Trailers: Darkspore Trailer

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penis monsters, LoL champions, starcraft aliens and penis monsters

and no i didn't leave anything out

Wow, this looks to be surprisingly promising. :D

question is wtf is the DRM gonna me like? never touch Spore for that reason alone.

Two things, is this going to get the stupid DRM lock on this and also this game is almost certainly flop with the hardcore diablo fans playing guess what diablo. It's going to have pull off something amazing to get this game of the ground

I admit it's spiked my curiosity if nothing else.

Would like to know the requirements though...

Sounds genuinely interesting. Kid Diablo is something I'll be looking forward to.

I look forward to fighting everyones giant penis like creature.

how is this not just a re-skin of previously existing spore features with some new flashy combat effects?

Looking at it it seems identical to galactic adventures but with a new character creation interface (well, new menus anyway) and the cameras been put in a top down perspective to make you think its like Diablo.

How does it justify another separate release no doubt at the price of a full?
And how is it dark? Oh wait I get it! Their trying to cash in on people who want a more mature game without actually making one.

I don't think a Darkier-and-Edgier dungeon crawler is where Maxis should be taking this technology. I would absolutely love to see it implemented in a SimSafari-style ecosystem sim, but here it just looks tedious.


Ya know that actually sounds pretty badass.

It's on my list personally. I really liked spore despite it's jack of all trades approach. This game apparently decided to learn from the last game and just focus on one thing. Apparently it's a lot like diablo a game I have never seen or played or care for. Instead it reminds me of gauntlet or those baulders gate type games where the camera is above the character as they just beat down the enemies with weapons and magic. and with spores create a monster/monster editor that sounds pretty fun. But I gotta get more information. Like what do you get from making different monsters in different shapes and stuff? That's what's most important as customization will feel shallow if you can't affect anything.

What is with people and commenting on penis shaped things? Yes. People will make penis shaped things but lots more will make everything else.

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