Tales from the Table: Pilot Episode

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It is quite enjoyable and well made, although the story, for now, doesn't have anything noteworthy. If it keeps the production quality and improves story-wise, it'll be a great show. I'll keep watching.

reminded me of 8 bit d&d a bit.

Definatley has my attention. Can this replace Show about Games Show?

sweet I liked it, cant wait for more


Rotting Corpse:
Sorry, but I am not of the popular opinion here. The whole dnd gaming jokes around the table have been done much better in other places(Knights of the Dinner Table). The characters are all bad stereotypes we've seen a dozen times before in satire of table top gaming. They weren't even funny.

Tell me if even one of these things hasn't been to death; one of the characters is a girl, one of the guys actually managed to get a girlfriend, and of course the archer is an elf. We've seen this done before and better, there's nothing original about any of this.

For all of you that liked this, please go look into the comic book Knights of the Dinner Table, same set up, better characters, and better and funnier jokes and story.

Our group had one girl and the archer is generally an elf (it is kind of ingrained into our culture). Also, I'll wait to comment on the story for more than a pilot.

I'm not saying it isn't common for a group to have one girl or for the elf to be the archer, I'm saying that those jokes and characters have been done before and that they weren't funny here. You're right about the story though, there really wasn't enough to base that on.

Lovely show, definitely looking forward to next episode.

Good start overall; four minutes including establishment of hopefully-long-running characters and storylines, obviously couldn't deviate from the established gaming conventions too much. But funny, nicely relaxed acting I though, lots of potential. Looking forward to the next one.

Well filmed and good looking, but the sound levels were a bit off.

As far as the actual content, it just seems like a rehash of stuff that's been done much better several times and places before. It might get good, and I hope it does, but for now I don't have high hopes.

its no good knights quest but it will do. BUt really what is this, the 3rd or 4th D&D based show

Thought it was so-so, hitting the stereo types a bit hard.
Had a small chuckle at the banter getting out of control and the DM calling people back in line, very familiar scene.

Still I feel this has been done often enough and better, so unless it breaks away from the over the top stereo typing, it's not likely to interest me much.

Just my two cents.

More more more!

I like this, I really like this! I'm enjoying all of the new content on the Escapist. Helps heal the wounds left behind when Doomsday Arcade and There Will Be Brawl ended.

This show is highly accurate.

"Hmm, another D&D session based series is piloting.. I approve." *click* *stare* "hmm..."
Bottom line: I disapprove.

A few keywords: acted, heavy editing, lame stereotypes of bad stereotypes, world jumping.
It wants to be The Gamers, but ultimately feels more like the 8-bit Reenactment of D&D, which I want to virtually strangle until it's virtual eyes pop out.

I wasn't really expecting a "The Gamers" reference, but +1 to you for being on the same wavelength! I totally agree though. I didn't even laugh once through the entire skit, but that might be mostly the fault of the writing. And yes, it tries to be The Dead Alewives type of idiocy constantly, which I have almost never seen.

I'll give it a chance, but unless it really steps it's game up, I don't suppose I'll watch it much. I Hit it With My Axe had some really great DM'ing which made it better than the "some pronzstars and strippers play D&D" premise would let on, but with this being satire instead of legitimate playing, I don't expect to be interested as much. Axe also had bewbies, which were a pleasing, yet sometimes too frequent distraction.

This is a pilot episode that was made for the annual film festival last year, so its not "new" content, you may have seen it before.

Just wait for the new episodes to air before making judgment. a lot of the things you disapprove of now might be fixed for the coming episodes. both technical issues and story issues.

I'm not a Big D&D guy (though I did dabble when I was younger) but this looks pretty darn good! Great production values, and good comic timing! Looking forward to more!

I like this very much. Most DnD stuff that comes along here is awesome, so I'm sure this won't disappoint ;)

I find that girl playing sorcerer weirdly attractive. Hmm...

