Escape to the Movies: Sucker Punch

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I tried to watch the spill review for this, but, whatever the tone used, referring to the reason for rape as "he didn't get no money, so he gonna get some ass..." Yeah, not for me.

Only one good movie? You sir have clearly never seen Dawn of the Dead.

John Marcone:
Only one good movie? You sir have clearly never seen Dawn of the Dead.

"Intelligent and moving, if utterly deranged." this the movie equivalent of Hannibal Lecter?

Seriously Bob, this is why I CAN get behind you as a critic. But you know one thing that kinda sucks? I've been VERY MUCH antici┬┤pating this movie so it'll be hard to keep my expectations in check, just like what happened with Watchmen, where the first time I saw it I was like "Buh??" and then the second time I was like "Yay!"

Now, if you'll excuse me, I know what I'm gonna do today.

This is the first time in a while that one of MovieBob's reviews actually made me want to see a movie I knew nothing about. He's right, though, if I hadn't seen this review and just looked at a trailer, I would have totally dismissed it, just because of what I expect out of Hollywood.

For anyone who ever read or saw the film adaptation of The Maxx, that was the best mindfuck I ever saw/read when dealing with the whole the lines of reality get blurred angle. Inception did a pretty decent job, but Sucker Punch looks closer to The Maxx's style than anything else. I'm hoping to watch the movie later this week, and I really hope it is as big a mindfuck as it looks like it is.

Just got home from seeing it and, while I don't always agree with Bob, I agree with this review entirely just as I did with his Scott Pilgrim review. This is a great movie and, quite frankly, most of the reviews you'll read about on it sites like Rotten Tomatoes are not only "wrong" about it's quality but also wrong about certain facts.

You'll see comments like "it's just technical eye candy with no emotion," which is dead wrong. I mean, the opening 5 minutes alone carry more emotional weight than most action films.

You'll see comments like "it doesn't make any sense," which is also wrong. Just like Inception, the veneer is a complex one but as long as you don't go into the movie half asleep and brain dead, it's not hard to follow.

Another frequent reviewer complaint is "the action scenes have nothing to do with the pseudo real world action they're emulating." This one really blows my mind. It's dead obvious what the connection is between the fantasy action world and the cabaret world is in every single fantasy action scene. This is probably the least confusing part in a generally not overly confusing movie, and yet I've seen it in almost every negative review of the film.

Another good one is "All the action happens in dream world, so there's no risk to the characters!" Complete BS and I'm tempted to say that this comment basically proves that the reviewer didn't even watch the movie. I mean, I know they did, but if they had there's no way they could say this.

Now, it's not a perfect movie and my main issue is really with the actresses. They look amazing and play their parts well enough, but given the emotional heft of the movie they don't all pull it off as well as they should. Better actresses would have helped here.

Basically, if you're going to believe a review of Sucker Punch, believe Bob's review because, while I'd never say a review is wrong given it's an opinion, in this case it's actually true to say that many of them are incorrect.

Quick thoughts on the Wonder Woman costume.

The pants themselves are fine. The material they're using is godawful and makes it look like a cheap Halloween costume. And the boots being blue makes the entire lower body look a bit too much like a single blob of color.

Swap out the material for something that doesn't look like it was purchased from the local Wal-Mart, go with some red boots, and I'm sold on the costume design.

Not that I have high hopes for the series as a whole, though. Everything I read just makes it look like more and more of a trainwreck.


Scars Unseen:


Personally, I found Scott Pilgrim the movie to be fun and energetic for the first third. The second third was draggy and the last third was confused and tonally uneven. Scott Pilgrim the character, on the other hand, as a complete loss on me. A serially depressed, mopy loser.

As for Bob, he is one of the few critics I cannot predict, and that makes him unique and special to me. I love watching his reviews and placing them against my own thoughts on films.

I think the pacing issues primarily stem from the fact that it's a feature length film adaptation of a 6 volume comic. I can forgive it that, and really didn't even notice on the first viewing (because I was too busy having fun watching it). As for the character, I think that, after reading the comic, Michael Cera wasn't the best casting decision they made with that movie. The problem is that I can't really tell you who would fit the character.

All in all, I enjoyed Scott Pilgrim for what it was, and believe that the only real way to improve it would be to stretch it into TV series, preferably of the sort that HBO would host, or possibly some of the better SciFi Channel mini-series (BSG, Dune, etc). Oh, and change the Katayanagi twins back into robot engineers instead of the lame retcon into DJs. That would be great.

Personally, I loved the movie the first time, but did feel a little held back by the pacing. The second time I watched it though, The pacing issues totally vanished. It felt like once you know where the movie is going, Scott Pilgrim's pacing is actually perfect for the kind of movie it's trying to be. Give it another watch, you may be surprised.

