Show About Games Show: Co-op and the Girlfriend

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Yeah, i'd leave Reggie behind too if his message was that.

Loved the limbo bit and i too miss split-screen gaming. lol Great episode, Keep it up guys

That's... what... how...


I did not watch this episode earlier. Why has it changed?! MY SANITY IS SLIPPING FROM MY GRASP D:

I saw one about Kinect always watching you and Marvel vs Capcom difficulty modes.

I'm so confused...


The only segment that fell flat for me was the expose on the co-op gamers. The joke just dragged on.

Warriors Orochi <3

I didnt find the video game girlfriend scene so amusing but the Limbo and the report on Co-op play i found hilarious

It felt wrong to laugh at the limbo kid...

This is the only episode so far I've found really hilarious. Keep at it guys, I'm slowly becoming a fan.

Best episode so far.

The Limbo jokes were great, the first bit got at least a couple laughs and several smiles. The second bit was all around great and got several laughs and a silly grin most of the way through.

Good job guys!

I'll...give it one more episode

Haters to the left. I think this sketch series is pretty great. Not hysterical, but it makes me smile. Sure, the acting's not phenomenal, but I think the concept makes up for it.

Also, the limbo boy's voice sounded vaguely like Teddie from P4. Sans puberty.

Fell upon deaf eyes. Ha! Well at least there weren't any blind tongues or mute ears.

The limbo parts were predictable and not only was the rest not funny at all, it actually annoyed me. I cringed at the forced English accent. You've proved you can do much better than this so it'll be good to see an improvement.


I dub thee, the depressing episode; intended for those who don't smile.

Perfect. Because it didn't make me laugh, smile or even grin. Once again, the segments seem too long. I think you guys are better at the extravagant scenery(LBP) or quick sketches(Cooking mama) anything longer then a minute gets quite boring...also, the Harvest Moon thing or whatever it was supposed to be wasn't funny to me. It might be because I have no idea what Harvest Moon is(never played it at least) but I didn't even crack a smile. And now I'm trying to remember your other ones...and I think it was the...Co-op online thing. I don't know what you were going for, but it seemed still too long.

"Took Aeris to the ferris wheel at the golden saucer ones. Bitch is dead to me now"
I see what you did there ¬¬
This made me laugh :D

"This was British guys voice reporting, I'm British!"

I think that's my favorite line from this week's episode. :D

The Limbo stuff was great too but I really didn't get the whole Harvest Moon thing till the end.

got a bit better...

I can't believe how long it took me to get the "girlfriend" segment. I was all like, "Wait. Did he say Aeris?" Very cool.

Thank god you pronounced it Aeris.

This series turned out radically different from how I thought it would during the film festival.
And so I say 'Excellent show producers, absolutely top notch'.

And your Channel 4 news producer voice was almost perfect.

Congratulations for a very entertaining show,
This is GuiltBlade, UK reporting from the middle of nowhere.

I will admit, I though some of the earlier episodes weren't very funny. But this was really good!

Pretty asian girl is pretty.

I wonder why all of a sudden I'm hearing the name "Candace" so often.

I liked next week's episode way better. You should put that one back up.

Wow, this show is really hit or miss... I liked this one. For some reason I really liked the first segment. ^.^
Also the girl in that second sketch was cute, so I liked that one too. :P

I really enjoyed this.

i want that kiwi pillow :O

Nice clean episode...good timing...effective running gag...Monty Pythonesque in it's overall layout and pacing...keep up the good work \\;8<]

"Took Aeris to the ferris wheel at the golden saucer ones. Bitch is dead to me now"
I see what you did there ¬¬
This made me laugh :D

Me too.
I love this show so much.
Really wish all the new shows were this good.....

Not bad... not great, but got a few snorts of amusement out of me.

One problem I have is you've got to work on your sound guy... in the live-action segments, the sound level varies wildly, wherein I can hear everyone fine one moment, and the next moment I'm straining to understand them... but I dare not turn the sound up, or I might deafen myself when it goes back up to "normal" levels. Not to mention inconvenient having to change my sound levels mid-show in the first place. Just my $0.02.

Harvest moon references... hot Asians... little shadow kids getting crushed... can this show get any better?

"Took Aeris to the ferris wheel at the golden saucer ones. Bitch is dead to me now"
I see what you did there ¬¬
This made me laugh :D

Uhhhh...yeah, that was more of a multi-game reference than a strictly Harvest Moon one...I've never played HM but I still found the skit hilarious in a "giggle softly to myself" sort of way.

To the haters - try coming up with skits of your own and see if you can be half as entertaining before dishing out advice.

Limbo bits were kinda funny. the rest sucked as always. Really should be used to it by now and quit giving this horrible horrible show a chance.

Agreed, maybe they should focus more on what they are good at.

I hate to be the guy who says this but the Aeris line kind of offended me. I liked what you had to say about co-op split screen, but the title of the episode lead me to believe that it was co-op with is girlfriend or something like that. The harvest moon bit I didn't particularly care for the acting was mediocre and the concept was a bit strange, but I also haven't played harvest moon. I thought the limbo kid parts were interesting but this was also the first episode I've seen by your group. I might go back and watch the others to compare but overall not really impressed, sorry.

Wait, hold on. ...Reggie?!

Poor Reggie. :<

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