Trailers: Alice: Madness Returns Teaser

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ehhhhh it looks okay, a little melodramatic, but arn't these guys a little late for the Alice Train

ehhhhh it looks okay, a little melodramatic, but arn't these guys a little late for the Alice Train

Well ive played (and loved) the first game American McGee's Alice, over and over. From what they've shown so far it looks pretty much like the 1st. Considering everyone has been trying to make Wonderland dark and twisted they are a little late. Still they were the ones to do it first in video game form. I just hope Spicy Horse gives it their best, I mean after playing Mcgee's Grimm im hoping for something above average.

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I'm excited for this game, but this particular teaser/trailer is my least favorite so far. Does anyone else feel like the end was just tacked on to say "hey, we have blood in this game!" ?

Nope, that's actually one of its main draws. It's a dark version of the Alice fairy tale. And a sequel to a very awesome, albeit dated, game:

Oh I get that it's a dark game. And a sequel.

I just think that the random cup biting, "attack!" shouting, stabbing, and evil smiling were tacked on and silly.

Take a well loved fairytale and make a dark twisted spin on it. That's already so cliched it hurts.

But make a second game... which is just the same crap all over again? There's a word for that.

It's pathetic.

Do they really think we haven't seen the little girl grinning with blood splattered on her face about a thousand times before?

American Mcgee was the first to really bring this trope to fruition. His original game, "American Mcgee's Alice", was not only a well written and intricately designed and stylized game, but paid direct homage to many of Carroll's original (non-disney-fied) characters.

In it, the themes of space and time, insanity, dual personalities, and survivor guilt are examined, while at the same time incorporating the familiar characters in a believable way. They are just as insane, this time taking on a more menacing appearance, but are expertly written in a way that evokes their Wonderland counterparts to a T.

While it has become a VERY tired trope of late, I am nothing but excited for this game: a sequel to the originator, designed by the same Dev as the first.

From a story perspective, I'm really hoping this ends poorly for Alice. As one who is apparently digressing back to her original unconscious struggle with the death of her parents it shows the potential for an endless loop of struggle, recovery, and digression. So if she wins again, who's to say she won't slip again.

As much as I love what Alice brings to the table as a twisted character, this story feels like it should end with her either dead or completely mad. (What can I say? Tragedy has a special schaudenfreud-ic place with me)

Well that was, um, what?

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