294: The Case of Dad vs. Phoenix Wright

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I was smiling until the last sentence of the first paragraph of page four. That's when the emotional significance of the piece hit me.
I honestly have to say that this is the one of the best articles I have seen on this site, from a story telling view and entertainment. Thanks for sharing this.

That was a very well written and thoroughly entertaining article. My father is of the opinion that video games went downhill after Pac-Man, with the possible exception of Ms. Pac-Man.

On an unrelated note, there was Hebrew word in my captcha.

I gave up on the Ace Attorney games after the second one. Rife with poor characterization and illogical puzzles (you know the ones, this item proves what I need, but the game wants me to choose THAT item), AA2 just wasn't a pleasant experience for me. None of the characters were relatable, and it seemed like they were trying too hard to focus on quirks rather than personality. Maya's behavior was based solely on her stupidity and like of cheeseburgers; Franziska's behavior was based entirely on her whip, etc. Backstories to explain characters' personalities felt like afterthoughts, ways of explaining after the fact why they are the way they are, and mostly interchangeable.

Don't get me wrong, I loved the first game, but the second one seemed like a pale imitation. One was charmingly campy, the other was ludicrously stupid. The fact that this man who didn't even like the first game was able to play through the second simply astounds me.

P.S. Thanks

The second game is generally considered to be the weakest of the first three games. I'd recommend checking out the third (Trials & Tribulations), it's a big improvement.

My grandmother, my mother, and sisters all loved Tetris. But my dad never liked video games from day one and criticized them frequently.

I only recall two times where he played a game.

The first time, he watched my friend and me play Mortal Kombat II at a bowling alley. He kept criticizing how it was tasteless gratuitous violence that would surely spawn a terrible generation. Then he asked to play, and without ever touching it before, kicked my ass four matches in a row. I didn't let him, win. He refused a rematch, claiming it was a waste of money.

The second time, was when I had to make a quick run to the bathroom while playing Mafia. When I came out, I had seen he was laughing maniacally after having crashed the car and unsure how to get back in, and was randomly spraying a Tommy gun into crowds.

Hopefully He makes it through the second game, some of the cases in there are unbearably nonsensical. You basically have to break the 4th wall by applying something with one character that you learned as another character to have the slightest clue how to beat the last case (It does introduce Pearl though, who is adorable). I hope he makes it to 3 and 4, I found those much more satisfying.

THis felt like an extremely touching article about finding ways to connect with your father.

Bravo! You elicited real emotion and I quite enjoyed reading about your father's travails!

Thanks Brendan, this is really personal but manages to avoid being overly familiar or soppy. I think a lot of people will recognise the willing but confused parent, who doesn't quite 'get' gaming. Yours is a great example of the way any media, including games, can be used to find common ground with those we might struggle to do so with otherwise.


Great article! Sorry to hear about your dad's health scare.

That was a really great story. I'm glad to hear that your Dad's OK. I was a bit shocked when you said his heart stopped...

This also reminded me that I REALLY need to get around to playing the Phoenix Wright games

First one's on the App store now, bit cheaper than buying the DS version.

Good story. Quite touching.

This story was very heartwarming. I think it's so funny that he has nothing but complaints about it, but obviously he likes it enough to keep playing.

Great article, man. Really well written.

The game logic may seem odd, but thats partly because they are not using the American court system that we are used to, innocent until proven guilty, and the burden of fact rests on the prosecutor.

Very nice. A cool story illustrating how games of any sort can bridge the gap between people.

I've never been exposed to the Phoenix Wright games before. They sound pretty convoluted and silly, which is definitely my kind of silly. I might have to check them out at some point, although I imagine my general ineptitude with puzzles might prove infuriating (god knows how I manage to get through an entire Professor Layton game without going insane).

If you played those old point-and-click adventure games, then you will know what to expect from Phoenix Wright. Instead of "use item with object" commands, it's "use evidence with contradictory dialogue segment." You sometimes can figure out what happened before the game tells you, so you have a bit of a classic murder mystery story on your hands. Only it's better, because half of those murder mysteries don't leave you with enough info to figure out who did it. PW wants you to figure it out, and then trap them in their own lies.

Wow... this article was just beautiful. It really shows that games aren't just for kids-- it really can be an enjoyable(?) entertainment for all ages.

(I put '?' next to the word 'enjoyable', since, well... it's subjective, especially when it's 'love-to-hate' situation like in the article)

This article gives me some hope because I really love gaming & want it to be part of my life for the rest of my life. But my family thinks otherwise (to them games = for kids) and is still waiting for me to 'grow out of it.'

This might sum up what I think.



so....so warm and familial....T.T

I saw this piece a year or two ago - at that time I had no knowledge of the Ace Attorney series -- recently I took a look at a playthrough of a case in AA:PW 1... and then the next... and the next - shortly I was hooked - I just loved the drama, (most of) the characters and of course the music. By now I've experienced the original trilogy and working through the adventures of Apollo Justice - I plan on getting the upcoming AA 5 when it comes out to play for myself.

Anyway, I thought about this piece and began looking for it -- it was just as sweet and now much more understandable as I recalled.

Thanks to MegamanNG on youtube for letting me experience this wonderful series.

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