I 'like it' but that's all there is to it, I don't know it isn't focused on the game too much, plus we need more serious roleplayers, it's usually only funny if theres one asshole in it.

To me, it looks like a very lame wannabe dead ale wives session.

It feels like it's been done before. Prolly won't watch this :(

Seems worth a watch for a few episodes. Definitely makes me miss I Hit It With My Axe, though.


Anybody ever seen the Gamers? Or the Gamers: Dorkness Rising? Cause I have. Just saying.


I admire the passion, but it´s obvious these guys been watching The Gamers and wanted to make there spin on it, so they decided to set the gags around a more newer group then The Gamers did.

Great start but the tabletop scenes were a little bit dark.

Other than that, I look forward to the next week.

I get the impression that all of the Hardcore D&D 'Player Haters' out there that are bitching and moaning about this show have missed the point. I have tried playing D&D before and it was just too slow, boring and dull, it took a day to play 2 or 3 encounters and with a party of 5 or 6 people it just dragged on. I watched 'The Gamers' because everyone told me that it was a fun way to get into the Fantasy of Fantasy Adventure but all it was saw a poorly scripted version of a bunch of middle age guys dicking around in op shop costumes.

*Vent over*

The point that I want to make is that for me, someone outside of the world of D&D, this show looks like it mite be a good entry point into getting into D&D. If the show keeps going I wouldn't be surprised if I actually decide to go back to playing. I am going to give it a chance, I actually hope it focuses more on the fantasy and relationships between the players and less on the rigour of sitting down and rolling dice, whilst having to follow the strict rules that go over multiple pages in huge as books.

*no really Vent over*

I thought the episode would revolve around Farscape's Pilot. We are not pleased.


That show left a bad taste in my mouth... it was just all the most annoying of overdone cliche's in all of dnd, and none of it was done well. I did like the costume choices for the game-world characters, however... very well done for amateur film makers

I liked it,

The acting from the girl and the elf needs some work
Over edited at certain parts
I would like to see more people from the outside world (possibly factor in a bully)
Great concept with the whole going back from there actual persona's to their in-game characters
The costumes for their in game characters are absolute shit (I would like to see less skin from the guy and probably the girl as well
Overall a very watchable program!

Looks decent. I think the best part of it is that it's pretty much exactly what happens when me and my friends play pen-and-paper games. The DM is always trying to move the game along but everyone else always interrupts the game with jokes or quotes or meta stuff.

Hmmmm..... This makes want to actually get a good DnD match in, not with the kids I played with back in 8th grade(god, that was annoying) but other than the fact it makes me jealous I live in an area devoid of DnD players, its a good series

It's like The Gamers only without the enjoyment.

Kinda get the feeling it's going somewhere, but where that is was not clear from the pilot. What we need is to have the real world characters get a little more fleshed out before people can really start to empathize with them, and the beginnings of a narrative arc within the game-world would help to draw in viewers as well as set up the story for the next few episodes. 'The unattractive guy got a girlfriend IRL' is not a compelling storyline unless we care about the 'unattractive guy' and have some investment in his either having or not having a girlfriend.

Without either of these (characterization and a compelling narrative arc), all we get is a pity party about how gamers feel unattractive and fantasize they are entirely unlike they picture their real selves to be. I'm not against the show in any respect, but I think it needs some work to be really great.

Id make a joke about how every one knows that girls dont play games but its getting kind of old and its been proven wrong time and time again

I find that girl playing sorcerer weirdly attractive. Hmm...

i think thats because she is attractive and the fact that she looks nerdy is even more appealing to our kind

This reminds me of "The Gamers: Dorkness Rising" and that is a very good thing. Much more of this please.

I notice a lot of people are commenting on the sound quality. It's odd I had no issues. Other then that, from one aspiring filmmaker to one that is obviously giving it a shot. Break legs guys, I can't wait to see what comes next.

I really liked it, effects acting and the content so far are all top notch. I look forward to watching more :3

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