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MovieBob: Oscars 2011

MovieBob makes his predictions for this year's Academy Awards. (Spoiler: Christopher Nolan does not win Best Director!)

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I really do hope Natalie Portman wins Best Actress.

I'll be really happy if anything but "The King's Speech" wins best picture. I'm rooting for "The Fighter" or "Inception" personally.

And Bale better win for his role in "The Fighter". That performance was simply stunning.

Would love to see some awards for 'The Fighter' and 'Black Swan', but it's not likely, apart from maybe Best Actress for Portman.

For once I really want Movie Bob to wrong: Inception was the best non-Pixar film of 2010
And Christian Bale for Best Supporting Actor!

I didn't really get the Banksy dig.
Was I supposed to have not enjoyed watching Exit Through the Gift Shop?
Or is it just that someone that "underground" shouldn't likely be so front and center if they're to remain "legit?"

I need help, here.

They couldn't nominate (let alone let win) Daft Punk for best soundtrack for fear of the world collapsing from its awesomeness. Sad but true.

And I don't know, I like Bridges' chances for Best Actor. And can we please agree that Geoffery Rush should be getting a second Oscar?

Oscars are a big farce anyways. The industry votes for the industry, it's all a self congratulatory pat on the back, "look, aren't we great".

As for Christopher Nolan, when I read he's attached to a film, I generally avoid it. Why? Because he gets so much love for being bland. The films themselves aren't bad, but they aren't very good either.

I'd really prefer it if the Social Network didn't win, simply because after watching it I fail to see how it represents the online generation, I understand all the characters are young and stuff, but the whole "online" presence is at best a very small sub-plot with the rest of it focusing on the characters and the ass-hole suing the other ass-hole who the writer keeps telling me isn't an ass-hole. It's a fine character legal thriller, though not Oscar worthy.

I haven't seen several of the films, but right now the best I've seen is The Kings Speech, so it's pretty good to see it getting the awards it deserves.

It really was criminal that christopher nolan didnt get a nomination, so I hope its either fincher or aaronovsky.

I hope the kings speech gets nothing however, its vastly overrated. Black swan, inception and social network were all vastly superior as was true grit.

I hope the social network wins best picture *crosses fingers*

great video bob!

Did you really have to devote a show to a topic you already covered in Intermission? I'm a fan of your opinions and insights, but I feel as though this is a bit repetitive for those of us who still read.

Although your forecast is probably right, I'd like to see some upsets as much as you do.

Like how I was thinking maybe this week's review would have been Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D: Bonds Beyond time. LOL

So Bob's unfounded grudge against the Oscars continues because his sci-fi favorites aren't nominated?

At least the logic is sound [/sarcasm]

Also, seeing as Bob hasn't read the scripts that are nominated, it's pretty funny that there's an attempt to come off as knowing which one is better. As far as how they're written, Grit and King's Speech are easily the best, Inception as a written work is the worst and Social Network is the most enjoyable one, only marred by how it doesn't hold any scrutiny over the whole "this is almost a true story" thing.

I really like the intro outro music... But i haven't seen most of the nominees....

And yet again, there is not a single film I give a toss about on the roster outside of the Best Animated Film candidates.
Perhaps it's a difference in taste or preference, but the one film of 2010 that had any influence on my mood, thinking, or attention beyond the purely technical had no chance at all of being nominated (primarily because it isn't a feel-good film, and it was grossly unpopular anyway).

So for that, the only thing I will say is that it's disappointing that the first genuinely GOOD "Dragon movie" stands a snowball's chance in Hell...because it's Pixar. Dreamworks is finally starting to get a sense of creative identity, and so for perhaps the first time, I believe the Best Animated Film award will actually be a judgment of merit.
On the other hand, Toy Story 3, while quite excellent and much deeper than How to Train Your Dragon, didn't really entertain or move as much in comparison.

I'm probably the only person who would nominate the non-Pixar film this year for Best Animated Film (and the only one who cares), and admittedly, for some of the wrong reasons. But dammit, Dreamworks made a GOOD Dragon movie, which up to this point had been utterly *impossible* to achieve, whereas Pixar proved that an established franchise that was popular before (albeit, really really good and popular for a reason) will remain popular.

That's how I'm justifying my black sheep nomination.

First of all, I probably have an unhealthy love for all things Pixar. They deserve top spot in their industry because they've earned it through consistently excellent releases.

