didn't understand and pleaded with me to play the demo. I told them I'd 'look into it', but,....I'm not going to. I think deep down, they knew that.

This was a great review, and only backs up my decision to not play Dead Space 2. (But for some reason, it seems like he was holding back. I expected more review carnage.)

Juicy humans ftw!

I'm surprised he didn't talk about the PC bugs at the moment or that punching is alot better now.
But still, great review.

Everything after the "wet wolverine" bit had me in stitches with laughter, especially the "clown" bit and the "are you scared yet?" bit.

I'm probably late posting this comment because I had to watch it twice just because I wanted to hear all that again.

Its funny how every other game reviewer in the world says dead space 1&2 are horror masterpieces but they really aren't... I'm glad i can always count on yahtzee :D

So I googled if any game reviewer did call it a "horror masterpiece":


No major reviewer or gaming site called it a masterpiece.

Thanks for the hyperbole, brother.

FYI, Dead space can also mean "useless empty space in an ad"

I would know. I took graphic communications back in college and one of the things they told us was important was "white space VS dead space".

>_> Also, sucks that the game isn't ACTUALLY horror. Someone at EA needs to learn that jump-scares != horror.

Loved the first one, loved the second.

I get that atmosphere makes a good horror game but its hard to argue that going back to the USG Ishimura (or USG Here Are The Juicy Humans Yum Yum) was very creepy. Besides I love the over the top violence. Reminds me of Doom 3 days!

That being said loved the review, very funny. Cheeky Human Centipede reference too which made me laugh.

Oh and finally, clearly Yahtzee hasn't played it to the end. For those who have got as far as the last chapter I'm sure you will know what I mean. I have never cringed sooo much from a game before.

One thing that bothered me was that supposedly, the easiest way to dispatch most necromorphs is to dismember their limbs, providing they have any. Yet, impaling them with a sharp object seems to be just as effective. Wtf?

I wouldn't have guessed that Dead Space 2 is trying to take itself seriously after that ad campaign. Insightful and funny as usual Yahtzee....chocolate lesbians lol.

Uhm, monsters suddenly jumping out of vents. You know, it was annoying even in the original Half-Life, which a) wasn't a horror game, b) not scary, and c) overused even then (over a decade ago).

"aaaaaaaaa... are u scare now. aaaaaaaaaaaa.... this hurts you know."

My reaction: XD RLOL hahahaha

I didn't find Dead Space any more frightening than Yahtzee did, but I still had fun and hope to get my hands on the sequel at some point.

horror games and jetpacks dont mix....although, as i say that, my imagination begins to work...hmmm.....horror and!

I'm a bit surprised at the lack of criticism from Yahtzee towards this game, even though I liked Dead Space 2. First of all, considering how great the boss battles were in DS1, even though they were few, I was really disappointed that DS2 doesn't have a single REAL boss fight (even the final battle feels like a semi-boss at most).

Also, am I the only one who hates the necromorphs with passion? Their attacks just feel cheap, and some of the new enemies didn't help at all. Those guys who charge at you from behind corners were a nightmare, especially when encountered with other enemy types. Maybe Yahtzee was playing on easier difficulty, though in this game you actually CAN change difficulty setting mid-playthrough.

Bah. After wading through the entrails of a thousand deathclaws, with nothing but a rusty tire iron in hand, I can honestly say that monsters are just crunchy cannon fodder to me.
Maybe if the game had ghosts or some such shit. Or a rabid grizzly.

Or better yet... if you weren't friggin' able to defend yourself. That feeling of squishiness is a pretty important factor in horror games.

Also, great review, had me laughing quite a few times (:

I've always maintained the understanding that the Dead Space franchise is so over the top with its gore and violence that it's more of a slapstick kind of horror than any genuine 'horror' title. You could argue that the insta-transformation face-melty thing at the beginning is meant to make you cringe and look away from it out of disgust or fear. I could understand that, but the thing is, the game then expects you to pick up weapons and start blasting about a hundred other guys who look exactly the same. It's not like The Thing where the aliens scurry off into the darkness and you barely get to see one - let alone kill one. They're everywhere, they're a dime a dozen, and because you take out any connection to the supernatural and paranormal you can't rely on those tried and true elements to effectively scare the player through atmosphere. We know the shit Isaac sees isn't real, we know it's a trick of the mind brought on by the Marker, we know that this alien life is just like any other lifeform. If it bleeds, you can kill it. The minute you give the player the ability to deal with a threat, you strip away any fear that player might have of facing said threat. The reason Amnesia and Penumbra work so well is that you can't really deal with the threat, just run and hide. It's the same why ghosts are scarier than zombies. Zombies you can kill, but there's no way to effectively fight a spirit. It's also why Silent Hill works so well. The clunky combat controls are not detrimental. They're a positive. By being unable to fight the creatures, the player is left with little other choice but to run, and it's this fear of being caught by something that can't really be stopped that spurs the player on. Or the thought that something else might be in the next room that you may have to run from as well. Thusly, Dead Space can only rely on "jump" moments rather than atmosphere and genuine horror, which is extremely odd seeing as it seems to tote itself as being more the latter than the former.

