Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Wise-Cracking Sidekicks

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Top 5 Wise-Cracking Sidekicks

Sometimes we love our sidekicks, sometimes we want to strangle them. But these five smart-alec partners keep us laughing, so we'll keep them around.

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The Navi bit cracked me up. Also, nice to see some TLJ, I'm still waiting for Ragnar to say the magic words, The Longest Journey 3.

Was it just me, or did the audio go wacko?

Audio went wacko for me too.

The video/audio seems out of sync starting about 2:00

Yeah, same here, audio is screwy

Same as everyone here. Audio-video mismatch.

Sadly I have never played these games. Although now I may want to. Another great top 5. I loved the part where you blended into the background. Green/blue screens are so much fun to play with. Although the Navi bit makes me sad I got her in the Escapist's sidekick quiz.

P.S. Did the video get out of sync for anyone else?

So it's been found that the Audio/Video is screwed. On the other hand... no, no, that pretty much distracted me from the rest of the top 5 as well.

Hey guys, thanks for the heads up. The audio should be synched up now.

Go on with the chlorophyll!


Excuse while I go play TLJ.

First game I ever beat on Steam. (The first I bought was Morrowind. But Steam makes modding it a hassle.) Still haven't finished Dreamfall...


Also good save with HK-47.

Oh, the Navi joke never gets old.

And yes, I am already playing Longest Journey. Met Crow not too long ago. The game is already my number one reason to be proud of being Norwegian.

Greg Tito:
Go on with the chlorophyll!

Was that a Billy Madison joke?



OT: Nice episode. Too bad there was no mention of Issun from Okami though.

I didn't even -think- of HK-47. I am a bad, bad games fan. :(

But yay for knowing that there are plans afoot!

Great list, as always. I really need to check out these adventure games.

Also, that's exactly the color of my NDS =D

I must ask, why is Kazooie NOT there?

Another great episode, can't wait to see more. :3

The Navi bit was great, keep the comedy gold coming Lisa.

This one was damn good! I laughed out loud at Lisa chasing Navi with the flyswatter and I loved the extended bookends. More of this around the Top 5 please :)

The bit where they were playing in the forts it was hilarious! The one about Navi was good too. Keep up the good work!

I watch this thread, I laugh, I tell my friends. They watch, they laugh, and we argue about whatever the top 5 should be. This is why this series is so great. Keep up the good work.

No Atton Rand?

I am crushed.

Great episode as always (I think that's how I'm going to play Magic from now one :-)

This one was damn good! I laughed out loud at Lisa chasing Navi with the flyswatter and I loved the extended bookends. More of this around the Top 5 please :)

I concur.

I like Clank...

audio? i was looking a bit lower than the mouth... XD

I know it would sound creepy to say that I want to touch her, but this is the internet, and I can't be the only one.

Statement: I await the next appearance of HK-47 in the meatba-... erm, Lisa Foiles's videos with great excitement, master.

Kazooie should've been somewhere on the list, wise-cracking jokes all the time, specially about poor Bottles :<

Also, I liked your shirt...

I was wondering when HK-47 would appear on the list. So I guessing the future top 5 would be top 5 robots or robot sidekicks?

Very nice list and Lisa I got a larger flyswatter and bug zapper for Navi

was that a Trogdor shirt? :D

You have earned so much love for not forgetting HK-47 !

More brilliant hilarity, keep it coming!

Crow is an excellent choice - although none of the video showcased is actually from The Longest Journey; they're from its sequel Dreamfall (which, while good, is not the awesomeness that TLJ was). Not a cardinal sin, by any means. Just saying.

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