Daily Drop: Marshmallows


They cushion their own fall.

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Wow those mini ones were quite loud.

The big ones were more interesting, but mostly forgettable.

So far, the best drops are breakable objects, containing non-breakable substances.

what i would love is something explosive, packaged in something brittle

Boing, boing, boing...

Also, I wonder how many flavors the first batch came in...

Meh, I prefer the drops where they break into pieces. The sound the marshmallows make were alright...

Presumedly the next step would be to drop the Staypuff Marshmallow Man?

Now I have a awful craving for Rice Crispy Squares

such a waste of delicious marshmellows that will never be eaten! O the huge manatee

Now I'm going to have to go buy some marshmallows... thanks guys >,<

I really don't mind these marshmallows being dropped since I don't eat gelatin which sucks because frosted pop tarts have gelatin. See, this would be perfect for the blowtorch...bunch of fiery marshmallows but the floor would need to be covered with plastic or something. Flower vase tomorrow, should be another beautiful break.

Should've mixed this up with "Fun With Microwaves".

Those marshmallows were loud! why were they so loud?!? They're was a lot of them though, which was good. Still pretty boring though.

that video made me really want a hot cocoa.

Am I the only one that thought of the probability density function when watching the first drop of marshmellows or am I just that nerdy?

Wow, the mini's made more noise than the full sized ones did for some reason...

Oh, looks like tomorrow's is something nice and glassy to break! :D

Those mini-marshmallows sounded hard as rocks!

If only you had finished by dumping hot chocolate on them...

I was hoping the "extra testing" portion would involve trying to pour the marshmallows into a cup of hot chocolate. :-P

The big marshmallows looked comfy... now I want a pillow stuffed with marshmallows.

And a s'more.

That's a lot of mini marshmallows.
The big ones were bouncy though.

The little ones must have been pretty expired. They sounded like gravel rocks.

You should have dumped them in a marsh :-p

No offense escapist, but you gave up ENN and kept this? ... *insert sad face*

I'm surprised that no-one from the drop crew was rushing in yelling "10 SECOND RULE!" before grabbing some of the windfall marshmallows and eating them. I know I would

Presumedly the next step would be to drop the Staypuff Marshmallow Man?

If possible from higher ;)

I like how bouncy and wobbly the big ones are.
Now I'm hungry.

I wouldn't mind being in the drop zone, goggles on, mouth open... OMNOMNOMNOM MARSHMALLOW GOOD

Mini-marshmallows = Meh...
Big marshmallows = Awesome!


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