The Ripper isn't overpowered, it's one of the crappier weapons IMO. It's unreliable, slow and did I mention unreliable?

As for the game itself, it was better than DS1, simply because there's an actual protagonist this time around, with something going on with him (dementia, guilt, halucinations), making him more interesting than 90% of protagonists in similar games. Also, the extra variety in locales doesn't hurt.

The Real Sandman:

Its not so much survival/horror as it is more of an interactive gore porno.

Ooh that description hits the spot. That was another awesome Zero Punctuation. I especially loved the Scientology reference because I like everything that mocks them. :')

And yeah, basically everyone who's ever heard of the game knows it's weak point: The not-so-scary repetitive horror.

I think I'll save my money for the chance to one day play an xbox game set in the land of chocolate lesbians. You wouldn't believe what you have to do to get to the cream filling.

Hahahaha, you got a better laugh out of me than the whole Dead Space 2 review. Yatzhee's was funny, but that little bit was just genius. Still chuckling...

Well, what about the game? I played the demo. I don't remember it very well - is this game the FEAR type scary, which isn't scary at all? And is it competent? I've been looking for a good game - I don't need scary, I need good.

The Ripper isn't overpowered, it's one of the crappier weapons IMO. It's unreliable, slow and did I mention unreliable?

As for the game itself, it was better than DS1, simply because there's an actual protagonist this time around, with something going on with him (dementia, guilt, halucinations), making him more interesting than 90% of protagonists in similar games. Also, the extra variety in locales doesn't hurt.

Really? I use it all the time when Necromorphs surround me.

"USG Here are the Juicy Humans Yum Yum" is a great name.

I quite agree. It's not really horror. More like..."Startle." We need to make up a new genre, instead of Horror, call it "Startle."

The problem is, by the end of this game it says "fuck this" and throws necromorphs at you like there's no tomorrow. It becomes pure action.

Ah so it's the video game equivalent of a slash flick then eh? Loaded with superfluous gore and not at all scary.

Good video.

It still tickles me when people take Yahtzee's videos as actually reviews. It seems analogous to taking a hyper-polarized Op-Ed piece from whatever Newspaper it appears in and stating it's reality. Instead of knowing that Yahtzee will always focus on the negatives, regardless of the positives of the game - it's his shtick. To each their own I suppose.

Well, I expected him to bash it, but I'm still disappointed that he has to be so steadfastly wrong-headed about Dead Space 2. I know that's his schtick, but the truth is that the design team did an outstanding job of taking what worked from Dead Space, improving it, and adding new aspects to really enhance the experience.

The result of their work is an excellent game. Period. While you can have criticisms of certain elements of the game, I would have to say that those are highly subjective: 'jack-in-the-box surprises aren't horror blahblahblah', 'monsters in vents', etc etc.

I actually thought that Visceral did a fantastic job of creating atmosphere and tension, along with some real moments of terror. No, it's not a survival horror game: it's an action horror game, and it does it very well. Maybe it's not your cup of tea, but really, to pick nits about a perceived 'overuse' of schools and nurseries, along with the bull about Issac Clarke's voice actor not being manly-sounding enough... Really? That's the kind of stuff you bring up?

This review was extremely poor: it had some funny lines, but it really felt the entire way through like Yahtzee said to himself "I have to hate DS2 since I panned DS1 and everyone expects it. I'm not going to give them any credit whatsoever" and then discovered that he really had to dig to find things to bitch about.

And the sad thing is that Yahtzee didn't actually hate DS. His verdict, IIRC, was "samey sci-fi; some good moments, but rather bland overall"

I will agree that it doesn't really scare you, just makes you jump every so often or go, 'WHERE'D THAT COME FROM?!' If anythng, the one scene that did make me sweat a lot is...

yes the thing is if a horror movy can only be based on "jumpy" segments then we could call harry potter a horror movie.. ._.'

