Show About Games Show: Dragon Ages & Double Jumps

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Dragon Ages & Double Jumps

A devious Dragon Age distraction, designed to deceive daydreaming denizens.
... double jump!

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I was in pain for the whole video. Regardless of everything else, the writing of this show is the thing that needs to improve the most. The bad acting and delivery can be manageable, but only if the writing is actually funny.

The scribblenauts bit gave me a good laugh. If I could double-jump I might actually be able to dunk in basketball.

Imagine your favorite sport if you could double-jump: Football players would be tackling in midair, Baseball players would be making incredible catches several feet above the outfield wall and Basketball would need to raise the hoop 2-3 feet so that no one accidentally fell through the hoop. It would be epic.

I got a chuckle out of the Overanalyzing the Obvious guy getting his story rejected, but the first two bits were... ehh.

good stuff love the double jump part.

First time I've enjoyed all of the sketches. Good work with this one guys!

The Fable III comment had me laughing. Then the double jump (as predictable as the coach scene was) was still funny.

Enjoyed the Scribblenauts and over stating the obvious scenes, the first one...not so much...Enjoyable still however.

The news reporter skits have to go in my opinion. Everything else is funny, to me at least.

I've always loved the idea of a double jump.

"So, I can jump again while in the air?"
"Wouldn't it simply make slightly more sense to just be able to jump a little higher?"

The first part was kinda strange but not bad.

I want my own Cthulhu to break down doors for me! :D

Ah, Crash Bandicoot. How great you once were, and how hard you've fallen...

Decent episode I suppose. Not the best, not the worst.

This show is very hit and miss, and I'm not talking about an even split here. It seems like out of every 4 clips only 1 is memorable and worringly it's the returning sketches and scripted ones which tend to be the biggest flops.

They should probably stick with the short one liner sketches, it appears to be what they are best at.

Quite funny indeed. And wait, did the "over-analyzing the obvious" guy came out of a handicapped/ladies bathroom???
But yeah, all three of the sketches got a good chuckle out of me. Of course there's room for improvement, but it's already good enough for me.

It is interesting to consider just how many games completely ignore physics for the sake of the double jump...

The first part was very strange, and went on for a bit too long. The second part just wasn't funny. This show really has some potential, just improve the writing and the acting, the concept's fine!

Fun show, it seems like everyshow has a few improvments over the last.

Can I borrow your archers? I want to make a nerf army and overtake the college near me.

Quite funny indeed. And wait, did the "over-analyzing the obvious" guy came out of a handicapped/ladies bathroom???
But yeah, all three of the sketches got a good chuckle out of me. Of course there's room for improvement, but it's already good enough for me.

Ye, I noticed that too. He walked out of the toilet and I "Wait, isn't that for handicapped and ladies?"

That Overanalyzing the obvious guy reminds me of a sketch de-rez did...ofc he was a bit more "over-the-top" with Aliens and conspiracy theories, but same "kind" of guy :>

Well that's one way to open a door...

And why did the overanalyzing guy come out of a female bathroom while wiping his hands? The implications are not pretty...

Eh, the episode was okay. Wasn't bad, but I agree that it could use some work. Your short skits seem to be overall more reliably funny then the longer ones (though there has been some pretty cool long ones so far).

First time I actually enjoyed everything I saw in this show. Keep it up guys~

Hey, another great show. I loved the censoring of google! And the guy saying 'love you' to his boss was great too.
Really enjoy this show, always looking forward to the next!

For a very brief second I thought it was Paul from Loading Read Run in the crown.

I hope you guys make these better, they are good and have some decent sketches but it's lacking. That said I loved the double jump analysis and cthulhu door!

"Can I join your guild."

Laughed. Enjoyed Cthulhu. and the 'Obvious' intro is way better now.

Cthulu was good. Obvious NERF fights were lackluster even though it was supposed to be NERF it's hard to get involved in the sketch when you know there's no danger and the Double Jump bit was actually pretty funny though it should have ended at the common sense bit.

I think the Show about Games show works best with the shorter bits. The funniest thing this time was Scribblenauts reference, and last time it was the just the part with the voices on the TV talking about the Killzone (ok that was a longer sketch, but it was just that shorter bit that made me genuinely laugh out loud). This might be because the longer sketches are based around a single theme, and that stretched across a few minutes just doesn't have the same... I don't know.. single laugh point?

Basically, MORE SHORTS!

"Common sense? What does that even MEAN?!"

Epic lulz were had.

"It's not."

That line made it.

the part that made me 'lol' was when the dude from "over analyzing the obvious" walked out of the girls bathroom, wiping his hands.

love that double jump!

The first skit was a vast improvement to your usual stuff, I had a rather few out loud giggles, the short skit as usual was hilarious but the "Over Analyzing The Obvious Guy" skit was a little bit boring, fell short and didn't really have any heart what-so-ever.

Keep growing guys, you're getting there.

My eyes roll every time "Over analyzing The Obvious" comes up.

the scribblenauts but was hilarious.
also am I the only one to notice that the reporter was walking out of the women's bathroom?

Guys, why on earth would you use that first skit? Really, I dare you, no, I double dog dare you to point out two moments where I was supposed to laugh in the entire thing! I'll even name one myself "Can I join your guild." is one. I couldn't find a second one.

Also, making fun of scribblenauts cthulu would've worked better had you repeated the joke. Say, three different instances. Opening the door. Reaching for your alarm clock. Reaching the top shelf. Just to name something off the top of my head. It could work just like the cooking mama sections of your debut episode. But you let it go to waste.

Overanalyzing the obvious was... bland. Crash Bandicoot pratfalling was the only wortwhile joke, along with the reporter walking out of the bathroom basically carrying the whole 2 minutes.

Show about games show, I am disappoint.

They didn't even talk about double negatives or more importantly double doubles. Oh well.

Scribblenauts utilized in life? Why, yes, I would like that. And, while predictable, the punchline for the second was delivered really well. Laudable, guys. Well done.

I like how every video there's half the comments like "this is great you guys are where you need to be!" and the other half is "You are bottoming out I don't think you are very good" is it quite possible that they are doing everything right and that sketch humor is very very subjective? So far they aren't any better than any other show which decided to do sketches (and I've watched quite a few) so that's pretty good in my books seeing as it's filling a hole that wasn't there before.

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