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Kinect and MvC3DLC

Beware, Kinect is ALWAYS watching... Oh, and Marvel vs Capcom 3 JUST got easier.

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Wasn't this up last week?

Ok this is pretty funny.

I wont be needing Asian Mode but i know a few people who need all the help they can get.
Also, Why NOT M.O.D.O.K?

One more thing.

I was thinking the same thing.

Wasn't this up last week?

I know, it was!
It mysteriously dissapeared(dum dum DUM!)...

It was up long enough for me to watch it, show it to a co-worker, laugh how we were just talking aboug Daigo, and then for it to disappear and be replaced with a different episode.

All in all... I have my own Asian mode... till he moved away to the South East Asia... now I get to play my Asian mode on PSN.

This accidentally went up for a few minutes a week before it was supposed, that's all.

The Faith bit was the first part of this show to make me laugh since the Cooking Mama parts of the pilot.

Well done!

The faith part was really funny (great looking backgrounds). I do not know about others but i am getting a bit tired of all the 2001 spoofs out there still fun episode.

I laughed hard at the faith part, great!!!!

Kinect is a LIAR! Cut dat Cord!
And Faith can go fall off a building. I must have my Asian!

Wow, the FedEx line really got me, the rest was meh, but that one truly lol-worthy part made it worth it.

daigo plays street fighter.... Americans are alot better then asians at mahvel..... fail...

My favorite was the "dear fed ex" god job on that part!. I like the series and this time but I dont usually like the housemates. Hovever in this episode I liked them too.

Most of it was sub-par but the Faith emails made me chuckle.

A great episode. I'd love to try out that Asian mode...
And Faith ftw~!
And that reverse slowmotion cartage-blow n the credits was pretty cool, too !

*Machine armageddon*
David: Kinect! I thought you said you wouldn't go all Skynet on me!
Kinect: I lied.

Nice take-that to FedEx btw.


Best line ever!!! :D

Nice 2001 "Hal"-wannabe on on the green-screen effect with Faith //;8<\

I wish I had Asian mode on my math homework...and delivery jobs :P

This accidentally went up for a few minutes a week before it was supposed, that's all.

Only quoting you to say how much I, 'wuv' your avatar.

More on topic: This was pretty hilarious. The best line was from the Kinect skit:

"Promise you won't go all Sky-Net on me!"
"Fo sho"

A computer that says 'Fo sho'? Awesome. Just awesome.
I love you guys.

If I could get Faith to deliver my mail, fed ex would be going under!

and for your cleaning cartridges. you need to move the cartridge from side to side while blowing!

the kinect hater (JK don't even have one XP) kinda looks like a slim version of Zach Galifianakis O.o

Glad to see that Faith is still employed, which is RARE in todays market, I know...

Here's a hint. Repeating the same word over and over does not make something funny.

Ex. "Game-shop-shop", "Gamesturbation: games to the gamer", "Show about games show".
None of these things are remotely funny to anyone with a developed cerebellum.

Baby Tea:

This accidentally went up for a few minutes a week before it was supposed, that's all.

Only quoting you to say how much I, 'wuv' your avatar.

Heh, thanks. As part of my recent replay of the Baldur's Gate series, I bought it through Good Old Games so I would have a more easily installable version going forward. Which only makes three times I've bought it... But it did come with some avatars that I just had to put to good use.

Awesome, Considering the university of "Waterwuu" is in town.
I also just beat mirror's edge. Faith is much cooler than Fed-ex.

I also just realized, I have seen the host before, she was in an episode of psych.

Yeah was alright. The cartridge bit made me chuckle

seriously, i really wasn't expecting faith xD.
gr8 as usual guys. keep it up.

MODOK was odd starting out but at least he's more fun than She-hulk

plus it's actually a really fun character

Cool, I feel you finally got a good balance to your pacing. In previous episodes I liked the ideas but I felt the individual sketches tended to go a little too long, this worked much better. You still could have maybe shortened the first bet a little bit, but it was fine none the less.

These are getting better each time. Thumbs Up for you guys.


Great episode, though it was odd to see something you didn't put obvious amounts of man hours into. eg: Snake's House, or LBP world.

Guess you guys are starting to stand on comedic feet instead of technical feet, fucking rad.

Wow, I didn't really feel a weak link this time around. It was a solid, well edited, and all around well built episode.

I didn't really like Faith's voice, but that's how it is sometimes.

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