People need to realize that being startled is technically fear, at least within a biological sense. Flight or fright, 'm I right? Yes, the best of horror will use atmosphere to make you constantly freaked out, but if that's the case with almost example of media, you're a massive pussy. For example, if all this shit was going on in real life, you would be LOSING YOUR FUCKING MIND. The sight of a necromorph would make you shit your pants. But it's a game, or a movie, or a novel or what ever. It's extremely hard to make you feel like your there.

I felt that the atmosphere for Dead Space 2 was great. I was rarely ever afraid to go around a corner, but it looked great and played the part well. Also, there was one school in the game, and it wasn't very long. Not sure what Yatzee was talking about. You'd see a kids room every now and then, but people have kids. They exist. They never stopped existing or anything :O.

Also, I really liked the necromorph transformation. Again, if it were real life, you'd probably have a heart attack seeing that. I don't think a slow transformation would make it better for scaring you... at all. It'd probably make it a lot worse. It would increase story, but not horror.

Oh yeah, and EA had nothing to do with the game's design. Quit using the publisher where the developer should be used. (It's Visceral Games, by the way.)

I greatly enjoyed the original Dead Space, but I do understand why other people weren't scared of it. Personally, as I am not a big fan of horror, I went into Dead Space to try and get into the genre. I think it's a good game to get a start in the survival horror genre as it does give a feeling of dread and it has a great atmosphere to it. That said, the scares were mainly jump scares and it was more "OOHHH, look at how disgusting I look, look at me, woooOOOoo, there's blood, WOoowWO!!" kind of horror.

Soylent Bacon:
I didn't find Dead Space any more frightening than Yahtzee did, but I still had fun and hope to get my hands on the sequel at some point.

That was my thought exactly, however after i am 50 £ poorer i can safely say don't it's insanely boring compared to the first game, for instance i haven't even completed it thats how freaking boring it is :S

If you like repetative combat against the same mobs from Dead Space 1 and no story then this game might be for you.

Hes getting a lot of use of the "boring man" lately, hasn't he?

ahhh, I hate when the video is new and doesn't load yet. But I expect nothing good from this game, considering the review of the first installment ^^

Regardless of his gripes, many of which do have merit, it's still a fine game. It's "survival horror" not straight up horror. It's supposed to be in your face and sort of tense. I mean, let's be honest here, how many games have been geniuely scary over the years? I can think of....three: Silent Hill 2, Penumbra(both games counting as one together), and Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Sure, some games have had scary moments, like Half-Life 1 and the other Silent Hill games, but most games aren't outright scary. Those three are scary because they don't try to be "slasher movie" scary, but "The Exorcist" scary, in which they fuck with your head and give you extreme paranoia. For example, in Silent Hill 3 I remember a scene where you walk into a small room, and find a diamond necklace around a mannequin, but it has no clasp and is too short to get over the mannequins head. So you start to walk out, hear a scream, and go back. The mannequin's head is now gone and there is blood all over it and the walls. Okay, that's pretty damn creepy, but most scenes before that are OOGA BOOGA BOO type shit. Compare that to Silent Hill 2, when you are being stalked by an unkillable beast of a man in Pyramid Head, and near the end of the game you discover there are two of him, and you can't kill them. Instead, they up and decide to kill themselves to let you proceed. Or just the much subtler bits that baffle you and freak you out, like the legendary graffiti "There was a hole here. It's gone now."

*snip* Stupid double posting latency.

Too bad to see Yahtzee getting on the "I don't like the Isaac voice over" bandwagon. Granted its not Oscar worthy, but it was about as good as game characters go.

And anyone who expected DS2 to be even remotely scary having played DS1 deserved a kick in the face. Which brings me to another point: how come we judge the game by what someone says it should be, in this case a horror game? True, its not all that scary, but its still one of the best shooters to come out in recent months. Take the game for what it is , not what someone tells you it should be.

Wet wolverine.... lol.

Or better yet... if you weren't friggin' able to defend yourself. That feeling of squishiness is a pretty important factor in horror games.

That's actually the opening of DS2. I was thinking when I played it "Geez, this is totally in reaction to Yahtzee complaining that there's no threat in modern survival horror." You're essentially running around in a straightjacket trying to get away.

I dunno, his critiques are valid, but I still really love the game. I guess I'm not as hard hearted because the baby scene really creeped me out.

Then again, it's his job to be critical, and it's mine to have the best experience I can with my 60 bucks.

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