GDC 2011: Homefront Balloon Release Remix

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I feel a facepalm for the maker of this video. I dunno what I just watched, it just was just kind of bad. luckily I tried watching that I hit it with my axe series which was just a slap dash cut and paste job that would have been better as hour long chunks of recorded audio.

Wait...what did I just watch?
Isn't the point of a "remix" to make something that doesn't have a tune or a beat naturally have a tune or a beat when you remix it?
Seriously this felt like something someone brand new to video editing cut together in 5 minutes.
Definitely getting my vote for the worst thing ever uploaded to the escapist.

You have my support.

are there water-soluble balloons yet?
Shoulda made them of that shit

this is stranger than the time I saw a guy dipping doritos into melted neopolitan ice cream...

Seems like "Team Hollywood" got a case of ADD while at the convention and suddenly thought the Escapist was a place to make an ecological point >.> No thanks.

Can we eat delicious roasted baby sea lion with seabird stuffing yet?

When I first saw this, I thought it was a reference to 99 Red Balloons. Which was almost enough to push me over the edge and buy the game. Then I found out it was just a reference to South Korean protest movements.

Also, this video is possibly the single worst remix I have ever seen.


Seriously, Escapist? Why did you let some eight year old into your uploading database?

I'm going with what he said, and honestly how did this make it onto the front page... THIS ISN'T NEWS... have you seen the amount of oil spilled daily by multinational corporations in western africa? slightly more damage is done than by some balloons and yet no one cares about it... seriously, what the hell escapist?

Yes!! Hobos be a eat'n sum sea squab tonight!!

Wait...what did I just watch?
Isn't the point of a "remix" to make something that doesn't have a tune or a beat naturally have a tune or a beat when you remix it?.

No. A remix is literally changing the original.

It comes from music creation, wherein the sounds are recording on many different tracks and each instrument and vocal has its own record. The mixer puts them together and layers them to make it sound the best. A remix is a different combination of those recordings.

In the broad sense, a remix is a different result made from the same base sample.

This...didn't make much sense. I do not feel that this was the best way to convey information about the GDC to those not in attendance.

Let them go *picture of a seal* they are all biodegradeable btw *picture of a bird*.... Im so confused.

The balloons were nice though.

Maybe someone uploaded it by mistake?

That was... terrible. And no I'm not being sarcastic either.

THQ is dumb.

This was a great promotion for the game. The only mistake they made was doing it in San Francisco the mecca for retarded environmentalist.

Poopie McGhee:
I am stumped. April isn't for a few weeks... How is this anything? I think it's just helping out natural selection. Anything stupid enough to eat a red (being a universal sign of danger) blob deserves to have it's stupid genes taken out of the gene pool...

Are you suggesting that animals can discern the color red, and that they follow the same "universal signs" that humans do -- re: all things red are bad? Last I checked the general feeling around red roses isn't danger -- it has been a while since I bought some, perhaps I am out of touch with what is now universal. I think THQ made a stupid move with no upside. Balloons are so 1980s and lame and on top of that they recognized the potential environmental impact and released them anyways. Then the choice to do that in San Francisco -- well let's just say someone in marketing is probably not working in marketing any longer.

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