Escape to the Movies: Rango

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MovieBob tackles Rango and gives a little insight on how this show gets made and how Hollywood screens movies.

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Wow. Bob is a big enough internet movie critic to get access to movie screenings. I wonder what his first "professional" screening was?

Gotta Love Moviebob's new video.

Dang, But it's just so purdie! :(
And doesn't have fantasies of being an actor.
Part 2: You tell em Movie Bob!
On Drive Angry: WTF!?! Escapes form hell AND has a magic shotgun? I may have to see that film now.

I was hoping Rango would actually be kind of interesting. But then again I realized that they put JOHNNY DEPP almost as large as the damn title on every movie poster and commercial, as if they were saying "HEY! Watch our movie cause a famous actor is in it!" Sometimes I'm embarrassed that I live in Hollywood.

Anyways, great ep Bob. Drive Angry sounds awesome. :D

Yeah... Thats what I was thinking would happen with Rango. Too bad too. I'm still hoping for a movie to come out that makes Depp out to be a good actor who can do more than one type of character. He's like Galifinakis in that regard.

I am definitely going to see angry now, thanks for the tip!

so, Dive Angry is good?

what the hell?

anyway, I kind of want to see Rango because of the throwbacks to the old spaghetti westerns, and I will admit, thats pretty much the only reason I want to see it.

Piranha 3D on the other hand, I will never watch. It is a stupid premise that should of been left on SciFi.

Wait, that's the premise behind Drive Angry? I need to see that movie now.

Holy shit. That's got to be the awesomest one sentence overview of a movie ever.

Shame about Rango, it looked like it had potential. Still will probably try and see it if I have time.

Kind of crossed over into Big Picture territory with the half-way diversion. Not that I'm complaining, I enjoyed both halves, but it felt a little like, well, halves to me.

Yeah, there still is this old fashioned belief that critics are old upper class pretensious people. How many people said Revenge of the Fallen was only getting bad reviews because the critics were out of touch.

Hollywood does need to wake up.

I never really realized that some movies didn't get screened. Until recently I never really paid attention to any movie reviews as I was only ever interested in a select number of movies. In recent years my tastes have broadened and changed so watching reviews has been a great way to start expanding my knowledge of what's coming out and getting a feel for it. The way they do things really is unfortunate. I'm aware that movies aren't just made as a labor of love and that they are trying to protect their return on investment but there has to be a better way. I don't know maybe I'm just hopeful that such actions would help filter out not well done movies or something. No idea. Anyway thank you for the insight Bob.

What marks Pixar out from all the other animation studios is that when the story isn't working they're willing to throw away millions of dollars to fix the problem. Ratatouille, Wall-E, Up, they all benefited from this. All the other studios seem to be afraid to face up to story problems and fix them, figuring that they'll probably make back the money in any case (and they're probably right), but that's why Pixar make art, and the others make kids' movies.

And yes, I include How to Train Your Dragon - I don't get what people saw in that film, which seemed to be yet another by-the-numbers Hollywood father-son bonding flick. (cf Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Madagascar II, etc etc). Plenty of good moments, very watchable, but nowhere near on a par with Toy Story III, let alone Up or Wall-E.

As with a few other people, I might have to go see Drive Angry this weekend, because that sounded awesome.

I'm also a little disappointed Rango wasn't better. When I saw the trailer it looked like it could be really good. I'll probably check it out at some point but not in the theater.


Drive angry is actually GOOD? From how they been advertising it (and the name "Drive Angry") it seams like every other stupid straight to DVD film ever, put on the main screen by getting Cage attached to the project. Your review is literally the first I heard about the "shotgun from Hell" and "he is after Satan's minions" angles.

Drive Angry has Nicholas Cage and some generic hot chick who sounds almost like Megan Fox in that other crap western movie, I seriously doubt its any good.

And having checked on RT, it scored lower than the Justin Bieber Movie. This should be Nicholas Cage's cue to stop acting... forever and take Michael Cera with him.

So, Drive Angry is the unofficial sequel to Ghost Rider?

