Anthony Saves The World: Episode 1.7: Little Mikey

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I really want to like the series, I really do, but would it kill you to work on your elocution?
Seriously guys, ee-nun-see-ay-t.
Also, I hate to be rude but your outros tend to be obnoxiously long. 26 seconds of credits, five further seconds of just music and then an extra 20 seconds of outtakes just doesn't cut it for almost a whole minute's worth of video.

I went in with lowered expectations, and I'm surprised to see this episode surpassed them. It was definitely worse than I thought it was going to be. Kid was kind've adorable, but I didn't find myself laughing at all. WHY DO I KEEP WATCHING?!

I remember Timecop. I remember Timecop didn't make any sense, either. The only real good thing in Timecop was Van Damme himself. He's so badass. I don't understand why he wasn't in the Expendables.

Is there another way of pronouncing "roof" that I'm unaware of?

In other news, Canada exploded and nobody noticed.



Canadians get a kick out of how Amerikans say "roof".

yes yes we do....hey! im going up on the rough lmao...and where did this aboot shit start? i have never met anyone that says that

OT: Pretty funny, not liking how they get shorter and shorter tho....

Yes "rough". Weird?!? Unless you meet someone from maybe the Maritimes(the very east coast of Canada for you laymens), no one says "aboot". But those Noofies are a whole other could probably youtube those crazy bastards & witness some we tod did shite!

man they speak their own language out there...they dont even understand it

OK! That was kinda funny!

I think removing actions scenes from an action movie is a temporary fix to the complaints, but...

*shrug* I felt this was a step in the right direction. Cute even!

You have me hooked for another episode!

Who cares about continuity? It's funny.

Enjoying it so far. Looking forward to seeing the puzzle pieces mesh up some more. Anthony is also kinda hot in that nerd way.

That's probably the real reason I watch this.

..nah, I'm just kidding. I had to face-palm and chuckle 'aboot' some of it.

More please.

Will Jimmyieny Jimmies, it's 'aboot' time...

I didnt get the convo really, and why'd he shoot him in the leg?

The Canada joke was funny. lol.

NO Canada!?

Why do you have a VP of marketing?

Frozen Donkey Wheel2:

I'm so confused, where is the plot continuity?

Yes, I'm starting to notice this too. In each episode, shit just kind of happens. They might introduce a new subplot, but it's immediately forgotten in the next episode.

Canadians get a kick out of how Amerikans say "roof".

Wait, how do we say it? Because if you mean all those crazy people saying "ruhf" (probably the same dumbasses who say "wolf" "wuhf")....They do not represent our country.[1]

Ahaha! Now you know how every Canadian not from Labrador feels.



My thoughts exactly, unless its just the mainland. But NOOOOOOOO.

Love the kid though. Good job little Mikey!

Islander brofist.

[1] That's the country of AmeriCa, by the way.

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