Zero Punctuation: MindJack

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This week, Zero Punctuation makes its opinion on MindJack very very clear.

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This somewhat reminded me of a really buggy combination of Psi Ops, and The Nomad Soul when I first played it.

I played this over a friend's house.

I found it very... bad. I was quite interested in the game from trailers and the like. Glad I played it before buying. I can save my money for something good.

I'd never even heard of this game. Thanks to Yatzee's VERY clear opinion, I'm not going to go out of my way to buy it, or even try it.

Great review, made my day!

I never expected a quality shooter from Feelplus.

Ever. As soon as I found out the Feelplus was developing the game, the bar was set low.

Go play Vanquish if you want a good Japanese shooter.

But Yahtzee shouldn't have made it sound like Square Enix is somehow developing this game, when they published it. Square Enix never develops an ugly game. A bad game, yes. But an ugly one? No way.

Why do I feel I'll hear some inception comparisons?

Anyway, I didnt plan on buying this after seeing the unskippables episode of its preview. Glad to know I was right in my decision.

is there a demo for this game? just wondering because i want to see if it really sucks THAT bad

So... did he like it? I couldn't tell.

Very clear indeed Yahtzee, not that I had high hopes for this game anyway. Actually I am a little disappointed they couldn't make good use of the core concept.

meh it's all right.

Seems... interesting. Hell, I love bad games, so I'm tempted to play it.

Also, here's how to beat the giant robot: Kill all the smaller enemies around it, and it will automatically die. Sure makes sense, eh?
Maybe it chose to commit suicide instead of knowing what game it was in.

I loved the opening in this one; it was fucking, fucking, fucking, fucking good.

So you... did like it? :p

Honestly I had hope for the premise, that looked interesting, which was promptly crushed by execution in the original E3 trailer.

............... so did you like it or not?

Mmmm, fudgy astronauts.

But seriously....who's idea is it to keep coming out with more and more, and more shit shooter games? NO MORE! Bring back more adventure games, more puzzlers, more better games!

And, did you ever discover where the name "Jack" came from?

The game does sound bad but the multiplayer option to 'hack' into someone's single player game and screw with them does sound intriguing. Maybe a few tweaks would make it better?

wow. That does sound like an exceptionally crappy game ^^;
good quip with the fudge rocket though ^^d

I think this was the funniest ZP in a while. Not that the last few sucked or "Yahtzee's losing his touch", just I haven't almost cracked up and laughed out loud like that for weeks.

I saw this title in the Coming Soon rack at GameStop; otherwise I wouldn't have known it existed.

Hah, what? So your name is Jim, and you're able to mindhack people... but it's called MindJack? I thought that it was meant to be some neologism form of something like "carjacking", but does the word actually even show up in the game?

Can't say I didn't expect this review opinion. Angry Joe beat Yahtzee to the punch on this title by about a week, but the opinions are exactly the same. Except Joe had his brain almost melt from even trying to play Mindjack.

Thanks a ton Square, for making another badly done game. As if FF XIV wasn't a bad enough way to end 2010. Piece of advice: Stop making games for a while and focus your efforts on single projects. I think you need it at this point.

that's amazing. I never thought i would ever see a hideous looking square enix game! Shitty? Yes. Ugly, Never! It boggles the mind. The multiplayer actually sounds like a good concept that u can take over enemy ai in another player's single player campaign. Maybe in the future someone can put it into practice and make it work.

Mmmm, fudgy astronauts.

But seriously....who's idea is it to keep coming out with more and more, and more shit shooter games? NO MORE! Bring back more adventure games, more puzzlers, more better games!

And, did you ever discover where the name "Jack" came from?

Probably a play on "hijack".

Looks like we may already have found a contender for 1st place in Yahtzee's bottom 5 list at the end of this year.

You know I was almost about to impulse buy this game today however I decided not to as I may need to money later for buying hookers better things. I guess I made the right decision. That being said, I sort of had that idea in mind anyway. I watched Angry Joes review and read a few other reviews on the game and it looks like its been universally panned.

I don't usually buy my games completely based on others reviews but when I've seen the gameplay and read reviews that are most if not all negative and all pretty much rabbiting on about the same things... I kind of thing that I'd be better keeping my money.

I'm actually slightly interested in the "Mindhacking? What's that?" thing, but it's probably just some tired "you are playing a video game!" metatext and it'd hardly be worth wading through shit even if it was something more interesting.

I'm surprised he even played it so long. Listening to him it sounds like something I would stop playing after an hour if I got it for free. There were propebly no other releases.

With all the other great titles coming out this year, it won't be hard for me to skip this one.

Wow, he pretty much destroyed the game. Taking over the enemy seems like a cool concept to me, but not if the AI doesnt make you want to do it.
Oh and of course fucking funny as always ^^

Great review, Yahtzee! I haven't laughed that hard in a while. I'm guessing this game hit your sweet spot on exactly how bad it was, to make you write an awesome thing. I don't get how your opinion on weather games are good or bad eludes people, but then again "I'm shit, you're shit and if you're standing there thinking that's right, everyone's shit except me, then your a double mr. double shitfaced with fries. sorry this reflects poorly on me, I should have said mister or mises shitface."

Lovin it, as usual. But I do find it amusing that Yahtzee mentions both over-done, bored to death, done a thousand times, third person cover shooter gameplay AND knocks the innovative idea of multiplayer into single player. Some games just can't win with this guy.

What was with the naked fat female cousin joke? I feel dense because I didn't get it. I went back to the beginning a few times, but I didn't see any setup or anything. Am I missing something?

that's the difference between a reviewer and a critic and yahtzee is a critic it's his job to point out the bad parts. you don't yell at jeremy clarkson because you're not sure whether or not he likes the new lambo. NO you laugh at his metaphors.

i've never bought a game because of other peoples opinions, I did once and now i want to destroy treyarch.

Mindjack as in carjack, Deathfish.

Also, thanks for the tip Yahtzee, will not even consider this one.

Yep. Mindjack is a bad, bad, bad, bad, bad game. I honestly feel sorry for those that bought it before a review. This game makes me want to play Psi-Ops: Mindgate Conspiracy on the PS2 again. At least that game was fun and you had more abilities than mind hacking.

You know a game is bad when you can't tell if you're saying it right. Plus all the trailers screamed "The Bland Adventures of Captain Generic and his Mediocre Friends!"

I would also like to say I am not brain damaged. Just putting it out there.

Calumon: Why would they think that?

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