Escape to the Movies: The Eagle

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The Eagle

This week, MovieBob is bored stupid by The Eagle.

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I'd have fallen asleep, too. I mean, I even manage to get bored from a lot of good movies.

And thank you for addressing your Nintendo fanboyism for me. But the point still stands against Galaxy 2, Bob. God or not. What do I care about sequels that don't add much, though? I'm playing Dead Space 2...which just added thrusters to the suit.

All these movies about the 9th legion, where the hell is the Codex Alara? Those books are awesome!

I'll try to refrain from mentioning the "Halo" part of the video and will concur, that, even for me, a guy who has never seen that type of movie you're describing, still see this as an INCREDIBLY boring concept.

So it probably is what you say it is.

Agreed on the influences of ZP and Extra Credits. They're still going for reasons beyond their fans.

The only weak link in the summer I'm seeing is Green Lantern, which is a shame because I'm a big fan of Ryan Reynolds.

Wow I even forgot this movie was coming out. So.... when is a decent movie coming out??

Instead of "It's good if you don't know any better" how about "It's good if the premise doesn't bore you to death" which it obviously does in your case Bob.
I really can't see how this film would be dull, but the characters being one dimensional does worry me. I guess I'll have to see what the 'established' reviewers say.

Or maybe I'll just go back and watch The Thirteenth Warrior again.

so, yet another Knight and Day, eh Bob? And yes, I get of people trying to make strawmen of critics too.

To be honest bob, having seen all the Zero Punctuation videos, and having watched all your Game overthinkers, I think you easily outpace yahtzee in terms of understanding, and probably are at least equal in terms of comedy. And that's on games, which aren't even what escapist pay you for.

So it's true, there are no films worth seeing until Sucker Punch comes out. This was my faint hope there'd be something worth watching, but alas, my fears are realized.

Oh well, more time for Dragon Age 2 in March, then.

Bob dislikes halo...yaaaaawwwwnnn.

Tired cliche trolling aside, a good review bobs on form lately he was totally right about the kings speech. I shall give this one a try on dvd and save my cash and all is forgiven for making me waste my money on scott pilgrimm, behind the video games references and zany fights it was pretty empty and merely trying to pretend to be clever while presenting a limited grasp on human relationships.

Ah, a fellow practicioner of Yoshi-ism...

OT: Didn't even hear about this movie. But it does sound dull.

I really thought you would be reviewing "Sanctum." Maybe next week.

To be honest Bob. I didn't even know this movie existed until I saw this review. Now I REALLY have a new reason to NOT see it. Thanks! :-)

Even if I have never watch a movie about that subject it still looks dull as hell. Shoot didn't we already have less then a year ago?

Oh and Yoshi does kick ass but I loved him more when he made beat-box sounds instead of high pitched squeals and saying his name. I'd rather take the jet packs in Reach. Not just because I'm a loyal Halo fanboy, but because jet pack users are easy kills.

so wait.. did hte director of the movie watch, gladiator and Zulu and just decide to randomly combine the two?

I like any movie set in ancient times so I'll probably rent it at least or buy it out ofa bargain bin years from now.

Whoah, the Halo Reach part surprised me! And that Yoshi is a god, gotta wiki that now...

wait I thought he liked Centurion

from the trailers I thought it was going to be an old world horror movie.......

thank god I was proven wrong, that would of been embarrassing.

If they had decided to go with an actor with a shred of credibility(like a younger version of Russel Crowe) instead of the guy from GI Joe and Step Up, I think this could have been a movie that actually warranted its existence.

To everything you said:
1) I haven't seen he Eagle so I can't defend it.
2) Its ok to admit your out of touch but as someone who produces a show for the masses don't you think you should make an attempt to make a show for an audience bigger than just you? Try to get back in touch please.
3) I still haven't forgiven Zero Punctuation for the period where he reviewed gamer that he had not actually played and based all of his opinions on box art.(I realize ZP is not his name) At least I can say I am pretty sure you watch the movie you review.
4) Sometime Extra Credits is preaching to the choir I don't think that will affect how games are made. Although maybe we will see in the long run they do address things to new game devs.
5) You shows are best when you reference obscure titles from the 80's.
6) I hated this review.

EDIT : I forgot something. Lay off Halo. I'll be the first to admit its like the Matrix. The first was awesome because it didn't make sense and the more sequels they made explaining how the world works the more no one cared. But the first Halo and the first Matrix were so good that comparing anything to them even their own children is cruel. Now its popular just to bash them.

All these movies about the 9th legion, where the hell is the Codex Alara? Those books are awesome!

Yes they are, but there is way too much going on that wouldn't translate well into a movie. It's one of those series that manages to be good by getting into the heads of a pretty substantial number of characters and their individual perspectives on things. Not to mention that like a lot of epic fantasy, it involves the gradual revelation of a backstory as to where a lot of the drama and story resolutions come from.

The thing is that for a movie, or even a play, you can't go into what someone is thinking very well, you need to provide a scene where they actually say it, or change the motivations around so the same basic things can happen but be better expressed as far as a film goes. This is why a lot of books fail when turned into movies.

Even as a mini-series I think it's just too deep, even if I think a lot of things could be done. Really you'd probably need like six episodes (six hours) alone just to deal with Invidia and her perspective on what's going on and how the role she plays through the series changes. Not to mention the role her husband plays, and what eventually happens to him in the end which while deserved on a lot of levels, is very much a WTF moment due to how stupid it was in the big picture, and really takes some explanation on how and why it happens.