I can understand the fact that some people like Scott Pilgrim, but to me the entirety of the film just was lost on me, and I suppose I was galvanized in my position by the overwhelming amount of "Yea, but..." style good will it had going for it.

I've got a web site of reviews that actually features a lengthy breakdown of Scott Pilgrim I wrote after my second viewing. It probably does a better and more thorough job of describing my feelings towards the movie than I can in this alotted space.

im sorry but this movie looks incredibly stupid im not watching it

Huh, interesting. Every other review I've read has said that it's just superficial pandering to 14-year old boys, are you sure there's a deeper meaning or are you just reading too much into it? O.o

Almost makes me want to see it so that I can decide for myself :-/

Oh thank god, the only reference I got for this movie was from that tomato site where the entire film critics bashed it for exactly what you said they would, leaving me without any scope for the actual plot and development of the movie. Thanks Bob, I don't know where I'd be without you.

For some reason, none of the escapist videos work with IE9 :S

Urgh...I feel like I just lost the raging debate I've been having with my friends over whether or not this was a male fetish movie.

Yeah, it's not. Sure the gals look great, but the reasoning for their outfits is given pretty early in, and it's almost a direct slap in the face to anyone who has gone to the movie for nothing but titillation.

im sorry but this movie looks incredibly stupid im not watching it

Says the user with a Lucky Star character as his avatar...That show is the epitome of "looks stupid"

After watching this, my main gripe is that this consists of 3 short movies uncomfortably stitched together.

First, there's the meta as fuck incoherent superplot of perception of reality and fantasy that makes me feel as if Zach went "and we connect it all with a Brazil style meta-world that makes sense because...
...Sod it, we'll let the viewers figure that out"

Second, there's the dramatic tale of the inmates and their impending doom, which as far as drama goes is reasonably competent but clashes horribly with the rest of the movie.

Third, there's the hilariously over the top action scenes involving giant metal samurai with Gatling cannons, steampunk nazi Imperial German zombies and dragons because FUCK YEAH.

If I'd had to give a score to each of these segments on their own merits in their relevant categories, I'd rate them 3/10 6/10 9/10 in that order.

It's kind of like a slightly worse version of Inception, not in terms of how dreams work but in that nobody but pretentious gits gives a flying fuck about the main character being emo about his kids and everybody is simply waiting for the next zero gravity punchout or arctic fortress assault.

I think my first problem here is that I saw and really didn't like Watchmen all that much. I'm probably just going to be in the "hate" category here.

I saw a preview several months ago (Jan? Feb?) and while it looks fancy to the eye...its (like Ive seen said about a dozen times now) about 16 different plots going on all at once..

I have no real want to see this..


Can you review the movie? Ive noticed a raving hardon for X director from now on...

Now I'm conflicted. When I saw the trailers, I shook my head at all the shameless sexualization and fetishization of mental illness and trauma. True, the WWI imagery and the whole dream-of-an-victorian-asylum-inmate thing was very tempting, but I decided not to support the underlying gratuitous basis.

But you say it's NOT pandering, MovieBob. You say it has depth, that the female characters aren't shallow, persecuted pinups; they're well-rounded, empowered women. One look at Rotten Tomatoes shows you're the minority here--my fav critic, A.O. Scott, specifically targeted the film as hiding the voyeurism behind the ass-kicking. Hm. Is your love of the spectacular, the campy, and the sexy clouding your vision, Bob? :/

Sure, a ton of ppl will find it entertaining. But as for me, I'll have to have more evidence before I can justify this fare. :o

Yeah, I've been looking forward to this one for a while.

I'm hoping this is one of those times I agree with Moviebob. (which is more likely for his film choices, it has to be said.)

Watching, but I am still sick of pretty girls doing karate, and the fanboy pandering is just almost to the level of gross misconduct, touching story underneath or not.

Even if it's in their head. Oh yeah, and to get ultra nit picky, Adolescent girls in the 1950's? I highly doubt they would even know what yoroi looks like to imagine it. Even if they were crazy. Let alone a katana. what is wrong with her wielding a good old american sabre?

Onyx Oblivion:
Fine. I'll finally see fucking Watchmen Bob. Despite my lack of interest in it's material. And then see this right after.

