GDC 2011: Fallen Enchantress Interview

Fallen Enchantress Interview

Lisa Foiles interviews Stardock's Jon Shafer and Derek Paxton about the latest in the Elemental series, the upcoming Fallen Enchantress.

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Elemental F.E. looks pretty interesting. I hope stardock continues to grow; steam's great, but nothing like a little good competition to stimulate innovation, right?

Interesting the point made about modders. I'm a PC gamer, and a lot of interesting stuff comes out of good modding communities. I wonder why console manufacturers/publishers don't seem enthusiastic about them?

It looks like it has potential, though it seems there may be a balance issue seeing how the humanoid commander was only able to do 15 damage to the monster at the end of the video while the huge titan did close to 9999 damage to the scouts.

Well, as has been pointed out before, Elemental was a really bad launch, and a really bad game in so many ways. But I'm still sticking out with it. With a more solid SP campaign and with the dedicated support that Stardock is giving it, it may turn out to be okay in the end :)

As a side note. Has anyone noticed that a lot of companies in the internet era have turned a LOT of energy to PR with their fans? I mean one of the things that make the likes of Blizzard, Valve, stardock etc. stand out is the great amounts of pain they go through for the sake of maintaining their good name(s). I personally find it reassuring that companies nowadays can come out and say "Yeah we screwed up, but we'll do better. Here have some freebies"- or similar, just to keep with the good graces of the fans. It was quite different some fifteen years ago.

I contributed to this game with a spell idea that will be implemented. Have you done your part? Join now.

Players are guaranteed citiz.... I didn't think this joke trough.

Great interview, I like seeing Lisa Foils doing journalistic things. I'd love to see more stuff like this on The Escapist.


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