You mention that Nic kills a bunch of guys while having sex with a waitress... kinda reminds me of that scene in Shoot 'Em Up. I LOVED Shoot 'Em Up.

It was so simple, but man, it was great.

I was really hoping this week was going to be "The Adjustment Bureau". Rango is a animated film where the only realy question is if you are going to bring your kids to go see it. Sure there are stand outs like the Pixar films that transend the definition of what an animated film is. But really if you don't have kids you're most likely not going to go see it. I do have kids but the movie looked like crap from the commercials, guess what, it is crap according to Bob.

I don't want to trash animated films, but considering the review only took half the episode to say that the movie lacked any real depth, means that it was exactly what it looked like from the ads, a play to the kiddos animated film. It didn't require a full episode.

Additionally the side project show, "The Big Picture" would have been much better served as a place to explain screenings for critics, and jump on the well deserved soap box for the topic.

Look I understand that we're only going to get one review a week for a movie, but if the movie itself doesn't require more than a minute or two to talk about (per this episode's review) then the week's time slot doesn't need to be wasted on it. I'd think that the realization that the episode was going to lack enough content to carry it for five minutes would come up pretty quickly in the writing process.

I appologize for being overly critical because I love the series and I look forward to watching it every Friday. But I was disappointed this week.

And just so I don't sound like a total hater, Bob was 100% correct on The King's Speech unjustly beating out The Social Network for best picture, and every opinion in that episode was 100% on the money.

wow. the critics are opposite Bob this time, saying that Rango is only visually good but its got a rotten tomatoes score of 85%, and Drive Angry got a 46% :P

I noticed that there were a lot of animated releases a few months before. After Toy Story 3, there was Ringo, Rio, and Alpha & Omega, all animated movies with the main characters being only animals (as far as I know). I didn't bother seeing any of them but I just found it strange.

The final part of your show today makes me wonder about the movies that get a few (say, three to ten) reviews on/before release date, which tend to be significantly more positive than the eventual rottentomatoes average.

Do movie companies employ the same "80%+, you can talk about it on day one; anything less, wait a week" logic game companies get blasted for? Do they limit press screening to critics known to like similar movies or to give inflated scores? Or is it simple statistics? Any insight for me?

I'm probably going to check it out anyway, just for the visuals.

So, Drive Angry is like the first Crank?

Good look out on the Drive Angry bit, I'll go see that asap!

4:47 Cool guys dont look at explosions

Wait, so Nic is drinking jack fighting and army and only fucking ONE waitress? What a pussy.

Yeah that's it.

The movie really isn't going to try to be innovative and different from a story-telling aspect especially with the amount of money shelled out on the detail on the animation plus being aimed at children from what it seems.

I was actually kind of angry you weren't gonna spend an episode about Drive Angry as I'm about to reserve 2 tickets for tonights show, but thanks for telling us it's awesome anyway.

The Zakim Bridge certainly is pretty.

On that note Rango does look gorgeous, it's a shame the story doesn't back it up. I also have to agree with Flatfrog that Pixar's strength comes from it's stories. The visuals are nice but they compliment the story rather than the other way 'round.

Yeah, I thought Piranha and Drive Angry would suck, but your reviews told me otherwise...that they're somewhat enjoyable if not outright awesome. They really hurt themselves by dismissing the new media B-movie fans and circumventing reviews, even if a movie isn't a straight laced classic film like movie. Speaking of, I do love me the classics, but I'm not afraid to enjoy new elements in film. Especially action, I love action movies so much I'm going to go see Drive Angry with my brother now. XD

Things I Love About Living In The UK no. 7

Movies and Games come out later so we get the reviews about a week earlier.

(Plus I could already tell that Drive Angry was going to be great and if that sex scene is more over the top than Shoot Em' Up the awesome factor is all the way up to 11).

I had no idea that was the plot for Drive Angry. The trailers projected yet another lone man with nothing to lose movie. That quick little review made me interested in it.

In the UK, Drive Angry got into the public spotlight via the always popular Top Gear. That's actually better publicity for some than some critics.

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