293: Advice for Serial Killers

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I was thinking of games that featured serial killers (or one where you are a serial killer, like the GTA series.) And I fondly remember Clocktower. That was awesome. You were the chick running from the crazy guy with the garden sheers that so badly wanted to kill you.

This got me thinking a little bit about how it might be interesting to play as the victem.

Ah... that is, if it was a game focused on puzzles and emotional responses, not so much combat. More of a throwback to helpless you felt sometimes in the old Silent Hill games. Ah, sorta... having to outsmart a serial killer, maybe you know their secret, or blah blah. I'm sure it's been done before, but I don't see why a prompt like that wouldn't be interesting.

You just perfectly described the game Clock Tower, for the ps1. It's this point-and-click game where, in every level, you were trapped in a different setting with a maniac armed with a giant pair of scissors. To me, the game was scary as hell, mostly because there wasn't any way to fight back, so if the guy starts chasing you then your only option is to hide and hope to god he doesn't find you. There was plenty of stuff wrong with that game (a ridiculous story for one), but it's still the best representation of being stalked that I've seen in any game, and I'm sort of amazed this article didn't mention it.

Serial killers are not common in games?
They're freaking everywhere.

just gonna say best serial killer a game could ever be focused on: Stubs the zombie, granted that;s if we can define him as a serial killer.

What about a game where YOU the player are a serial killer? I mean with us running around sandbox worlds killing people (Fallout NV running around goodsprings with an axe...) it only seems natural, I surprised I can't think of any

though that would give the moral gaurdians another thing to point and scream at

Well there's the Dexter game for the iPhone. I don't know if it's any good or not as I've not downloaded it yet. But still, you get to play as Dexter and he's perhaps the coolest on-screen serial killer ever.

I always like the serial killers in Shadowman, with their backstorys and whatnot. It turned them from just being end of level bosses to actually being a little creepy, even if you never really experienced any of their serial-killing (except maybe the Lizard King with the prison all covered in corpses...).

EDIT: Having just thought about it, Id like to see a killer of pokemon in the next game. It would be good if you heard little details about them from people and radio etc (like the pokemon he/she uses, maybe the places hes struck so you can see a pattern...). Make it a random encounter, like with Suicine, and then have them use some black market technique (with a countdown of, say, 5 turns) in which you have to defeat them or run away, and be stalked another day, else have your lead pokemon die a very permanent death...

...Maybe a bit dark though.

You want a good serial killer game? then you have to go the route of Friday the 13th the game (only not shitty) basically you are one of the potential victims. The game is all about figuring out who the killer is, what his weakness is, and where he's hiding out before he kills you. It would always be random when you encounter him but the more of the other memebers of your group that are still alive the less likely he'll come after you every five minutes. this will give you a reason to help them out if they are being attacked and also make you decided if its better to go after the next lead that will help you take down the killer or to protect your friends.

Encounters against the killer would be possible to escape from (though should get progressivley harder) but the killer himself is invincible until you discover how to beat him and where he's hiding (both of which can only be discovered once you know who he is)

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