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Darkspore Trailer

Creature customization and combat features in this trailer for Darkspore.

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Hah, a Spore Dungeon Crawler game. That actually sounds really fun.

I can imagine that the game is going to end up populated with a million Protoss and Zerg clones. Not really sure what to think about this from the trailer, looks interesting though.

I'll definitely wait on this one. Jumped on the Spore hype train way too early. God, what a terrible mess that was.

Well it looks better than the trainwreck Spore turned out to be.

In fact I've just applied to the Beta. Fingers crossed.

I'm in the beta. Currently it's down for maintenance when it should be up for its 24 hour window of playtime.

Not sure how much I'm going to enjoy it. It looks like Spore meets Diablo II, but in a really childish way.

And when EA realized just how out-of-hand Diablo II got with its hackers making super-mega-ultra characters and taking them online, they decided to implement a really stupid feature in the game that saves all data server-side, meaning- you guessed it- you have to be online 100% of the time to play the game, even single-player.


Lolz there is an inaccurate number of cock shaped monsters in that trailer

I'll definitely wait on this one. Jumped on the Spore hype train way too early. God, what a terrible mess that was.

Theyre made by the same guys so it doesnt count. And there wasnt really a Spore hype train to begin with.

Terrible mess, agree. I'll wait for post-release reviews on this.

Im a big fan of spore, TBH I was a little dissappointed that it diddnt live up to my expectations and the game is to restrictive, but I love the creature and ship creator and still enjoy slowly taking the galaxy with my race of 4 armed Ithorians

It looks like they used Spore to make a Diablo-style game. Admittedly not a terrible concept, in fact do it right and it could be an even better version of Diablo. However, remember that the Spore creature creator engine is very, very open to abuse.

Now I didn't think Spore was that bad of a game. Admittedly it was a little more shallow than I thought, but it wasn't anything horrible. There's definately potential in a game like Spore for a multitude of different genres.

I'm interested in this, but not a pre-order. I'll need reviews before making a final decision.

Just as a note for all those interested in this game: You don't create your own creatures, you have a wide variety of "heroes", each with their own backstory ("wide variety" = 100+). The customization looks pretty insane though. Even though you can't create your creature from scratch, it looks like you can still give your creature a lot of different parts like feet, hands, heads, etc.

Lolz there is an inaccurate number of cock shaped monsters in that trailer

in any game with player created content you are guaranteed to have some sort of cock monster, cock emblem, etc

After this, the next logical step is to change "The Sim"'s formula:

The main problem with Spore was that they over-simplified things. Anyone who watched the early footage of the game would have been amazed by the depth to which the game allowed the creation tools to be used.

Maybe the combat will be enough to make up for the fact that the creator doesn't live up to it's original greatness. Though I'm skeptical as to whether or not it will have a serious enough feel to be fun, I think it might end up being too childish and simple once again.

I liked spore. It was fun.

And this looks like it combines to my two biggest addictions.

Creating things with my own hands, and unlocking bigger and more shiny objects to beat people with.

I mean, whats the most rewarding part of any dungeon diving game? Completing a quest, or finding AWESOME LOOTZ!?!?

A gritty reboot of spore?


Hrm... the big question is how many of those alterartions actually affect gameplay and how many are purely aesthetic, and the big risk is that everyone will end up with the same generic/hideous builds because they're the most effective.


God, it assaulted my eardrums.

Not getting it. The only thing that this game looks like it has going for it is the most expansive character creator ever made.

Apart from that, I'll stick with Diablo.

the first 2 parts of spore were fun but after that it all went pretty much down hill. I hope that doesn't happen to this game it's looking cool at the moment. Hopefully there is a good story in there as well. Only reason i finished diablo 2 was beacause of the story.

Calling a flop on this one, what with Diablo III hopefully around the corner and everything.

No-one cares about customization if the gameplay that accompanies it is terrible. I hope Maxis has learned this lesson from Spore.

What's the point of intricately designing your Darkspore creatures if you are perpetually in a top-down view that makes it really hard to make out fine details, made no better by constantly being surrounded by attacking enemies?

Lol hype.
I'll take everything spore realted with a bucket of salt ever since I got it on day 1.

I just signed up for the Beta.
Thank you for reminding me of that game.

Interesting. I definitely like customizing my dude to be different from the other million dudes out there. If the choices have any effect on the game-play then this could be very kewl indeed

So, they took away the only appeal the original game had? I mean the whole "create your own species and watch them evolve" thing, even though it was overshadowed by the retardation of the space age and Galactic Adventures My last vestiges of hope for Spore have just circled the drain for the last time.

The Fudge is this and why am I so excited all of a sudden!?

Seems kind neat, but the whole shallow attempt to appeal to a more mature audience by making it "darker" (it's call darkspore for fuck sake. Why not just call it Spore for cool kids) turns me off a bit.

Dev1: Ok so we made this game that's like spore but darker. What should we call it?
Dev2: Hm...Dark...spore?
Dev1: ...Brilliant! Let's go to lunch.

It does look nice, but not that interesting.
The way the camera is positioned, you can't really see all the details on your character.
At least so i think.
But doesn't look bad, i have to say that.

looks like an interesting game
maybe something I'd enjoy but I'm not really sure
I'll keep an eye out for reviews
Not too interested in Beta stages atm
But my mind could change soon

My first thought : Spore meets DotA

Not necessarily a bad thing, I wouldn't mind playing it if I had the hardware to, but it's easy to have a brilliant idea and execute it horribly.

I signed up for the beta, I'll have to try it out before I make an opinion.
(Yes, I use betas as a kind of demo)

Looks like a kids version of Diablo. Also reading the name as Darkspoor so can't take it seriously. My immature mind never ceases to entertain me.

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