Miracle of Sound: Age of the Dragon (Dragon Age 2 Song)

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Age of the Dragon (Dragon Age 2 Song)

The Dragon Age 2 Song. Music and Lyrics by MiracleOfSound (Gavin Dunne). Video by The Escapist

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While this is pretty cool. I had no idea what I was about to view. I just finished DAII like two hours ago...
Perhaps some spoiler warnings for those who haven't finished the game?

edit: Don't quote me to say you disagree about spoiling. I don't care.

Or a heroine named Hawke.


Good work, Miracle.

My only real complaint is that the audio quality was a little...poor. At least for me.

Oh my god this is freaking awesome!

I love the bardic quality of the lyrics. This is a perfect blend of a story and rock! I love, love, love it!

Fantastic work, Miracle! Consider me a proud fan girl of your work!

Wait, Miracle is getting an Escapist section?
Fuckin' A, man!

Also, this song is pretty awesome. But of course, which one isn't?

Well, lookie at that.

I might not care much for the game, but that chorus was quite shockingly good.

How did you just make rock perfectly fit the fantasy setting? Masterful.

Nice, I like it... I just won't be listening to any of this series around other people. A tad bit to nerdy for mass consumption.

Alright first of all I really enjoyed this song, and the pace that it fell into.

With that I have a question; is this a one time thing or have you and the Escapist teamed up for pure awesome? That and will I still be able to buy the songs somewhere?

wow I don't even like dragon age 2 but I found this really good. How often will we be hearing from miracle of sound, and does it sound too nerdy to say that I want this song as an mp3?

You got your ENTIRE SEGMENT?

Sweet. Gratz.

Well well well, what do we have here? Some music show about videogames made by one of our own users?

I must admit... that song was pretty good, even if I never played the game.

That was really cool.

Congrats, my good man! :D The Escapist just got a bit more awesome.


Didn't see this coming and it was surprisingly good.

Keep 'em coming!

Sir Ollie:

Didn't see this coming and it was surprisingly good.

Keep 'em coming!


I totally need an MP3 of this. Perfect song for when I need that extra push on the treadmill.

Beats Rebbecca mayes anyway.

Considering this is Dragon Age we're talking about, that was Bloody brilliant!

Took me a while to remember where I'd heard the name 'Miracle of Sound'

Eff-ing good on you man, you deserved this, hope it isn't just a one-off

Very good song, I'm surprised to see MoS on the Escapist, I do so hope they get to stay for a long, long time.

About time you got your own thingymagig.
Good song too, has a sort of power-metal theme.

Do more about Gears of War, they're my favourite!

I must admit this is the stuff legends are made out of...bards singing in the distance...


Well done MoS. Well done indeed. Now I have to go buy the game *sigh*.

Glad to see ya get your own section Miracle, love your songs, glad to see them here, hopefully your older songs get up here as well to revive the wondrous sounds you've created ^^ Haven't listened to the song yet, but will once class is over ^^

Goddamn epic. Frickin' metal man. \m/

This is awesome! I've been a fan of you ever since you posted that thread with "Gordon Freeman Saved My Life". It's amazing that you're on the Escapist now. Can't wait for the next song :3

Nice. And hey, since I don't see it on the site yet,

Here's some of the older stuff.

I had to bail after the first minute and twenty. The 70's arena rock style just isn't for me.

Congrats on getting the attempt regardless.

Would I lose many geek points for admitting I hadn't heard of Miracle before?

That was terrific.

...Yeah, it was alright.

Miracle got his own segment? Thats freakin' awesome! I love the other songs too, even the ones about games I'm... Not a fan of shall we say.

Congratulations on making yourself a feature, Miracle! You definitely deserve it!

Thought the sound was tinny, then noticed my sub was turned off ^_^

Gordon Freeman Saved My Life's still my favourite though ;)

I can't say I enjoyed this very much at all...

It's not even a stylistic clash or anything, I just thought it was pretty poor, personally. I appreciate what you're doing, but I found it lacking in any sense of character. There's nothing musically there that I wouldn't be able to get from hundreds of other people already.

That said, it does seem I'm in the minority, so well done for that

I prefered your ME song, still good though.

This was awesome, the lyrics flowed quite well. Very professional and very promising. I feel kinda bad for never having heard of this before, but now is as good a time as any to get into the groove.

So will this be a weekly episodic?

Dude. Well done.

This is really good. Looking forward to the next one.

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