Show About Games Show: Super Saiyans and Killzones

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Super Saiyans and Killzones

What would YOU do if you gained that much power? If nothing else, you could always sit down and watch some Killzone 3.

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I loved the random screaming of KILLZONE! AAARRRGGGGH!!!

Good job, first part wasn't that funny though, or funny at all

Either someone in this has a Codec ringtone or my phone is ringing.

"they can't actually use the force to knock things over"... well, at this point i'm not so sure... *shifty eyes* (sorry)

siiiigh... the ridiculousnessof dragon ball z in retrospect...

I too want to watch Killzone 3
I guess not.

7 episodes later and it hasn't gotten any better.
I was hoping this would be a new series I would like since I like games and I like a shows so, a show about game shows was a perfect mix but it just wasn't meant to be.

First part had some good moments but was a little too long. Second part was short and sweet as usual. Third part was mostly not that great (sorry but I thought that the acting here sucked) except for the ending that ran into the credits. I liked the callback to episode 1 there too, it was unexpected and showed that maybe its worth sticking around whilst this show develops some nice inside jokes. I definitely think that the last two episodes have been stronger over most of the earlier episodes but I'm still on the fence about whether I'm going to keep watching. I'll stick around for now and look forward to seeing what you guys can come up with for next week.



that was pretty funny good job guys

The killzone is in the
*puts on glasses*

DBZ part was bit lenghty, but it was so "bad" it was hilarious IMO.

I can't stop laughing at the Silent Hill sketch!

Is that the Japanese Tankoban there? Well that's managed to out pwn 99% of other DBZ fans.

I actually loved the DBZ sketch, especially the cutting back and forth from the reenactment and the interview with the kid. Screaming that's especially over the top is kind of funny to me (Evidently, Will Ferrell can be funny).

The Silent Hill sketch was very funny and I enjoyed it very much.

The Killzone 3 sketch was the weakest, personally. I laughed, but not as much as I would have hoped.


I'm just going to leave this here.[/getyourownjokes]

And it's now time for me to give up on this show. Even the parts I don't hate I find more clever than funny.

Argh! I'm getting killed in the Killzone!

Hehe, this was a good one guys. Keep it up.

Ok your over-thinking the obvious reminded me of a short series I saw about the science of sex. One part were they show their findings are hilarious.

"Our studies show that men prefer women who show lots of skin and dance around vigorously"

I'm like REALLY? I never would have guessed lol.

I keep wanting to like this series and I often understand where the humor is supposed to come from, but the execution is terrible. Not just the acting, but the writing is constantly hitting you over the head with the point of the sketch. Did you really need to say "wow that rhombus dude totally represents my inner conflicts" (note: I didn't rewatch to get the exact quote)? And only one killzone is derivative joke was necessary. Most of your funniest jokes are the off-hand one liners. The deadpan "my son is an idiot" juxtaposed with the seriousness of the announcer was one of the funniest parts of the episodes. I'll keep watching for now, but please ramp up the subtlety a bit guys? If we know the material we will laugh; and if we don't, then explaining the joke only serves to kill it for the people who are in on it. Even worse it won't make it funny for the people who don't get it in the first place. Explaining a joke never makes it funny.
Good luck.

Either someone in this has a Codec ringtone or my phone is ringing.

haha me too - got the codec as my message tone

What does it mean?!

Overanalizing the obvious is my favorite part. :p

Its ok, I suppose. I thought the part where the guy was screaming killzone a lot was probably the funniest part.

So burt's father is the minecraft dude?

Great episode. Been loving the series so far. BTW I have had that same codec ringtone for about 4 years now.

Pretty decent, second part killed it with the lulz but the other two were also pretty giggle worthy.

The Killzone audio was easily my favorite part of the video. "They're killing us in the zone!"

Pretty decent, second part killed it with the lulz but the other two were also pretty giggle worthy.

okay what you wrote was actually funnier then the entire video, since if you say something is giggle worthy then you know its bad.

I got killed in the killzone! lol good stuff


Either someone in this has a Codec ringtone or my phone is ringing.

haha me too - got the codec as my message tone

my message tone is the alert

Silent Hill sketch nearly made me lose my shit. Great stuff.

Please please please stop making sitcoms, they are physically hurting me. Also i skipped through like 90% of the content, the only thing i...

STOP. Look, if you only watched 10% of the actual show, then I see no reason why anyone should take your opinion seriously. Go find another bridge to live under (get it? 'Cause you're a troll. Ha ha haaa... sorry.)

This is your best episode yet; it's actually funny! Keep improving!


Epic. Thanks for the continued laughs :)

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