Anthony Saves The World: Episode 1.3: This Future

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Episode 1.3: This Future

Glimpse into the future that Anthony is trying to prevent. In this very special episode of Anthony Saves the World, Anthony does his best to understand just how desperate and doomed that future actually will be. Also, Mikey reveals a dark secret about what he finds in their house and explains the monetary system of the future!

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Haha, I will follow this series to its end just for having pokemon card as currency.

This is getting intense. Finally. And honestly, I don't see Pokemon cards as a poor currency choice. They're all labeled with different values, so it's easy to imagine.

All of this time travel is messing with my head, though :(

I laughed way too hard at the Pokemon cards.

Next week is the first new episode since you guys arrived at The Escapist. Can't wait!

Wait a minute, so all those cards I have are actually worth something?

Finally I can sell my 30 Machops.

Post apocalyptic Mikey is teh secks.

Secret Muslim Vegan!
Now THAT's a twist!

now i know i wasted my life collecting yu-gi-oh
sooo close... WHY!!!!!!!

Wait Pokémon cards will be the future currency? Oh why did I throw 99% of my cards away?! However what are the Johto starter's cards in Japanese texts will be worth in the future since those are the 1% I had saved.

So, the world ended because of a war for Pokemon cards?
Ok, I can accept that Pokemon cards could become currency (though, if that's the case I don't see why they didn't just print more and make an economy of it).

But, where do the demons come in? I thought the world ended because of a war with the demons.

Well, the "Creative director of Gearbox" is showing in this episode. I wonder how many of those masks were made.

finally! i will be rich! rich i tell you! mwuhahahahaha. plenty of cards perhaps i will buy myself an island. manhatten perhaps

What would you ever do with 5 Starmie cards!?

What was the last word he said? mind? Didn't hear it well enough...

Oooooh that's a low down dirty trick.

But we approve.

I enjoyed the serious turn, but the little touches like the pokemon cards made sure to leave the fun in.

Dammit my yugioh cards are useless!!!

Considering the price of some MTG cards,I'd say they chose the wrong currency :P

Also, the Borderlands dude should have said "Heyooo" before getting shot.

Haha Bordlerlands mask. Wonder why that's there? (Kidding I know)

Great episodes. I knew when I saved all those pokemon cards from destruction last week it would be a good decision.

I threw away all my pokemon cards...

I had a shiny Charizard as well as a limited edition Mew card from the Movies...


The show needs a sound man or auto-leveled volume.

*Looks at a massive pile of pokémon cards*

Oooh, I like the future :D

I totally saw that ending coming. But great episode and love the pokemon cards!!

Daystar Clarion:
I threw away all my pokemon cards...
I had a shiny Charizard as well as a limited edition Mew card from the Movies...

I was thinking the same thing, though I gave away my cards to someone else. Now, they have all the riches. Noo!

I knew there was a good reason I kept all of my original pokemon cards!

My pokemon card collection is rather large if I do say so. It's the combination of 3 siblings collections. I remember we put all our cards together into a giant binder in order of pokemon # and we had all 151 of the originals and multiples of all but a few. We had at least 2 Charizards at one point, my psychic deck had a couple alakazams, gengars, mr. mimes, mewtwos, etc. Some pockets are filled to the point of bursting with dozens of pidgeys, caterpies, and other commons. We made a deck of each type, picked randomly for each battle, and ignored weaknesses to keep it fair. Good times....

Was that mask a shameless nod to Borderlands? Or was there some shame involved?

Or perhaps it's semi-subtle prequel material? And at the end we all say, "oh, Pandora was really Earth, and that kid grows up to be Borderlands."

(you maniacs. you blew it up.)

Nice Borderlands mask, guessing you guys are borrowing all the props over at Gearbox. Awesome, from the Brothers in Arms, you must have loads of weapons!

The series is interesting enough but I'm having some issue with the sound; dialog is too soft and the gunfire too loud. Or, gunfire fine but I have to turn it up too loud to hear the dialog and so...

Technical quirk that maybe can be cleared up in future episodes?

I totally saw that ending coming. But great episode and love the pokemon cards!!

Then you're a quicker man than me! Although i'm one of those guys who was genuinely surprised with Archangels reveal in ME2, so i'm used to it.

Great episode, funny and the endings got me hooked.

Dammit my yugioh cards are useless!!!

Nah, you'll be able to use them in Canada. They always have some wonky version of real currency nobody really believes in. I mean, like now the "Canadian Dollar". Pfft.

Gotta say, I'm loving the series thus far, please keep em coming.

So what, does a holographic Charizard buy you Africa?

Oh, hello, Borderlands box art guy. Wasn't expecting to see you here.

Anyway. Good episode. This series just gets more and more inventive.

But again, why do you guys need to talk so damn fast? It's kind of hard to follow, and you tend to mumble sometimes.

Other then that, though, great series. One of the best I've seen on this site.

Enjoyed it but it has major sound mixing issues, as I've stated before.

Heh pretty funny stuff. I love the pokemon bit, it seemed like you guys had fun with that scene too.

However, I take one issue with your video. I doubt people would be using glowsticks so carelessly in this post-apocalyptic future. It's not like there are just warehouses on warehouses of the little things. Maybe you're assuming that it is a top secret, high class mission or that each pocket of civilization has men dedicated to the fabrication of low illumination glowsticks but I just could never justify using 4, assuming maybe I have 12 total on me, on one little room. He's lucky the rest of the house wasn't just as dark. He would have gotten nowhere. I am mostly just shocked by your flagrant disregard in using glowsticks. Shocked.

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