Daily Drop: Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie

But only because you ate all of your vegetables.

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Argh! Why? Why do you keep destroying the flaky pastries?

Ooh... That one ended up looking more disgusting than the cherry pie. If you ask me, half of that pumpkin pie kinda looked like a pile of turd.

Maybe it's the lighting? Or the angle?

(*re-watches the cherry pie episode for comparisons*)

Yeah, the cherry pie fragmented better too.

Ooh, mini marshmallows tomorrow? Should look rather cute.

Eh...pumpkin pie blows. Much more useful on the floor. Tomorrow looks cool, though.

I could've sworn marshmallows were already done. Some day I think a cat would be pretty cool.

lol you should have dropped it on it's side, or had one of the LRR Cast Members underneath. :)

Why would you waste good pumpkin pie!? WHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!? *sobs*

for a while, it just looked like it phased right into the floor! creepy.

This one actually made me feel sad inside... I love pumpkin pie ;_;

Pumpkin pie should never be so . . . brown. It looks like mud.

Was this a leftover from the holiday season?

It looks kinda gross as it smashes into the floor during the slo-mo drop...

I thought you guys did marshmellows already though?

should have had some whipped cream on it ;-)

Never really like pumpkin pie, but could you at least add some whip-cream?

Never really like pumpkin pie, but could you at least add some whip-cream?

I was thinking the same thing!

Who ever has to clean that up has a crumby job :-p

did you eat this one afterwards? or at least pick at it?

This made me laugh for some reason when I watched it.

Ugh, what a crumby video!

Hmmm. Pumpkin pie today, mini marshmallows tomorrow...are you guys doing Thanksgiving supper in reverse? If so, I await the fall of yams on Thursday.

should have put some paper plates on the floor, that way you could have eaten the pie after wards. that floor didn't look too clean.

NoOoOOoOooOoOoOOoOoOo!!! not pumpkin pie oh the humanitiy :'(

Huh... Maybe it's just me, but I thought that a pumkin pie would be orange rather than a fairly unnapealing shade of brown. (lives in Australia)

NOOO!! Not the pumpkin pie. I never had time to tell it that loved it. That in the end even though I showed affection for others it was always my favorite pie. Damn you pie destroyers!

That looked delicious before the drop!

Kind of like the meat, but with more crumbs.


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