Creature Caster Masters: Death Spelunking

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Easily the funniest new show on the escapist. Voice acting... egh.

The jokes aren't bad, but the colors are a bit tough to look at. Is it the lack of contrast? Everyone seems to be blended with the scenario.

this show is surprisingly informative and explains alot about the pokemon games.

i lol'd so hard at the escape rope joke. mostly cuz thats exactly how i thought they worked when i was 8!


@ both of you.

Since you know Legendaryfrog you must've heard of the Star Syndicate (#1 uploader on Newgrounds). I'm a very long time member. That about sums it up.

That's great, but that doesn't really have any bearing on this. The fact that you're a prominent Newgrounds member doesn't mean that you have more of a right to claim that certain types of humor are objectively not funny.

Eh, I want to like it, but if it keeps recycling old pokemon/card game jokes I don't think I'll be able to stick with it.

Hopefully future episodes will get better.

So THAT's how escape ropes work.

Ahhh yes, calling them out on the ludicrousness of the escape rope...

I'm still on the fence about this series. I feel like it needs to be punchier with the delivery of its jokes. A little bit faster paced with its delivery than it is. It'd help, for sure.

For some reason, Pokemon has been a lot on my mind lately

I think this show is slowly gaining speed. So I'll keep watching because it remind me of time of old style gaming... plus the jokes aren't tasteless .


or close cousins? :P

I think this show started right around the best time it could have. I dunno why, but I feel like if it came out any sooner it just wouldn't have been as funny, like it was trying to make fun of a show too soon after it became obsolite (and yeah, I know Pokemon has been obsolite for a long time already).

I like the humor, I like the premise, and I can't wait to see more.

A good showing (and that said as someone who doesn't play Pokemon games), but the text on the newspaper is nearly illegible at this resolution- something to watch out for.

Good show so far. I enjoyed it and look forward in seeing where this show goes.

I really have to question how this series is going to continue if the humour it uses is just diggs at things in pokemon and card games. Also I find the 'Oh-this-joke-is-such-a-subtle-and-funny-reference-its-going-to-make-everyone-laugh'ness of all the humour annoying not only because it was repeated throughout the whole episode but how bad the jokes are.


Oh God I had to stop watching after the escape rope 'joke'. That wasn't even observational humor, that was just an observation. This reminds me of an old Newgrounds flash artist I used to dislike, Legendaryfrog. All he did was this: "Hey, ever notice how mr Freeman never says anything in his games? That's a comedy goldmine! Let's make a flash about him being a mute!" "Hey, ever notice how MGS conversations can be annoying? Let's make a flash about them being annoying!"
These are jokes not meant to be made since everyone already gets it. Yes, we encounter Zubats a lot. Yes, repel doesn't always work. Yes, an escape rope doesn't really make sense since it makes you spin and teleport. We get it.

Also re-record the guitars for the theme song, it's not hard.

Sorry, not watching this again.

You didn't like Legendary Frog?

You just destroyed any shred of credibility you had. Everyone I've ever talked to who's seen any of his videos or people I've shown them to find them quite funny. Stop being such a humor snob and enjoy it. At least it's not Show About Games Show or Game Dogs. Be happy.

Bit harsh don't you think? So what if he doesn't like the show, theres no need to just insult him for that.

I love the show, and I look forward to watching more eps! Keep up the good work. :)

Can't wait to see how this develops, definitely a lot of potential. Keep it up :)

Still funny but the focus on taking the piss out of pokemon games is a bit strong. If this series is going to last, you're going to need to develop your own style of humour. That should come with time but just make sure to remember that there are jokes other than those parodying pokemon and possibly yu gi oh or whatever else.

This show has potential. I realize you needed an expository episode, and this was a decent one. From the sound of some of the comments is seems you lost some fans with the pacing here. I felt it was a little slow in parts, but I'll keep watching.

