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Bros Clubbing Bros

Bros don't let bros club bros.

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Holy crap, how many cans was that? Pretty awesome :) Also Club Soda does taste pretty nasty.

"Come at me bro"-Alex

this episode was awesome. I can imagine all the guys in college are going to this prank on each other.

Guys, I thought after the incidents with Nerf guns and Gay Chicken you agreed escalation was a bad idea?

As soon as I saw the 7:33 run time, I instantly knew that we would be treated to the glory of Commodore Husstle.

And seriously, WTF is up with the whole bros icing bros thing? A friend of mine actually did that to me recently, even though I wouldn't touch alcohol with a ten foot pole. I almost had the desire to smash the bottle and shank him in the face.

However, even though I hate it, I immensely enjoyed your guy's take with bros clubing bros. I also hate club soda, and seeing the stinger made me almost fall out of my chair. All hail the LRR crew for their awesomeness!!

I sure hope Mario likes stomping at gombas, otherwise he'll be miserable at work.
Well, more so because he's owned by Nintendo.

That. was. amazing! O_O

I watched Alex's reveal 4 minutes ago and I am still laughing. Is it sad or awesome if that is what I would do too?

p.s. club soda is terrible

The Gentleman:
Guys, I thought after the incidents with Nerf guns and Gay Chicken you agreed escalation was a bad idea?

Well, really, that depends on your definition of escalation. Judging by all this behaviour, escalation doesn't occur until someone weaponizes some uranium.

But the glory of clubbing with Iced Tea is the glory of hitting bitches with Tall Boys....then it's on. Great episode, was waiting for something like this to come up ever since the podcast where Icing commenced.

Query: How long did your icing each other actually last?

Started off a bit slow, but the pay off was good. I'm still laughing at, "Come at me bro!" XP

Should've tried a can of that junk while I was in the Americas.

First thing I got to give you a thumbs up for the 8 bits remix of Groovejet (If This Ain't Love) from Spiller (I can't believe I forgot about that awesome dance song).
Second I laugh so at the end and the bros puns. Oh if you pay me enough I would gladly sort out those cards for you.

Anyone else find this one really quiet, or am I having sound problems?

Awesome vid. Damn, that's a lot of Magic cards.

So much...annoyingness in so many stacks.

Anyways, I'll have to Club my friends!

Alex gets a cookie for the soda bandoleer. That was zany mhm.

Also, crap. Now I have to watch that Jake and Amir episode again. Kudos, guys!

Well, that was an epic win.

So cool to see this (proto-)meme finally show up in cH.
I wonder, what was the highest amount of counter-clubbing you guys actually reached?

Y'know, for a bunch of ubernerds you guys are remarkably well-versed in frat culture...

Why is LRR not a regular sitcom on all major networks by now?

Very well written, kudos!

I knew it!

Good ole' Desert Bus.

Oh goodness gracious me, that last bit cracked me up so utterly, horribly completely.


Yeah that was great, although I also don't get the bros Icing bros thing either. Personally I love Smirnoff Ice's so I wouldn't have a problem with it at all, Kinda like how when i get Rick Rolled I don't care cause I love that song... lets just hope Friday by Rebecca Black doesn't become the new "rick roll" cause that would definitely be much more effective.

Once again, Awesome show :D

One of the best LRR's in a while! Bros Twisting Bros... Yeah, LOL'ed hard at that! Also the can in the bread was an awesome idea.

Reminds me of Paul during the Nerf Gun Wars.

Also, Alex saying Can you step it, and then come at me bro, is going to haunt my dreams. that was creepy. XD

LRR, I can see you're now shooting with a HDDSLR, but USE A TRIPOD. Makes the video much better. And focus the camera properly. Love the better quality though

Awesome take on icing guys, though I have to admit, I wouldn't mind this too much. I'd just start carrying around some scotch everywhere I went. Scotch and Soda anyone?

Completely agree with Fappy. Hilarious stuff, I really liked the finale.

Oh dear god's above and below.
The return of the hustle one of the funniest desert bus moments in all history.

You all deserve a round of drinks, preferably of a more enjoyable nature.

Awesome stuff guys, really considering doing something like this with my friends but I know it will end badly...

Why is LRR not a regular sitcom on all major networks by now?

Your guess is as good as mine friend. Although if it were on major networks, I would definitely watch it with all of my heart. Hell, the first season of cH had episodes with a run time of 17 to 22 minutes, so slightly longer and I could see this being on television. It would be cool. Dare to dream.

Love the show, but your Magic card sorting info is wrong. Homelands only has 2 variant artworks for each common, not 3. In fact there has never been a a set with exactly 3 variant common arts, Alliances also had 2 and Fallen Empires had 4.

I know it could only have been a one-off joke, but I was really hoping Paul or somebody else would misunderstand the game and smack a bro with a literal club. Still a pretty good concept with a good execution.

The hell?!

Is this some kind of weird Canadian thing?

Sophie Ellis Bexter remix?

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