Miracle of Sound: Age of the Dragon (Dragon Age 2 Song)

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kudos on getting your own spot :)

looking forward to hearing more \m/


How did you just make rock perfectly fit the fantasy setting? Masterful.

Grow up on Iron Maiden and it will come naturally :D

I can't say I enjoyed this very much at all...

It's not even a stylistic clash or anything, I just thought it was pretty poor, personally. I appreciate what you're doing, but I found it lacking in any sense of character. There's nothing musically there that I wouldn't be able to get from hundreds of other people already.

No probs, thanks for listening anyway. All feedback is good. Next song is a completely different style of music so you might enjoy it more :)

Took me a while to remember where I'd heard the name 'Miracle of Sound'

Eff-ing good on you man, you deserved this, hope it isn't just a one-off

There's more coming :)

Oh hell yes Miracle!
Nicely done! And congrats on getting a feature!

You got your own series? Bitchin' dude, congratulations.

That was pretty sweet. Way better than the other gaming themed music composer that was on this site.

Awesome stuff! That Call of Duty Song really strikes a chord with me. This kinda made me want to get Dragon Age II as well.


Sober Thal:
I had to bail after the first minute and twenty. The 70's arena rock style just isn't for me.

Congrats on getting the attempt regardless.

Thanks dude. Next song is gonna be Prince/Bowie style electropop, you may enjoy it more!

Fallen-Angel Risen-Demon:
Miracle got his own segment? Thats freakin' awesome! I love the other songs too, even the ones about games I'm... Not a fan of shall we say.

Lol yeah I had a feeling DA2 would be a controversial first vid!

There a place where we can download the music?

Wow, now I really love Wednesdays.

Awesome stuff, totally glad this is being made into a series.

Nice. And hey, since I don't see it on the site yet,

Here's some of the older stuff.

I couldn't help it. I just had to play them all at the same time.

anyhow, congrats on MoS on getting his own section, well done.
Let's hope you can last longer than rebecca did.

While this is pretty cool. I had no idea what I was about to view. I just finished DAII like two hours ago...
Perhaps some spoiler warnings for those who haven't finished the game?

Actually I haven't finished it and not much was really spoiled for me at all

Dude congrate on being featured! I'm looking forward to more stuff! Maybe they'll let you put up some of your other stuff too!

Grats. Damb good tune also.

I knew him before he sold out

God damn.
You've done again!

Just, holy crap!
I love it!

Well good to see Miracle getting his own segment. Nice song, though i liked the Freeman one more.
But i hope the deadlines aren't really strict. I mean, ism pretty sure it's hard to create this stuff. Don't want you to rush making this stuff :)

Are there any spoilers in the text?

Congrats dude! Looking forward to seeing more. Will you be getting videos linked to the song from now on, or will it just be stock like this? The Call of Duty one was great, It'd be nice to see more stuff like that, or even if it was just you playing, that'd be good too. Not too sold on this kind of video approach, seems a little redundant.

Really enjoyed that. I couldn't for the life of me pin down the subgenre of rock, vaguely 70's, slightly melodic metal?

That.. that. was awesome?!

Ive not even played the game lol



Great song Miracle! and congrats on getting your own section of the Escapist! Well done, you really deserve it.

Fantastic, Miracle! But then again, you're songs always kick ass. Definately looking forward to your new segment.

Heh, I enjoyed this more than I enjoyed the actual game.

I liked it, though the video got a bit repetitive. All around good job. Thumbs up.

I had no idea what to expect, but came out pleasantly surprised. I'll watch more of this if it pops up ^^.

Bloody great reminds me of sonata arctica


I can't stop listening to this song and sing along! :D

...I would pay money for this.

Awesome as usual, Miracle.

Lookin' forward to more!

Captain Bobbossa:
Beats Rebbecca mayes anyway.

Agreed to no end!

This was so unexpected.. i clicked, i heard the intro, i fell in love, this was the ONE thing the escapist was missing video wise, and you guys nailed it.. you NAILED it!

Awesome, I've been following these videos on YouTube for a while now and it's great to see the Escapist recognising great talent. I liked this one too, reminded me of come classic metal songs.

Dang, didn't know you started making vids for Escapist. Great job Miracle. Keep up the fantastic work :3

Way to go, your stuff is awesome and I'm glad the Escapist gave you your own section. :D

That completely blew my mind. Great song!
Where can I get it as mp3?!

I figured it was only a matter of time before the Escapist started paying you to do these...great work!

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