Anthony Saves The World: Episode 1.5: Pearl Harbor

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The longer format and the slightly slower speech really made this episode better. I also thought you balanced humor with action better then ever before. Nice work.

1:09 Anthony I'm just going to assume you've never seen Daybreakers because that WAS Ethan Hawke's best performance. That movie was awesome.


The only place I've ever seen with more Monopoly versions than myself. Well done boys, well done.

Oh, also, fucking great episode.

Wow that's a lot of monopoly variants.

I don't know what to say about the series itself though. It's got it's moments, but it seems very messy somehow.

A lot of messing about that somehow makes it hard to understand whatever plot this might have.

so either
(1) mikey owns like 9 ds games
(2) he only keeps 9 of his ds games on that particular shelf
or (3) this is not filmed at mikey's house

Like it better than the previous ones, don't like it enough to continue watching.

Regardless of you re-balancing the amount of substance and fighting, it's still an episode five already and we know NOTHING of the plot.

Sorry, bye! :(

that stab scene was bad. but i'm kinda liking it, are they gonna be in that house the whole time?

I swear they just got my friends drunk and recorded their dialogue for this... Because this is totally what they're like.

Batman the animated series dvds on the shelf! Awesome... I just made an account so I could say that. Great episode.

I like the characters alot, hummor is good and the comedy is great in this. Although, i would think you guys would be on Ebay at this point investing in Pokemon cards. Alllllllso, would like to know a bit more about Anthony's roll in saving the world, who is sending the demons, and etc.

Please don't get discouraged; I'm interested in seeing how the story develops. I continue to like this series. I liked the quick rate of speech in earlier episodes, but I gathered from comments that others had problems understanding the dialogue previously. I like the verbal banter the most. The physical comedy is also entertaining. I especially liked the bit where Mikey's character accidentally fires while drunk, and I was amused near the beginning where Anthony accidentally fires and plaster rains down.
I know it's probably tricky, but getting shots outside of the area around the house would help it feel more like the narrative is moving forward. Just one or two other locations would help, maybe a park or someone's workplace. I recognize we are getting character development and somewhat subtle arc development, but I detect some anxiousness for a faster pace from other viewers.

Heh. Anthony and Ashley have the same exact crazy wide eyed staring expression. :D

Ha ha, awesome ep. The power of Nicolas Cage compels you!

Here, have a Nicolas Cage song. Warning: Contains a lot of boner.

Now that's more like it, much better then the last episode. Less focus on the action scenes and more humour. Keep it up.

Oh god, this was so good. I really like this series, keep it up.
Also, every other week I asked that you make the episodes longer. This week, I feel like you guys read my comment and said "you know, he seems like a pretty nice guy, we'll do it for him."
Okay, so maybe the episode just ended up being long, but I feel like you did it for me.

You did some characterization. Yay. :) You're listening. Keep it up! You've still got a while to go before people care for your characters.


On a serious note, well done! I loved this ep. The characterization was there and I laughed from start to finish. Love the movie refs and the drunken scenes were hilarious. Also, WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA!

Looking forward to more! Kudos for listening to feedback and handling it so well.

ps. Drunk Mikey, you are freaking adorable.

I'm thinking of all the funnies parts in this series so far, and the ones I've come up with are mostly the banter from the first episode and this one. Good stuff.

What... is this show... meant to be. I've watched eps 1,2 and 5 I think, I've watched at least 3 of them... I try to watch more than just the intro to a series to try and get into it,
but I just can't enjoy this show. Like it's not funny, scary or action packed, it's just meh...
Pretty sure more people are watching Daily Drop than this, and enjoying that a lot more.

Also, I agree with the above statements about the below average camera work.

It's clear that Anthony has no NRA weapons safety training. Or common sense. *yikes*

Mr. Omega:
During the intro, all I could do was stare at the pile of Monopoly games...

As for the episode itself, it was alright. Not the best, not the worst.

