Review: Killzone 3

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I'd love to see a serperate multiplayer review, and from someone who doesn't make me cringe while watching due to lack of skill or FPS prowess. =/

Wait, Rico wasn't stood up against the nearest wall and shot? That's excactly what he deserves, seeing as he murdered a foreign head of state. Really wish we were playing as the Helghast...

I'll get this game, but I'm not paying more than 50 bucks.

His biggest gripe was there was too much variety? Okay.... well I wonder what he thought umm every FPS ever made? Good review otherwise, except a little bland.

didn't play the first killzone, loved killzone 2 and can't to pick up the third installment.

Is there a law somewhere that prohibits the "protagonists" from wearing helmets in a warzone?

For all (like me) who are about to play through this with the Move and were put off by the jetpack controls in the demo, this might be of interest to you:

Guest-41: Will the turn speed bug in the single player demo while using the jetpacks with the PS Move be fixed at the full release?
MDJ-KZ3: Yes we're looking into that one. Appologies for that but it will be fixed!

The full chat with the devs can be found here:



How does it handle with Move?

Nothing short of great. I'm surprised the review doesn't state this. I never thought it would be more than a gimmick, but its actually a competitive option. I do play online with the move and land in the first places (which is not a problem, as the i'm usually second or third with the sixaxis as well).

Its a bit of a tradeoff: the controller is a bit more stable, but you can do things with the move that you cannot do using the sixaxis: like throwing a grenade over an object without panning the camera upwards. That makes chasing people out of cover far better and realistic. Grenade throwing in itself is _much_ better and accurate, especially while moving. Depending on your setting, you can also run in one direction (like, over a Bridge) and shoot a bit to the sides without loosing your direction and running into the railing. It certainly has advantages that the crosshair is not fixed to the middle of the screen. Close combat is a bit awkward, but that can be trained as well. One of the great things about the scheme is that they actually resisted the urge to map everything to gestures. Almost everything (except close combat) can also be done bye using a button.

My major nitpick about Move control is the number of parameters that can (and have to be) tuned to your liking (X- and Y-Deadzone, Crosshair Sensitivity, Aiming behaviour, Turn Speed). It takes a while to learn and some time to tune it to your style of playing. I actually played through the Single Player Demo 2 times to train it and then converted my settings to multiplayer and fine-tuned it there. But in the end, its really fun to actually have to keep your hand still while sniping instead of having this strange "but your hand shakes"-random-panning effect that most shooters have.

If I get this game, I'll be looking into the Sharpshooter gun to go with it. I can only imagine how awesome it will be.

i actually prefer the way they spread the focus over many game mechanics
this keeps the game variable and allows for many different strategies.
also, it feels like thye were playing it safe, knowing games that focus too much on a single mechanic or on the wrong mechanic will bore or annoy gamers

I might get this, I do like the idea of space marines fighting space nazis, hows the splitscreen co-op, is it at least horozontal?

Serving UpSmiles:
I might get this, I do like the idea of space marines fighting space nazis, hows the splitscreen co-op, is it at least horozontal?

AFAIK, its the "two smaller, but full screens"-style that Resident Evil 5 has.


Greg Tito:
Killzone 3 is a well-made game that hits all of the right notes for a AAA title. There isn't a twisting plot or engaging character development in the campaign but I was impressed with the scope of the story of the Helghast Empire dealing with the death of their fearless leader and the gritty ISA military folks fighting for survival in a hostile environment....enough to keep most pining for Killzone 4. it doesn't end here? The story lends itself to suggest there will be a Killzone 4???

Yea, if true then I am baffled as well.

This series makes me sad, because it took one of my favorite movies of all time and reduced its concepts to Hollywood action schlock. I only feel more depressed as Killzone gains in popularity. Oh, I'm sure Killzone 2 and 3 aren't BAD games, but you have to watch Jin-Roh to realize how much they stole and how high the bar was set before they started turning the iconic imagery into action-y nonsense.

Dear GOD, Sev looks bad. Seriously, man, cut that hawk.

Still picking this up, though. Now I just need someone to play co-op with. >_>

please, for the love of god.....

and if he doesn't die, i'll take the Helghast winning the war as a consolation.

i prefer both but i can compromise.

Those WASP missles in the single-player demo are a bucket of fun as is the jet-pack and the environments do look good as did in KZ2. However don't know if it will offer much of a new experience over KZ2 single player.

And yes the gun-hoe meat head space marine "chatter" has been done to death in this genre. It's exhausting listening to some of those moron characters sometimes. Occasionally bearable and interesting but often annoying. Some other characters are sorta cool though.

Tempting to jump straight back into the multiplayer and run through the single player another time. Not something I usually do with games but havn't been getting my mulitplayer fix since the beta was pulled offline and the multiplayer is vastly superior over KZ2 and what I can guess of the KZ3 single player campaign. Can't wait to see more of the KZ3 mutliplayer maps.



Now on to hating Sony, for keeping such games ps exclusive :|

No! Because then they have to dumb down the graphics a bit. It's nice to see a game that can use 1080p or 1080i and not look stretchy. Not trying to argue here but pretty much every ps3 exclusive game tends to have much much prettier scenery than multi-platform games.

Killzone 3's native resolution is actually 720p, not 1080. And I'd love to get this on PC if it was available and there wouldn't need to be any compromises made.

..not to protest on the sentiment or anything.. but until we get graphics cards on integrated buses, with programmable cores (that handle advanced logic, not just "shader-logic").. along with much higher speed on the ram.. (or optionally, gpu-code in the instruction layer on a multicore setup).. it's not actually possible to get this to run on a PC. Not in terms of "it needs to be rewritten first", but in terms of "not enough clock-cycles and processing time".

But yes.. a computer like that with large amounts of ram - would love to see that too.. at least if it was possible to buy for money..

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