GDC 2011: Hands-on with Conduit 2

Hands-on with Conduit 2

Lisa Foiles and Frag Doll "Spectra" get hand-on time with Wii shooter Conduit 2.

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Im may have to keep an eye on that, Well after portal 2.
And deus ex.

I like FPS games on the Wii and I think that the first Conduit, along with Goldeneye and Metroid Prime Trilogy are the best examples of how a FPS can be played on the Wii (obviously with the sensivity ramped up).

I loved the first Conduit, although it was a good Halo clone, it was pretty forgettable all around, I hope that The Conduit 2 has a better story and is improved all around since the last game.

Wow this looks much better than "The Conduit" which (sorry devs, i know you tried) was a HORRIBLE FPS even by Wii standards.

This actually looks quite interesting. I've been rooting for High Voltage to release an awesome game for some time now (which I think they are highly capable of), and this game does show some true potential. Good luck, High Voltage!

I really get distracted by Lisa's constant nodding, this is just absurd.
The game looks interesting, I think I'll get my friend to buy it for the wii :D

The use of the motion plus is what it should have had from the start, trying to play the first one and have it wig out when you pointed off screen to turn was frustrating.

I'm certainly looking forward to this game since it look like a huge upgrade compare to the first (I got it and while the online were fun but the rest were fire). I read that they now got customability for the player appearance so it will be a instant buy from me.

I really get distracted by Lisa's constant nodding, this is just absurd.
The game looks interesting, I think I'll get my friend to buy it for the wii :D

I've noticed it too, somebody should make a compilation of Lisa's head nodding...

I'm reminded of a quote from futurama

Leela: Well...which of you wrote me that sonnet?
Fry: I did. I think. It was probably about 50/50. But that's how I really felt about you, I swear!

Anyway, might be decent.

I liked the first, it wasnt amazing but it was fun... and well.. this has coop.. so... instant buy

If they actually made the changes that they have stated, and did it well. This could be a solid title for the Wii. It is nice to see them get a shot at a sequel, and given the chance to improve upon what they had attempted.

I LOVE the idea that I can use a regular controller if I want, and don't have to use the Wii motion controls.

Not a great advertisement for the game, might have been better if they let someone with some Wii-experience play it..

I hate how everything is about Firefight now, and especially since apparently that's the co-op in the game. Graphics don't bother me but they look like N.O.V.A from the iTouch. Maybe after sometime I'll nab it.

Darn it, Lisa was at GDC? Man, hate that I missed out on meeting her.


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