Show About Games Show: Co-op and the Girlfriend

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I don't wana talk about it...... So there I was.

I totally didn't catch the part in the Video Game Girlfriends until the Golden Saucer, then I fell out of my chair laughing.

The limbo parts were pretty good, and this little bit of fake news was much better than the old RRoD skit.

The show seems to be improving in jokes for the most part.

Huh... well someone's a little too emotionally invested in their VG romances... I liked the british guy and the way that first skit was played so straightfaced though.

I chuckled to myself over the video game girlfriend one. Being stood up at the firefly festival is tough, man. Sometimes your jokes get dragged out a little too much but I think overall the show is getting funnier

I really enjoy this series guys and gals. It's entertaining and has some just truly great, hilarious moments. Depressing episode is win.

Yes! I am so happy. Thanks to this informative and educational video, I now, finally, know how to type "The usu'"

Thank you!

Once again, it just seems like all the potential and good ideas just don't come together as well as they should. I liked the idea a lot of the British news segment, but it just wasn't funny. Everything else was crap to me, but hey, each their own. You guys still need far better timing/pacing in how you do things, it makes a night and day difference in how good it makes comedy. It ALWAYS needs to be timed perfectly, even if you have the funniest jokes in the world, they won't get a laugh if they aren't timed properly.

I'm still hoping for it to get better as it goes on though, hope you guys work on some aspects more.

The voice of the little kid! It's Sir Schmoopy!

Too much talking guys. Shorter sketches, simpler dialogues, you got it almost right in pilot episode.

First and last time I'll be watching this show.

That was brilliant. Lol'd my butt off at the News

Stream not found...?

Okay, so I was horrendously bitter and harsh about last week's episode.. But this week? I lol'd immensely!

Top job, UberFriendship~ :D

"It's okay, man. I got GameFAQs!"
"Oh, sweet!" Instant happy points.

The Limbo segments were brilliant. Somewhat overdone, but y'know what, that's perfectly fine, because they were funny!

..Is it weird that when "Firefly Festival" was mentioned, I immediately thought it was the TV show? Inara is such a whore. :P

Stereotypical British Current Affairs Story was also quite hilarious too! The e-mails were rather witty..

The voice of the little kid! It's Sir Schmoopy!

Wait, WHAT!? AWESOME. I instantly love the Limbo segments.. More.

Stream not found...? it's not just me who broke it. Hey! HEY MODS! Look what Sinspiration did! They broke your website!

I am having a similar issue. Does posting in a forum usually resolve a stream issue or do we need to go to a "Contact Us" form?

first half is genius! XD second half, creepy... XD

Hilarious all around!

Brilliant show!! haha.... British accent reporting! I'm British!
Ahh... The BBC News... Quality formulaic journalism at its finest.

Loved the Limbo jokes!

Great episode, you seem to be improving your game with each week.

I was laughing at the entire thing. Best episode yet.

It's funny, I was just talking to my friend the other day about how you can't play split screen co-op anymore.

I really liked that episode, which is good because I've been mostly quite critical about this show and I was starting to feel like a jerk.

Definitely one of the best episodes so far for me, looking forward to the next one.

I miss Cop-op mode :[

Adorable Limbo bits! Well done gang :)

All I heard was tumbleweed throughout this episode. I thought previous weeks had been faltering but this simply wasn't funny! The British accent was just terrible and FAR too strung out for what is, effectively, a one joke sketch that lasted half the episode. As Therandombear points out, the YouTube video in WoW is good and in my opinion funnier than this entire episode. The Limbo segments were the best part of the episode and showed some creativity, but it was the SAME joke every time.

I disagree! I thought this was hilarious and have thus rendered your opinion nill!

That's upvote/downvote mathematics right there.

My captcha was "Subject nglitse" what's that even mean!

i tried to like this but i guess not sorry :(.......

You have some good ideas, but I'm just not enjoying the execution. The limbo bits are fun, as are many of your in between segments from previous videos, but you have to learn how to pace your sketches better as they all feel too long. It didn't help that I had never played harvest moon and when it became clear that they were talking about a video game romance their wasn't enough omf behind it to make it really funny.

Sometimes it feels like you guys have a really dry style, but jokes that would work better with a less dry execution.

Great episode ^.^

Aeris - She's dead to me now :D

This series is getting more and more solid, and that was a perfect parody of BBC news

Panorama spoof about videogames with really bad Jeremy Vine impression? Best episode yet!

Its a Final Fantasy VII reference. Cloud chooses to take a girl on a date.

This was the best one yet. All three segments were worthwhile and funny, with good acting to boot.

Nizarras: it's not just me who broke it. Hey! HEY MODS! Look what Sinspiration did! They broke your website!

*slaps with wet fish*

2:29 ... is that a Tarot Swordmaiden of the Black Rose figurine ? That is sooo awesome :P (I want one also)

He should how dumped his HM girlfriend and got with that hot asian chick, lol. JK

You guys really have a knack for dead-pan humour. It's great stuff!

The voice of the little kid! It's Sir Schmoopy!

Sorry to burst your bubble, but it's actually "Shaggy Shanahan".

OT: Good episode, the Limbo part was definitely the best, fallowed by the Harvest Moon Girlfriend troubles (Even though I don't play Harvest Moon, I know about it). I didn't like the Co-Op segment though.

Just watched all of these. The Pillow is by far the best character. The cardboard house was awsome. The hopscotch one was clever too.

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