LoadingReadyRun: Columbus of the Internet

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Columbus of the Internet

Truly, the information superhighway's most intrepid explorer.

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Epicly awesome. Always good to see the Faux-documentary style every once in a while.

After a long and hard, that's what she said, journey he saw it and said: Behold, there is only one penis at the time.

Nice documentary on the great explorere of the interwebs, he will be remembered.

Loved this, especially the fantastic choice of Wind Waker Music!

This one started slow, but when it got going it went on really well. Why do I have a sneaking suspicion thought that this is based close to home for someone on the crew?

Of course... as a rule angels are all male.

Well, technically they're genderless, but it's male-androngynous more than anything else. They're certainly asexual.

Just pointing out the irony in that bit near the end.

I think this might be my favorite video from you guys now. It was truly epic. If only I could sail the seas of the internet as well.

The Nina, the Pinta, and the Eduardo (because he couldn't remember the Santa Maria). Heh.

R.I.P., Eduardo, you will not be forgotten.

XenoGears fanfiction?.... Damn it, now I'm getting curious. Even though I never played that game...

On a side note, I noticed "viruses" and "marriage" were misspelled...

.....well i gotta go to work soo......

Success! That was super funny and weird. Also glad to see another human who is not necessarily always looking for lesbians on the internet all the time (at this point it's like looking for water in the ocean). Brilliant concept and I hope the hits go through the roof.

He was one brave man.

and he has one nice tie.

Ah vanilla porn

Cameron needs to enunciate. He started talking about penises and then sort of mumbled off. I suppose it's not really that important for the joke, but food for thought next time. The skit was amusing on the whole.

Ah vanilla porn


OT: I got the biggest chuckle out of "Hey, chips!" from this video.

so i recently got around to playing Xenogears again after like a decade and I've seeing it referenced everywhere now.... what the hell?

Ah vanilla porn

o that is hot! *.*

o the anonymous posting was damn good XD Tits or GTFO! XD

Ahh. I too dream of one day building a mighty ship and sailing the internet in search of new and lost lands. Though I would need a fine crew and probably, like, 3 screens. Yeah that'd be awesome, but too damn expensive.

I am, therefore, looking for a wealthy patron to fund my expedition to circumnavigate the web. I need money for ships and provisions.

This was silly.

What? LRR making a SILLY comedy video? MADNESS.

Liked it.

Good one.

Awesome! I hope they made that comment on 4chan xD

(at the last statement beofre credits)

Right. Duly Noted.

Graham, how can utter even one of those lines out loud without bursting with laughter. I mean it must have taken you a billion takes to diliver that with a straight face/voice.

Ah yes, the tale of the internet. When one is not ready and prepared, it can be a very scary place.

And on a side note: Yes, their isn't pornography, but doesn't everyone know that loadingreadyrun.com is the internet Valhalla? Get with the program people!!

Large penis support group, ahh... *semi-recent nostalgia*
You don't even want to know how I came across that site.

Ahhh well... nothing lasts forever.

An interestign look at how travels through the internet differ from those anywhere else.

Drossel magnets in the opening segment! >o< Squeee!

The site does not exist.
I am dissapointed.

FOR THE TROLLS, FOR THE QUESTIONABLE DOWLOADS, FOR PORN, FOR MOOT, FOR 4CHANINA MY BROTHERS. (que sniffle and single man tear) May its kingdom last forever.

Great episode

Nice use of your tumblr, Graham. And by proxy, Kathleen.

And thus words of wisdom has been spoken, loved it!

Having been one of the early adventurers that discovered 4chan, all the way back in '04. I can honestly say I wept at this story.

I remember it well; I was a senior in High School, my entire life a head of me, a world full of opportunity, And I was armed with that most awesome of weapons, a AMD 64bit Athalon processor.

and the lols were many...

great job LRR. loved it.

Why did he have to pretend to type. Why couldn't he just type for real? :(

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