Trailers: Shadows of the Damned Teaser

Shadows of the Damned Teaser

The developers behind Killer7 and Resident Evil introduce us to Garcia Hotspur.

Watch Video got Grasshopper's Goichi Suda to admit that there was indeed a plan to release Shadows of the Damned on the PC but apparently that's not in the cards anymore. Suda would not comment on why the game won't be coming to our platform.

You might want to correct that.

Looks like a cross between GhostRider,Dante's Inferno and Catherine.

Doesn't look that flash, reminds me of the art style from Arkham Asylum....

Hmm... Kinda seems like a modern version of Dante's Inferno. Plot-wise at least.

It might be fun, at least the gameplay might be, not so sure about the story, but we'll see when it comes out.

TALKING GUN awesome .

Devil May Cry and No More Heroes had a baby, and they let Catherine and Grim Fandango bring it up.

I like. I like a lot.

That damned teaser is blocking all the light!

I'm confused...

Did EA just redo the plot of Dante's Inferno?

im kind of sick of "guy descends into hell and kills demons to save girl" plots...

where is my "like dante's inferno BUT' stamp?
seriously? dead girl friend? goes to hell to save her? overpowered wepond?

I dont know, to me this smacks more of the video game incarnation of From Dusk Till Dawn than most the suggested references.

Edit: Ok, perhaps the plot of DI and co directed by Tarintino and Kevin Smith.

I'm confused...

Did EA just redo the plot of Dante's Inferno?

Yes folks, Suda51 has finally become mainstream.
*cries inside*

ok, this looks like it could be a funny/weird FPS and will hopeful not take it's self to seriously


Color me interested.

Here's hoping for another Killer7

I know it doesn't fit, but for some reason I had to think of shadowman all the time while watching this.

somebody call robert rodriguez heres a game he can translate into a flim in no time flat!

Ok the story is basically Dante's Inferno. The gameplay looks like a cross between No More Heroes and Resident Evil and the art style is a cross between Wet and Dead Space. Yep, not gonna bother with this one.

so, this guy went to the depths of hell to get laid?

God damn, I'm excited for this.

We need more grindhouse style games.

"Leon Help!!"

I mean... "Garcia Help!"

xD I'm actually excited about this. I can wait~


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