Now, that being said, I'd really like to see some competition pop up that would challenge them to reach new heights. I can't help but feel that a monopoly on a category's wins will only breed complacency. Come on animation studios, give them a run for their money. A tougher race for best Toon oscar is a win/win for all involved.

Seeing as Daft Punk were shamefully spurned, and Clint Mansell was disqualified, I want the Social Network to take the Best Original Score. I just want to say Trent Reznor got an Oscar, and if you can't get Daft Punk's tribute to Wendy Carlos recognized, Trent's tribute will do. (Also, Hans Zimmer already has 4.)

That cat playing the Xbox has gotten America through some hard times...

(Spoiler: Christopher Nolan does not win Best Director!)

No shit, he wasn't even nominated.

Well then... here's hoping expectations are defied and best picture goes to Social Network...

The script of the kid of the all right is the star...I disagree...don't get me wrong its a good movie, except the last third is kinda of a mess who just wrap things up way too quickly to the point it kinda doesn't make any sense.

Is that me or the oscar become more and more about who they ignore?

The omission of Daft Punk is a terrible mistake.

However, nothing could be worse in my eyes than all of those nominations for Avatar in 2009, so this year is bound to be better.

The internet is ending. My evidence I've seen 5 videos/blog posts end with i'm out of jokes so here's [insert animal] [insert cute action].

I'd love for Black Swan to win. It was a great film with solid acting in my "pet" genre.
Social Network probably deserves to win more, and I loved it, so I'll be happy if either of them win.
...but I know it will probably be King's Speech...

I wouldn't be so cynical if it weren't for the fact that I would have felt so justified if District 9 won last year. That was, hands down, the best movie of last year (in my opinion).

Essentially a re-hash of his nomination debrief, but, seeing as the surprises this year are going to be minimal, it was at least nice to do it.

Thanks Bob. You're not the only one disappointed by the Best Score list.

I want Toy Story 3 to win best picture. Fat chance that will ever happen though.

I think the Oscars are going to be a little dull this year because the dreaded and overrated Social Network is going to take home most of the cheddar. Soooooo I hope Hans Zimmer gets fucking blazed off hash brownies before he wins his fifth Oscar and does the "dick slang" onstage as his acceptance speech.

That would be the only way The Oscars don't bore me out now.

I hope that Biutful wins in the forgien slot. Great movie.

Interesting/saddening that my wife and I (supposed "young internet generation") loved King's Speech and are desperately (and probably unfairly) hoping for Social Network to lose because of our great dislike for anything Facebook. We're getting old too fast.

Bob, what do you think it will take for an animated film to actually be considered a front-runner for, let alone win, Best Picture? It seems like from what I've heard (haven't seen it), Toy Story 3 is probably as close to an Oscar-bait script as can be done in an animated movie, and is apparently really good. Is this sort of sea-change ever likely to happen (in our lifetimes, even)?

Dirty Apple:
First of all, I probably have an unhealthy love for all things Pixar. They deserve top spot in their industry because they've earned it through consistently excellent releases.

Now, that being said, I'd really like to see some competition pop up that would challenge them to reach new heights. I can't help but feel that a monopoly on a category's wins will only breed complacency. Come on animation studios, give them a run for their money. A tougher race for best Toon oscar is a win/win for all involved.

I agree with this so strongly I feel like my brain will hurl itself out into my computer screen to try and hug the post.

Ah-hem. I don't much to add that you haven't already set, but I'm a huge Pixar fan (and for good reason), but it really seems like the other animation companies take Pixar's role as the animated art film as an excuse to keep making movies marketed to children and no one else.

Come on, I'd think some competition would light a fire under you!

So once again the oscars'll be a big waste of time and I'll be watching something else.

If anybody but "The King's Speech" wins best picture, I get $50. Come on social network! Black Swan! Anybody, come on!

I am praying to Raptor Jesus that How to Train Your Dragon upsets Pixar and scores Best Animated Feature, and just to stretch my hope to breaking point, I want it to win best Original Score too.

Case in point

As Bob already mentioned Christopher Nolan missing out on a nomination, I have only this to say...

(Also James Franco should get best actor. I know Colin Firth is brilliant, but Firth also has a whole supporting cast to help him. Franco's performance is more than brilliant, it's a brilliant performance that managed to hold up almost an entire movie all by itself. Seriously like half of 127 hours is just him on a handheld camera, and he pulls it off. If that's not worthy of an Oscar I don't know what is!)

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