Anthony Saves The World: Anthony Saves the World Trailer

Anthony Saves the World Trailer

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So...3 episodes in and then release a trailer?

The point I missed it, but this is probably intended for Youtube or something.

I'm reminded of Doomsday Arcade, which was a pretty great show.

I dont mean to be a douche, but a trailer for somethingin which the episodes last less than five minuites? Really?

Don't get me wrong, absolutely love the series! Just seems a bit OTT!

So...3 episodes in and then release a trailer?

It's a series about time travel. I'm just going to say "Time's a paradox, bitch" and move on.

The trailer was for bumpers on the site. To grow our small audience into something bigger.

I just thought it was neat and bugged Russ to put it on there.

you are overselling this series. It's not that good.

I enjoy the trailer Mike. I think it's fun and gives a good overall sense of the humor and action the show possesses. If I had seen the trailer before the show it would have inspired me to watch the show. Seeing the trailer now as a fan of the show already it makes me happy to see it as a little something extra. Don't let the naysayers get to ya!

Dammit, I'm enjoying the series so far and now you show me a trailer with stuff from future episodes. Well the trailer worked, now I really can't wait for the next episodes, hope you're happy :P.

Hehe, what's with the cheap Windows Movie Maker text?


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