Are you ever going to add your older reviews, like Watchmen and Star Trek to the Escape to the Movies archive, btw?

don't. watchmen sucked. i don't give a shit what anyone else says, i thought it was the most boring 2-3 hours of my life. this might be because i didnt read the book/comic on it, but nothing in it made sense. the jet cat/bat/anime puff head thing seemed to have a unlimited power source, the not rich yet rich guy somehow had a secret bat cave under his house in a big city, and the blue god guy somehow pulled off being overly emotional without having emotions. basically if you didn't read the comic/book, you cant help but pick apart all the small stuff till the whole looks like Swiss cheese.

also, the end throws that the moral story is terrorism is good if its for the right reasons ;)

I'm tempted to believe you, MovieBob, I really am. Frankly a lot of reviews sound like offended old men than legitimate criticism, and hell, William Fichtner single-handedly redeemed Drive Angry so I guess anything's possible in this crazy world.

But it honestly sounds like you're overcompensating for the mountain of hate reviews and letting your fanboyism get the best of you. Synder's visual style clashed horribly with the actual themes of Watchmen, making superheroics look more amazing and awesome than they actually "were". 300 would have been near-perfect popcorn fare (and that's praise-worthy on its own merits) without the pointless secondary plot. And maybe Sucker Punch is just good old-fashioned entertainment that the haters can't accept; this is certainly the case in the high-brow comics world.

But deep? Convincingly feminist? Actively challenging watchers to question reality? Purple prose doesn't make it so, Bob! War heroism and triumphant hyperviolence is primarily a masculine fetish, and will remain so unless the movie makes it an intensely individual connection. And since this takes place in the 60's, the fantasy references are at best pandering to the audience and not legitimate reflections of their own experiences. Let's not make this any more than it (possibly) is.

Nevertheless, I'm intrigued. Grrrr, you win this round!


Worst movie I've seen in a long long time. It's Girl Interrupted filtered through a lens of early Xbox 360 games.

rather then inception this movie made me remember pan's labyrinth

To be frank I'm going to see it myself...why? Well for one because reviews don't really mean jackalthough I listen to the good ones and it's rated 'M' so I can actually fucking watch it. I miss so many goddamn good movies because I won't be allowed in. Even if it turns out terrible, it'd be a hell of a movie to see with my friends. I hope you come soon April 7th!

From watch I've seen from the director's last films (Dawn of the Dead, Watchmen) I just don't think he has the finesse to pull off an idea like this (even if it is more than the surface level comic book lover pandering). He lacks any form of subtlety and the messages he does try to get across fall flat with their over the top videogame style execution.

AND I love comics and videogames.

I've been looking forward to this since I heard Snyder was making it.

Say what you will about his movies, but Snyder knows how to faithfully adapt source material while reworking the elements into something appropriate for film.

From most trailers I've seen, I have no idea what the hell is going on. At first glace, it just looked like "Special Effects: The Movie", and I think I had the same problem with Watchmen were I didn't really "get" what it was going for. I might give this a chance, though most likely when it's on my Netflix queue.

With a logo like that, its physically impossible for me to take it seriously.

Sorry but I have to disagree with most everything Moviebob says about this movie barring Snyder's camerawork/CGI settings. Me and my friends absolutely hated this movie. I'm not sure where Bob got the idea the female characters are fleshed out, because the main character has no personality beyond getting the other girls to follow her for no discernible reason other than the plot says they have to. She's just not fun to watch on screen, she has no intensity, no emotion, nothing. And the other four girls can be summarized as 'friendly', 'cautious', and two absolute throwaway characters who we learn nothing about other than a name.

And as for it being female empowering? The action sequences are just supposed to represent women erotically dancing. That's her power, the main girl dances so sexy her friends can run around and steal stuff and nobody will notice cause they're all watching the dance. And it doesn't help those action sequences have no real tension since the movie establishes they're not real, and the fighting all boils down to killing stormtrooper style faceless enemies that have no chance.

Put me firmly on the 'hate it' side. Other than the visuals I feel like this movie failed on every other level it possibly could, and the visuals just aren't enough to sustain it when any movie nowadays can have big special effects.

Yeah, I was considering seeing this movie when I saw a teaser for between news articles 2 weeks ago. And now I hear that it's "intelligent and moving, if utterly deranged"?

Hell yeah. As someone who loves and is excited by the power of dreams, I am now physched for this movie.

Now if only I didn't have exams in 3 weeks. >_< I can't justify taking time to go out to see this just yet...Oh please let it be playing after my exams...

Armored Prayer:
Your review sounds just what my mother thought when we saw an extended sneak peek last night. Though instead of "intelligent and moving" she said "imaginative and artistic with a sprinkle of mild horror."(and she is aware its not horror)

Your mom is officially cool. XD I somehow doubt mine would like this movie.

The problem with this movie is this:

It will attract mostly sad geeks searching for them tits and samurai kick-assery. It showed that atleast on the trailers I saw. That's the problem for me, they don't show the "deep artistic stuff", they show the bad-ass, good-looking, dressed-to-please-manga-nerds-fetishes action heroines. Wich is bullshit

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