Daily Drop: Cheezies


A drop that is both delicious and nutritious.

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The dropsite looks so clean. Either this is from earlier in the filming run or someone did some serious cleaning before the drop.
also droping spray paint like that could either be highly awesome or a complete let down. Either way I'll be watching.

i'm afraid that i am completely unable to think of a CHEEZIE pun for this drop. oh well.

A boot?
That was the best part.

Nice galoshes.

crunch crunch!
awesome boots!
I wonder who's foot that is!

Huh... well it may not have livened thigns up much, bus those are some nice boots there.

Still, is it just me, or is ther soemthing terribly familiar about the first part...

Well. That boot was random, wasn't it?

Then again, maybe those cheese puffs DESERVED to get stomped on. You know, for being the generic, no-name kind. Unlike REAL Cheezies, like the ones used as one of the ingredients for Iron Stomach Challenge, Canada Day 2009.

(In case you're wondering about that: http://loadingreadyrun.com/videos/view/445/Poutine )

So... an aerosol can this Monday?... Why am I worried?

What the hell those weren't real Cheesies! I thought you guys were Canadian?

Not bad but I did like the extra testing you guys did. :D

So monday's looks like it should make things either extra cheerful or extra messy... D:

gave it the boot huh ;-)

Oh man, those things are indestructible. Then suddenly, a boot to the cheezies. The boot is a good addition to the Daily Drop Armory.

Very interesting drop, was expecting more fragmenting from the cheezies but the boot totally made up for it.

That is one swank boot.

That is one swank boot.

The part of the other boot I saw was pretty swank too.

I really was hoping it would drop too.

Nice to see that cheezies did something other than cause sickness.

I like the boots.

Reminds me of mine. :D

And that makes me especially curious whose feet they are... XD

this was really depressing guys, no cheesy deserves to go like this :(

Its raining Cheezies, Hallelujah!

I think those are Kathleen's boots... I seem to remember seeing them in something else LRR, but I can't place it.

NOOOOOOOO! Why do you destroy what good in life? *goes into a corner and crys*

While I applaud the boot, they don't leave much room to see the destruction they cause. Perhaps it would work better with something that can ooze out from under it =)

Please let "Boot ready" be a new backup drop. :D

Need objects with higher densities. Too many low density objects.

Also Jello is hard to beat. Could we get more objects that show us nice detailed fluid dynamics? :D

What the hell those weren't real Cheesies! I thought you guys were Canadian?

Those are the Canadian Superstore brand, that's as Canadian as you can get with Cheesies.

Honestly, those freaking Cheesies are literally called No Name Cheesies. Damn Loblaws and their literal No Name Brand. Still, they make a sweet drop and stomp.

First thing I thought of when I saw the boot come down...

I think a Better test would have involved a heavy object landing on a full, and sealed bag of cheesies. WE HAVE SCIENCE TO DO!!!

HAs the crowbar been dropped permanently now? That makes me sad :(

I REALLY hope that the boot was Kathleen's

I REALLY hope that the boot was Kathleen's

Why? Men can wear sexy boots like that. Altair did.


I REALLY hope that the boot was Kathleen's

Why? Men can wear sexy boots like that. Altair did.


Cheezies? Cheez-its? Cheetos? Wotsits?

What (off-) brand is that anyway? It looks like Morrisons, but I didn't think you had them in canooder or wherever godforsaken basement wasteland this hails from :D



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