Trailers: Trine 2 Gameplay Trailer

Trine 2 Gameplay Trailer

The thief, wizard, and knight return to help save the world of Trine 2.

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wow very nice, cant wait till it comes out

Haven't even heard of this before (nor of Trine 1), but damn, that looks pretty, and quite magical, in a way.
So, yeah, seems to be some sort of interesting game.

oooooh pretty! a game that is not dirt brown w00t!

Oh niice.

One of trine's biggest draws was its aesthetics. Thus, Trine 2 is looking pretty worthwhile.

Yay! Trine 1 was beautiful, and the gameplay was really solid. I'd highly recommend checking it out to those who haven't played it (or even heard of it). I think you can get it for fairly cheap off of Steam now. And it may be on XBLA, but I'm not sure. Lots of enjoyment to be had, especially if playing with another.

Uuuh, shiny! *.*

Do want! It really looks nice.

Oh man, the new puzzles involving water and plants look awesome!

Also, thank God there seems to be a wider variety of enemies now. The previous game was 95% skeletons, 4% spiders and 1% a blue thing that I don't even now what was supposed to be.

Game looks amazing, and looks like alot of fun however:
the mage looks a bit OP

One word, squeeeeeee, ok so not really a word. New enemies, new puzzle mechanics, looks like a more dynamic world to explore, what's not to like?

Oooh, vivid colors and maybe a more puzzle-solvey knight? I am intrigued. Though is there any chance we can get a high quality version of the trailer? I switch to HQ and just get an error.

Wow. I know this is a trailer, but this game is stupidly pretty. I'm really liking the animations.

one of these days i have to sit down and finish the first Trine. this sequel looks great.

it's coming to xbla? COOL! i always wanted to play trine

I actually can't believe this is getting a sequel. The original was a physics based platformer that was broken largely because the levels were designed to challenge any one of the three characters, but then you could switch characters at will meaning you breezed past 2/3 of the challenges in the levels. The first one would have been heaps better if the 3 characters were separate and you had to either play them in sequence or switch between them like you did for the Lost Vikings.

One can only hope that they separate the 3 characters somehow in this game. It might make folks forget about Trine 1.

The High Quality link is broken

Trine. The only game I can play again, and again, and again..


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