I have to agree about the Monopoly games, they distracted me a little from what what was actually being said. But I thought that this was the best episode so far. I have found the other episodes to be fairly meh and this was the first one where I really laughed out loud, apart from maybe the "I had 7 victory points!" which made me watch the show in the first place. I think that the longer length helped and that this episode also felt a little more cohesive than the last 4 which just seemed like random, unrelated action scenes with even more random jokes. Actually, having said that, the jokes in this episode were particularly random and the story still didn't really go anywhere. So whilst this is a definite improvement, there's still quite a bit of work to do before this reaches its ultimate level of awesome.

Best one yet! This one was more relaxed, more character driven and funnier. I liked it.

Last week's episode was butt, but you more than made up for it with this week's. That shit was hilarious! So much better. Keep it going!

Edit: Oh, and I like the new theme music, too!

That Salvation Army bit had me cackling like a moron for a solid five minutes.

Overall, this was a damn funny episode.

I'm a bit confused on the episode numbering system, though. Is all of this supposed to be "Episode 1"? Because if that's the case, it really makes the transition between 1.3 and 1.4 VERY confusing.

I think it's supposed to be season one.

"Oh hell~ no."

^ Win of the hour goes to~?!

This was one of the best yet. It's still somewhat rough around the edges, but it's improving.

I feel like Anthony was channeling at least 90% of Ash there. Which is disturbing cause it means Ash is dead now...

That was hilarious, a bit different from the past few episodes, but funny none the less

You have more than earned the right to take this series where you want in just this one episode. If you make them I'll watch them :D Thanks

The dialogue and absurdist humour is great. But everything else seems to just... float there in a static pool of one-liners. Where's it all meant to be going? Is the whole series going to be just them, in a house, shooting at dudes wearing bicycle helmets and making speedy pop culture references?

I swear the pacing, delivery and cuts are getting worse with every episode. We've had, what, five episodes and we know NOTHING about what's going on. You guys really should consider getting some creative and technical help from the Loading Ready Run guys - they do more with less, and do it expertly.

Best episode yet. That little bit with Anthony at the start and end completely solved the little continuity hiccups. Very well done.

And the dialogue is great as always. The scene right after Anthony fires the gun at the cieling, then points it at Mike was awesome and perfectly timed for comedy.

...And just how many different versions of Monopoly do you need?

I couldn't even finish this episode. Perhaps my tastes are a tad on the uppity side, but watching two guys get drunk and screw around with guns is not high grade humor. This is a compilation of shorts from drunk frat parties where they raided the theatre prop department the night before... also drunk.

You guys are working to improve your material, and I appreciate that. You drove me off at about 5:20.


Went back to finish the episode. It is unfair to judge something only in part.

More drunk jokes, a gun on top of meat, and a snowball fight.

All of my complaints stand.

*Edit 2

I would like to compliment an undercurrent of humor that you have been investing in for the series: gamer humor - one of the main reasons you have a legitimate place here. I would like to see more of it, personally. That seriousness (the suits, the action, etcetc.) with a strong undertone of silliness is valuable to the series. "I had 7 victory points!" Rolling the dice in the middle of the fight. A stack of monopoly games. All of these breath gamer humor into your show. Please, for the love of the gods, keep it sparse!!! If you start shoving it front and center, you will ruin the gracefulness of the humor.

*Edit 4

I swear the pacing, delivery and cuts are getting worse with every episode. We've had, what, five episodes and we know NOTHING about what's going on. You guys really should consider getting some creative and technical help from the Loading Ready Run guys - they do more with less, and do it expertly.

I have to agree on several accounts, but asking one show to take notes from another show creates an incentive to have every show do their work the same way. I appreciate that they are deliberately doing things differently. Naturally they will tone their idiosyncrasies down to a comfortable level, and hopefully, the escapist will get to see a unique and quality show from these guys.

"Safety is always important."

Says the man casually tossing a grenade around.

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