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It's truly a lost art.

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Man Graham knows how to crush a soul... O_O

I loved that Intro XD Alex should introduce more often!

That was HIGHLY amusing. Best one since wingnuts. FUTURE CHILDREN. Also, COOKIES. That is all. (nom nom nom)

Truly, people are less and less imaginative these days. They just tell people to fuck off, nobody ever even mentions eating someones firstborn child anymore.

Odd, but still funny.

Hilarious, as for PAX east, I hope I can go...I always forget just how far away it is.

That was one of the most hilarious videos by LRR by far, you should feel good...even though we stooped down to cursing...I find cursing sketches to be funny, I'm easily pleased :>

"Ahh, yes, you love a good "fuck"? Awesome line, right there.

Also, I feel this is kinda appropriate...it's in Norwegian, but he's speaking English...learn how to cuss in different languages...the more you learn!

Wait where did you film for that sketch? I saw a peacock at 0.25. Oh and funny sketch why do I get a feeling that the origin of Troll came from that?

Why is there a peacock walking around in the back? That was all I could think about through it.

oooooo, an ANDY written sketch.

Nice video, at first I thought it was going to be about learning how to string together long streams of obscenities (e.g.: You shit-eating motherfucking cocksucking pissfaced waste of sperm, burn in fucking hell fuckface), but that was good too.

As far as PAX east goes, I wanna go... I wanna go SO BADLY... I have enough for tickets, but the trip and hotel money eludes me.... Wanna come by Virginia and pick me up and then drop me back off and pay for my hotel room anybody?

That was an awesomely funny vid. :D

Bravo! Good show sirs.
The credits were met with applause not only from own hands but from the hands of the others that watched as well.

I wish I had the methods and money to drop down to PAX at the moment but sadly I do not.
Maybe next year. =)

the ending with who's on first had me laughing for like ten minutes!

and I agree it is a lost art of cursing someone out. I also enjoy how Matt is the one learning how to curse someone out ( he seems more the type to be the teacher not the student)

Wow, well done guys. Probably my favourite LRR to date. *applause*

Haha.. nice referential stinger.

Graham can play the straight crazy man very well, I find again and again.

This is hilarious, it seems like how matt would rant in commodore Hustle or something :P

Hilarious! I thought it was just going to be mindless swearing, buyt was actually really intelligent! Awesome

You realize that intro probably solidified the engagement of just about everybody who happened to click on this video.

This was katzo-ing awesome. Thanks subtitles in Assassins Creed.

Just in case some people don't get the stinger.

How come whenever I go to Beacon Hill Park, I never find a camera crew or hilarious people? I would've let you guys insult me. :p

"Theres that word again! You like a good fuck dont you?"

I had to pause the video because i couldnt hear anything over my laughing. Then i pressed play and heard this:

"It is a lovely word its very percussive - FUCK! fuckfuckfuckfuck"


Is he like... a relative of Xavier or something?
FFFFFFFFFFFFFF-un times to be had at PAX it seems, cookies AND LRR? Just a shame I'm not going, then we'd have cookies, LRR, and lame jokes.

I got a great laugh out of this, awesome job XD

now I feel like I need a cursing coach :D

holy crap!!! That was bloody genius!!

now I feel like I need a cursing coach :D

I feel like one of those would change my life!

Until he told me to fuck off for not knowing what baseball and first base was.

Another brilliant outing for LRR, in my opinion one of their best in recent times. If you don't like it then you can (insert any phrase from video here).

Fucking awesome.

See what I did there.

Andy excelled himself there. Awesome, awesome stuff.

Also, I wish Alex would forewarn me about everything in life.

Splendid job, had me laughing the whole way.

Quite a silly video this week. For some reason hearing Graham swear always takes me by surprise. Matt swearing is to be expected though... weird..

"do you have any future children?" That line got me. Loved it!

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