GDC 2011: Fancy Pants Adventures at GDC

Fancy Pants Adventures at GDC

Lisa Foiles gets her GDC party on interviewing the developer behind the surprise indie hit Fancy Pants Adventures.

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Very cool that this is coming to XBLA! Love the games, and now it'll be all the more fun to play with controllers and multiplayer!

I loved the first two on PC and can't wait for it to hit XBLA

I played both flash games...loved it. I'm looking forward to it.

The fancy pants flash game tore apart the little i had come to grasp in flash running cycles animations. The way that dude stretches, seamlessly moves, rotates and switches from animation to animation made my attempts at the same thing look like, like... Like some shitty analogy i can't even come up with.

A fully fledged Fancy Pants game? Count me in! THe flash games are still some of the most lavish and best animated in existance and it's good to see a passionate developer get some weight behind them.

Also Lisa has brown hair again!?! Om nom nom.

I didn't realize this developer was still getting noticed - I loved the games, but has he done anything since his second game? Nevertheless, he is still a developer, and I love that they're recognizing the smaller guys. I hope he got some good press from this! I actually might get it for Xbox to help support him.

Loved this game when I was younger. I still never managed to get the snail shell golf unlockables par the first level and it drove me crazy. :p

Hopefully this comes out on PSN otherwise I won't get it.

This might give me a reason to get a 360.

This is coming to XBLA?!?!?! Yay! Do want!

I use to play this game when it started in flash how ever many years ago. I may need to get this new XBLA version. Is it even available yet?

Oooh! Fancy Pants!
I really felt the flash game was very polished, and just a delight to behold. I'm glad Mr. Borne has a chance to profit from his vision.

What the fuck man. This game is like 3 years old. It even has a fucking sequel. Why is my mind full of fuck?

Oh man. I remember the first time I played Fancy Pants. I thought that it was brilliant and still do to this very day. I'm really hoipng that this game comes to the PS3.

fancy pants?
an odd title but I am interested1

I enjoyed Fancy Pants on Newgrounds, very happy to hear an artist/programmer from there got to make it to the big leagues besides The Behemoth (though like FPA, they make fun games too)

It's cool to see more Fancy pants. I'm pretty sure he worked on the 2d Mirrors Edge game which plays almost identical

Never even heard of this game before.. Maybe i must youtube it and check it out..

Don't worry, he's still releasing World 3 as a Flash game, but this console version looks so much better than that! There's a demo somewhere and he can run on water!

This looks...interesting.

Sound editting -10pts by the way. Horrid loud music, then quiet voice, then horrid loud music again. Yuck.

The interviewer did come off as a lil...what's the word? well, naive I guess. I'm not really saying she is dumb, or trying to be offensive or anything, that's probably too harsh. What I mean is she seemed to be almost child-like in her appreciation for games. Anyhow, it nearly worked out fine until she basically said he couldn't draw! lol Anyway with a few more interviews I'm sure her abilities will shine. Could have another Chobot on our hands ;)

I played some Fancy Pants Advenure game, I think on Newgrounds. It was actually really cool, I'm glad it's getting bigger.

I love it when I see a game I've played become big.

If it's anything like Fancy Pants 2, it'll be great.

i played both flash games and i liked them. my problem is that i only own a wii so i guess i am screwed.
well i can still wait for world 3 to come and if its any thing like sneak peek i will have fun
if any one wants to try it here the link

WOOHOO! Heard about this a while ago via Brad's YouTube channel, and I've been paying attention to the developments. Nice to see it's getting some worthwhile attention!


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