Anthony Saves The World: Episode 1.6: Friggin' Zombies

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"I wish I knew how to quit you." That last line had me rolling! I have to say this was probably the second most fun episode, after the last one :3

They cut power... to just the garage, but not the bedroom? Methinks the zombie demon just flipped the light switch. ;)

Also, saw the zombie at the window yonks before the camera did. And then I literally saw the zombie behind the blinds before I should have. :)

tsk, movie quotes eh? In that case, for the record it's "we're not using the z word"... from shaun of the dead obviously. You said "don't say the z word".


otherwise good though, but that's 'cause you had me at hello.

Don't you hate it when you think you're up against what-has-science-done style zombies that you have to cut the head off to kill and you're actually up against that-which-man-was-not-meant-to-know style zombies that keep trodding on even if you cut their heads off?

Ellen of Kitten:
They cut power... to just the garage, but not the bedroom? Methinks the zombie demon just flipped the light switch. ;)

I knew people would say that! The lights are off in the bedroom! That's all sunlight, kiddo.

Oh well. Haha.

Zombies are like Velociraptors. Fine until they learn to open doors.

*Boot up the door locks!*

Great episode. Is it wrong for me to laugh when I see a zombie reattach its head on backwards and crawl in a very unusual manner?
And was that banter after the credits improvised too? That also had me smiling uncontrollably.

This was good but I'm more interested in the story... There is one, right?

Enjoyed the rant at the end. Poor Mikey.

This episode still makes things feel quirky. That mostly appeals to me, but I'm craving more time to give exposition. The transition from demons to zombies was confusing until I read Mikey's comments.
I'm starting to care more about the characters' development than the general story, but I think some fellow viewers are getting more anxious for an arc that progresses.
I really enjoy the stingers that show some of the candid stuff.

I wish I knew how to quit you too.

While I'm enjoying this series so far, I have to say that the plot is really just running in place. I know that the story as it is doesn't leave much room for being proactive, but I would really appreciate it if the series started to move forward a little.

So, they cut the power . . . but the lights are still on for Anthony? What was the point of doing it in the first place?

Also, I'm glad you guys are adding in little bits of bloopers and ad-libs at the end.

Okay, this was the first time your show made me laugh. Anthony's whole rant about inbreeding was funny (and so true). Question: If the content is after the intro does it still count as being part of the show?

I figured out my favorite parts of the show: The intro and the outro. I like the stylistic cinematography combined with the old-school spy music. The music reminds me of Aeon Flux.

As for the episode itself, I'd have to say that was the most realistic barfing I've seen on film... besides actual barfing. Good episode.

Haters gonna hate, etc.

I love this show. Sure the effects may not look all that convincing, but if I wanted to watch fighting, I'd boot up some Bourne trilogy or something.

I figure fighting is a way for them to segway into the comedic speeches. So, it don't bother me so much.

I also disagree on the subtitles.. ambience and all that. Shattered if blocky letters were at the bottom of the screen.

the soundtrack could use a little work,

YOU WILL BURN IN HELL FOR YOUR LIES!! seriously, I find the music the best part of the whole thing. Though mostly cos it's Super Meat Boy composer Danny B. (Well okay pretty just cos it's Super Meat Boy composer Danny B)

its so bad its good, dont care if thats intended.

Someone should make research into that...if cloning yourself really does mean you inbreed with yourself :3

But wouldn't breeding with a clone of yourself mean you're having sex with someone of the same gender? And since that most likely would be the case then shouldn't breeding be impossible, but maybe just gay?

OT: I like this show quite a bit, but the story doesn't seem to get much emphasis. Aw well, so long as the jokes and fight scenes are ok i can still live with it for another while.

I'm sorry. But I think this show isn't very good. It doesn't have very good acting, the dialogue is terrible, the fighting scenes even more so, and dude, you should really get a better editor.

Don't get me wrong, the show started out good. Seriously, watch your teaser episode and the one after that. Those were alright. But after those things just started going downhill.

I hope the show will improve mate.

Mr S


Ironic Pirate:

Not bad, the soundtrack could use a little work, and mike could be a little more intense, but not bad.

I actually really like the theme song.

But I could see how you wouldn't, it's rather unusual.

Good episode, though. The fight scenes aren't quite there, but they're getting much better.

The theme song is great. I mean the music played during the episode, it just didn't quite fit the action occurring at certian points.

Oh, that makes sense.

I didn't really notice it myself, but I rarely notice background music. It's some kind of superpower.

Did Anthony say to Mikey that he loved him?

"I know" is Han Solo's reply to Leia after she confesses her love to him.


Awesome, surprisingly tense and the music and atmosphere was a nice change of pace and the stinger was brilliant

Get off my plane...of existence!

that's what I though he meant the first time.

Man, this series continues to blow. Bad acting, bad scripts, shit on the camera lens, no basic knowledge on white balance or how to use the microphone correctly.

This was a step in the right direction for some components.

You are still inconsistent with the mechanical tone of the series. Your graphics are hoaky, and your fight scenes are increasingly, "phoned in." I still love your prop use, the video quality is ok, and you have all the components available to you for this to be a gripping action series. The thing is, you aren't. This feels tractionless, in part because every fight scene still feels superfluous. There is no investment in fighting over and over again. Your enemies are faceless, nameless copies.

Therein, the qualitative tone of the series is flimsy but entertaining. A wisecracking hero and a weak willed straight man. I recommend looking at your fight scene from the first episode. Hands on action: I was excited for the characters, and I was concerned about the motives of the enemy! I don't know what you have to do to get me BACK to that, but you have a week to show me how. I WANT to see this show work, and I wish you the best of luck.

KFC the ultimate weapon and meal of choose.

I like this show, it just seems like it's going no where at all. I mean, aside from the flashback(wouldn't it be a flash foreword?)to the future, the episodes are mainly fights with some pretty funny jokes thrown in (I like the fights, not matter how fake they look, and the jokes are awesome, who knew KFC could help you fight monsters?) but the plot just seems to be standing still. Other than that, pretty damned funny!

I really like watching you guys be funny, and I think the show on the whole is lovely and well put together, it just still seems like not much has happened.

So awesome! Nervous movie quotes, not using the z word, decapitations, and proper incantations! Keep up the good word ASTW team!

all I know is, I will continue to watch and laugh at these videos. Its not the best its not trying to be the best I just want to be able to see these great people doing what they do any way I can.

you can see the guys hands by the window before he reaches for Anthony.

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