Show About Games Show: Co-op and the Girlfriend

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Co-op and the Girlfriend

I dub thee, the depressing episode; intended for those who don't smile.

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I really liked the Limbo segments! And I was laughing with the Harvest Moon bit. Great episode

..Limbo guy needs to think outside the box...
This is his theme song...

"can this limbo get any worse?" only if they have to watch this show. Just kidding, it was an obvious joke I had to make.

For real though, this show got kind of half a smile out of me a couple times, which is better than the previous ones, and the Harvest Moon bit wasn't really even noticeable until they blatantly said it. Hopefully this show improves, I'd really like to like it.

All I heard was tumbleweed throughout this episode. I thought previous weeks had been faltering but this simply wasn't funny! The British accent was just terrible and FAR too strung out for what is, effectively, a one joke sketch that lasted half the episode. As Therandombear points out, the YouTube video in WoW is good and in my opinion funnier than this entire episode. The Limbo segments were the best part of the episode and showed some creativity, but it was the SAME joke every time.

Hey...Candice is no hoe :<. She's a shy young girl with beautiful blue hair. It's not your fault that you didnt have the FAQ's for her XD.

OT: Limbo pieces...brilliant. "Hey guuuyysss~." *pulls lever, box falls on kid* "NOOOOB!"

Ok that was seriously funny. And the part about co-op, that is sad. I miss split screen games.

The Limbo bits were amusing,the rest could have been better if not for mediocre acting.

Oh wow, missed the Harvest Moon thing completely.

Limbo one was good, and I also miss co-op games too, split-screen or not.

O wow this has been your best episode to date. I think the timing was pretty good and I enjoyed it.'s there again guys, one really strong segment "British accent guy" - fall upon deaf ears(heh) - but the others are just average to weak.

Stick to your strengths.

I thought the online girlfriend thing was talking about dating online, not dating an actual virtual character. Such a surprise at the end, and despite it only being a minor misconception it had me in hysterics. Anyway this weeks episode was fantastic, each segment was hilarious, and the Limbo parts made it hard to breathe.

Seriously the Limbo scenes were the best and the voice suits the character and tone so well. Would love to see more of the little guy in the future.

Took Aeris to the ferris wheel at the golden saucer ones. Bitch is dead to(?) me now.

Almost fall of my chair laughing for that one , so wrong so bad and sooooo good

What was with the different episode that was up for like 5 minutes?

I was giggling the whole time.

I too enjoy being british. even though I am not british.

This show is completely devoid of humor.

Good stuff really enjoyed the first bit "This was British guys voice reporting, I'm British!"

I don't think people who aren't english understand the news sketch... For me that parody was bang on of what british media is like! The limbo parts were awesome as well!

Does the narrator sound a lot like BIG BROTHER? We love making fun of that voice in our family.

That was awesome as usual I'd go into more detail but I'm in a hurry.

Anyway, did anyone else see a different episode posted earlier today?

Two "Show About Games Show"'s in one day, thats really good value considering they're free.

Although it probably means I won't have a new one to watch next week. I won't spoil it for anyone but i'll just say that the part with Master Chief and Marcus Fenix was very tastefully done, you could have cut the latent sexual tension with an energy sword.

The british accent bit was made even more hilarious by the fact that I was watching the BBC news and heard what seemed to be the exact same voice

The British news report (in England) reminded me a lot of "On The Hour" / "The Day Today", which is absolutely a positive thing. In England.

This show keeps getting better and better; I must be part of your target demographic.

Harvest Moon!
You've broken my heart too many times TT_TT
also, poor Limbo boy XD


Pretty good effort this week. I didn't quite get the girlfriend sketch but it was a nice twist at the end nevertheless. Limbo bits were decent but as usual felt a little repetitive after the first one. The British voicover was quite funny - I liked the unecessary seriousness and attention to detail, although being English myself, I didn't immediately realise that it was supposed to be a "British" voice. Overall a good episode. Still not amazing but I enjoyed it.

I almost fell out of my chair laughing at the part about the video game girlfriend.

I loved the 'fell on deaf eyes' gag. another great show, really loving this.
Always looking forward to the next show about a games show (SAAGS?)

I want them to be funny, and i believe that tehy will become funny, after some time, but i weren't laughing.
I liked the Limbo stuff though.

A good episode, really liked the co-up part and the limbo bits, though it took me AGES to figure out what they were talking about in that relationship part...

I have nothing important to say, but I did want to say this show just keeps continuing to impress.

Limbo bits were kinda funny. the rest sucked as always. Really should be used to it by now and quit giving this horrible horrible show a chance.

Limbo Kid was great. Everything else...

Mentioning Warriors Orochi alone made me love this video.

kerrigan NOOOOOO! I tried to save her... *sniffles* I tried so hard. *sobs uncontrollably.*
If only they hadn't spawned additional overlords. WHYYYY!

Flax Yarn can fix any relationship, But I know Leliana will never leave me :)

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