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Soccer Kicks & Drawing... well

Gotta keep your head in the game, or you'll find out the horrible truth. Also, we review one of the latest DSi games from Rainbows & Cookies Interactive.

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Good episode :)

It had a nice pace, was clever and the jokes didn't outstay their welcome. I enjoyed it.

How do you constantly allow advertising of a competing website to the Escapist, i just don't understand

Yes, shorter episodes are much better for this show. Good episode. Still, DDOT should have gotten a higher score...

Much better episode then the few previous, well done.

Personally id give DDOT an 8.8, but thats just me.

i think that your ideas can only work with short episode, case in point, this one. Good episode!

Funniest episode since the first! Aaaaand... didn't they already make this game? It's called "Photoshop". I guess that one was a bit more artsy, in which you didn't get graded on your dicks. It was more about the style and creativity. However, I see how this can work for people who don't quite have the talent to draw dicks on things as well as those of us who majored in "Phallic Art" so I think it's worthwhile.

I hear the sequel is called "Scribbletits".

Great. Now I need a DSi.

what yall decided to cut out the lamer half? XD

well i had a good lol on this shorter one and man the target audience/platform for that game is spot on! i can't image it appeal to anyone other than a 13yo boy XD

Shorter length really helps you guys. Stops things from getting drawn out.

Great episode!


Was there supposed to be humor in there?

If there was I didn't find it.

the fans part was good...sums up fans on any sport game/GH game with crowd jumping up and down all looking the same...and clearly DDOT is getting GOTY version with all new modes like drawing dicks on moving things in high speed and drawing dicks on animals.

Short. Sweet. Hilarious. Thanks :)

SAGS! YOU'VE FOUND YOUR PACING! This is perfect. Get to the good joke and move to the next one. Great job! Keep it up!

still not very funny.

I couldn't stop laughing at the footballer looking at the fan clones cheers and rections!

Drawing Dicks on Things... it wouldn't surprise me if some app developer for the DSi is already working on it.

The "#1 Fan" one just seemed to end up lame/disappointing.. Could have been better.

The Drawing Dicks on Things review though.. It's MUCH better than that other crappy Gamesturbation segment! Also, Shaggy? I actually sensed G4TV's Web Soup & Nerdist podcast host, Chris Hardwick, in your voice. Was that an intentional impression? 'Cause it worked.. He is awesome, after all..

Short and sweet. Nice work

Looks like doesn't exist :(

Best episode yet though I'm still a fan of your longer jokes. Game was pretty lulzy, loved the jab at the numbers at the end. Wasn't a big fan of the Number1 fan ending, but meh, other people liked it so that's what matters.

I felt that you done a little more with the first segment but it was a funny idea and didn't outstay its welcome. I was going to complain about the really short runtime on this episode but honestly it worked well. Most of the previous episodes have dragged things out too long and you basically just cut down to the core content. The whole DDOT segment was great too, you kept it like it was a serious review but of a completely ridiculous game and that contrast is the basis of a lot of good comedy. A satisfying albeit brief episode. 8.5/10 out of 1.21

I so want drawing dick on things!
a hilarious episode. every one was spot on and had me laughing and got me in trouble in class for laughing too hard.

Ehhhhh, I didn't find that funny at all.

Is DDOT out yet? I'd love to have it.

Great episode, best one so far.

Best episode out to date. And DDOT is a title I'd buy, hopefully with a few sequels!

Football/Soccer part was psychedelic to say the least. Not really funny, but maybe doing something more 'crazy' will help.

The second one was pretty clever, nice.

Third part was the best.

So far, the first Episode, the MGS one and this one are the best.

The shorter episode length really helped you out, it seems. I wasn't really invested in any of the episodes of SAGS until this one.

DDOT? Yeah, that was the most hilarious short ever.

Keep the episodes this length, please.

I liked it. The shorter length is also good. More production quality v.s Run time; production quality normally wins.

Heh, incredibly arbirtry numbers forthe reviewscore eh... and a clever jab at sportsgame crowds.

Good episode. As previously stated shorter time helps you to stick in enough jokes without it feeling drawn out.

Also I believe your review of DDOT was quite arbitrary, you did not mention the amazing multiplayer support and the fact that they added a DLC giving you option to draw Dicks not only on things. But also on other dicks.

I can't wait for Draw Dicks on Things. Did you hear that voice acting?? Super awesome. :D

still not very funny.

Stop watching the show then. I enjoyed it. You do not need to keep coming back to something you don't enjoy.

Somebody has to make Draw Dicks on Things a reality. I'm saddened by the fact that there isn't REALLY a game about drawing dicks on things.

At the beginning of the video, did you use shamus's procedurally generated city? Just an observation :)

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