296: House of Horrors

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Spoony did a lengthy FMV hell video series on Phantasmagoria 2. Here it is if anyone cares.

Let's Play Phantasmagoria 2!

Anyone remember 'The 7th Guest'?

I do, I never played it myself actually, but I remember my godfather playing it on his computer (back then when he was my sister's boyfriend). It looked amazing back then, I only had my SNES and then he came to my home, bringing his own computer and showed me Doom 2 and other games, including The 7th Guest. Definitely it was a lot more different than what the SNES was capable of back then.

Those pixelated actors that were typical of the 90's CD games look very dated now, but they were an amazing techical achievement back then.

I still have the booklet and all the CDs of the original....surely caked in a decade of dust now. The game certainly doesn't hold up well in the test of time but it was completely different back in the day. I have fond memories of. Memories that would likely be spoiled should I ever fire up again.

It's impossible to make a truly scary film, novel or video game. Go to whatever lengths you like--make it as realistic or goretastic as imaginable--and it is still laughable.

Not happening to me.
Not real.
Never going to happen.
Can stop reading/watching/playing at any time.
Not scary.


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