That and I think that if it ever succeeded Jim Butcher would wind up in court with Blizzard and I wouldn't want to see that happen. You do this visually and a lot of people are going to be saying "hey wait, this is the Zerg in a sword and sorcery enviroment, you just changed Creep to Croach for all intents and purposes" and really, it would be hard to argue. The way a couple of characters are described is almost identical to how Kerrigan looks as well. While he did change some things to make it fairly unique, I personally do think that Jim was at least inspired by Starcraft... just the way some things are described. Nothing wrong with drawing inspiration, the problem though is that nowadays a homage or nod rapidly starts a legal battle when it makes enough money.

Bob's standard fallback when he doesn't have a good reason to hate a movie he wants to hate "It's just too boring for someone as smart as BOB!"

I can agree with your sentiment. Even if I think you like some truly terrible movies, and dislike some good ones I still appreciate that you support your opinion pieces with experience. Few would argue a Fiat Punto is a better car than a BMW, or challenge a biologist over which plants are poisonous, but lots people will argue with experienced critics over which movies are simplistic mass-produced slosh, and which movies are genuine masterpieces. That doesn't necessarily mean you have to enjoy said movies, but being able to judge what is and isn't good craftsmanship requires experience.

Look: it's February. No good movies are coming out. This is a surprise, why?

Anyway, nice digression Bob, and while I appreciate the distinction you make, I feel it necessary to point out that the true weight of the blame should fall on the shoulders of the audience. Hollywood likes to push pablum because that what the ticket-buying public wants to see. The more complex a film is, the less likely that it will become popular.

Because without a doubt, Hollywood is about making money, not telling stories.

It's why unless the spectacle of a movie demands that it be seen on the big screen, I wait for the DVD.

Looks like the Roman guys took a wrong left turn crossing Hadrian's Wall & ended up in the Hudson Valley circa 1992

by the way, I'm the ONLY one who thinks that four superhero movies coming out this summer is overkill?

My unsolicited advice to someone who will probably never ask me if they should see this movie: Skip it and grab Centurion from Netflix instead. While not groundbreaking, it was at least more interesting. (And, if I remember right, more gory)

by the way, I'm the ONLY one who thinks that four superhero movies coming out this summer is overkill?

*can only think of 3, (cap, thor, and GL) please enlighten me!*

For a comic geek like me nope! :D

I will maybe watch it as i'm huge sucker for any movie with some History. Also the halo part.? That was weak as ever and i have to say that SMG2 is a more of a cashin then Halo Reach as the only part they added was some new powerups and Yoshi. Nothing more, nothing less.


by the way, I'm the ONLY one who thinks that four superhero movies coming out this summer is overkill?

*can only think of 3, (cap, thor, and GL) please enlighten me!*

For a comic geek like me nope! :D

X-Men: First Class, and that's me not even counting Cowboys and Aliens. At this point I wonder if we're gonna hit oversaturation and the public gets sick of them just like they got sick of too many Westerns decades ago.

So, when you say the Romans did'nt controll anything in Britan north of Hadrians wall...your pretty mutch saying they didnt control Scotland. Jeez at leat aknowlage us as a country rather than an add on to England :P

All semi-patriotic jokes aside, that reveiw was boring. Not in the sense that you are a bad reweiwer, its just you ran out of things to say about 30 seconds in and started digressing to the point of talking about Zero Punctuation, but I guess thats the films fault not yours.

I have to say, in my opinion Bob is as valuable to the Escapist as Yahtzee, and from what I've seen of Extra Credits, better than whoever does that. Its good to see that he recognises the fact that just because a film targets the uneducated masses and doesn't reach his high standards doesn't necessarily make it flat-out bad though.

The Eagle

This week, MovieBob is bored stupid by The Eagle.

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Originality is good, but sometimes being different just to be different is a point against a story. Change one thing, and it's a new take on a familiar concept. Change every thing, and it's a what-the-hell-is-this?

There truly is nothing wrong with recycling plots a little bit. Formulas and tropes became formulas and tropes because they are, at least in some sense, effective. And on this, I think we all agree. But to those that would use this to defend movies like The Eagle, I'd have to strongly disagree.

There's a reason that many movies have been reboots lately. It's because someone wanted to update an existing movie or concept, either with improved story, or to correct technological limitations of the time. (And as a cash grab, of course) But you know what they didn't do? They didn't just hijack the plot and put a new title on it. They put it out under the same title.

If you put something out with a new title, it's not unreasonable to expect something new. If nothing about it is new, you're basically just plagiarizing in a legal way. A movie like this isn't just playing it safe. It's "instant replaying" it safe.

Also, it's reasonable for innovators to be recognized. Can you name the 14th person to state the law of gravity? No, but you know the first. After the first, the ground is broken. Everything else is imitating. That's not bad, but you should never imitate without trying to improve. Add something that wasn't there before.

Doing a "remake under a different name" doesn't make the movie bad, but folks shouldn't expect a pat on the back for it, either.

I like Arbys... I'm offended :[

OT: It's sad that movie studios are too afraid of the risk of creating new IPs for their movies. So they just keep hashing out "safe" movies that are familiar to audiences, therefore they have less of a chance to fail. "The Eagle" is a prime example of the rehashing/regurgitation that Hollywood seems to be busy with at the moment. It's even worse that they're making endless sequels, remakes and movie adaptations of memorable icons from the past (i.e. The Smurfs *facepalm*). Until the average moviegoer finally realizes that what he's seeing in most films is the product of a greedy uncaring machine of a studio, who's only interest is in making a profit, we will continue to see a steady stream of mainstream garbage rise to the top of the box office, year in and year out.

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