Seen both episodes and I think it is to slow, or you use to much time on setting up a joke. SOoo, can you tell jokes faster or do I just go back to how I met your mother?

I enjoy this show. Well done.

Totally cool with it being bi weekly. This way we won't get burned out! Pretty funny stuff. I lookforward to more

This series is easily one of the best Pokemon parodies I've ever seen.

its a funny enough show, cant wait til game dogs return though.

I think I'm in love. And it was awesome mentioning the Escape rope XD

I think I may have found my new Unforgotten Realms.

I love this series so far guys. Keep up the good work.

Humour wise I've found this a little...standard so far. As people have already said there's alot to poke fun of with Pokemon games and alot of people who do it. And while the use of those jokes here has made me smirk, it's the other humour that gets me to really laugh (especially the 'waffle pokeball' from episode one and this episode's 'anticlimax'.)

But I think what made me sit up the most was just that little bit at the end about the trainer badge rules. I can't help but think I'm going to enjoy the story side of it too...

And I hate to be base, but I do enjoy Tun-Tun's constant exasperation.

Loved it, another good episode methinks.


Also, you need to work on your pacing. There are too many really slow points where the characters exposit info that we already know. Better to assume that everyone knows the background of Pokemon and ignore those that don't then to include them and bore everyone else to tears.

That's kind of the point. Every Pokemon game, they make you sit through the same speech about the world of Pokemon and make you go through the same tutorials. Yes, I know what a Pokemon Center is. I'VE PLAYED THE LAST 20 FUCKING GAMES!!!

OT: I was unsure about this series at first, but it's looking to be pretty good. Although, you never see Pokemon actually being killed in games or official media ... but that's what makes this series better!

Jack and Calumon:
Now the professor sounds very familiar.

Calumon: I used illuminate once. I couldn't hold the lamp and Jack lost a shoe. : (

Blake Swift a.k.a ShadyVox a.k.a. various parts in Yu-Gi-Oh abridged. Like Jaden.
And I've just found out that he's younger than me. Which is incredibly annoying.

My fanboyism for all things pokemon guarantess I'll enjoy this! Good times!

Oh my god this awful.

Seriously, I tried giving this another shot but I can not for the life of me figure out why this is on the Escapist. There is not a single original or clever joke in this. Everything that could be considered humorous is observational humor, and anyone can do that. It is not hard to do. Most people on the site do it on a regular basis. I'd expect you to be able to put out something better, but if anything your observational humor is of even lower quality than what I typically see on the forums. I can't figure out what's more depressing; the fact that you think this is good, the fact that other people think this is good, or the fact that the Escapist staff think this is worth paying for.

Maybe I could let the bad writing past if this show had something else redeemable about it, but there's nothing. The animation is terrible. All the movements look fake and it lacks substantial detail or a unique style. Really I'm struggling to think of any advice to give about this because the problems are so deeply ingrained into the show. But if I had to pick the biggest flaw its that there is no character development. Tun Tun and the trainer (whose name I still can't remember) should have some personality, but I can't figure out what it is. This is because there's been nothing to indicate what personality they have. Two episodes in and I can't describe the two main characters beyond their appearance. If you don't think that indicates a serious problem then there's no hope for this show.


Jack and Calumon:
Now the professor sounds very familiar.

Calumon: I used illuminate once. I couldn't hold the lamp and Jack lost a shoe. : (

Blake Swift a.k.a ShadyVox a.k.a. various parts in Yu-Gi-Oh abridged. Like Jaden.
And I've just found out that he's younger than me. Which is incredibly annoying.!

Oh so Shady did the professor too! I knew he did Justin, obviously, since that's the voice he uses for Jaden and one similar for Tai. Still, why would his professor voice sound familiar? Perhaps there was another old guy in one of the Abridged series' he was in.

Calumon: I found out that everyone on The Escapist is older than me! :S

Meh, standard video game humor so far: "Durr, ropes don't work like that, hurrrr"

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