Miracle of Sound: Age of the Dragon (Dragon Age 2 Song)

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Awesome, about time the Escapist hired you on Miracle!

Very, very cool. Can't wait for the next installment!

Great job, dude! Thouroughly enjoyable listen. Keep it up, and congratulations on your very own segment!

This game was not worthy of such a great song!

Oh...WOW. Congratulations, Miracle. Glad to see you've finally got a show of your own, and that you've still got your touch. I mean, this song was so awesome that I almost forgot that I hate this game.

Congrats on the feature! That said, damn you thrice for this awesome earworm that's about to get stuck in my head.

Goddammit man, stop being so talented.

This is the best one you've made so far, IMO. The style really fits me, and the mood of the song is great for a pick-me-up. Five stars.

Congratulations. Your songs are really good ;)

About time you got a show, I knew it had to be coming. I just hope the escapist has some plan it release the music still, I don't know what the distribution rights are, but we need to at least be able to buy the music.

Where were the verses about all the gay romance options?
I mean, lately every time I see a DA2 related news on the Escapist it has either scandals about gays or self-reviewing...

But great song.

DAMN good song.

I had not heard of these before but I have to say that this is a good song :)

Excellent as always! Good to see The Escapist has given you your own channel.

This is probably your best one...next to I suck at Call of Duty.

Hurrah. The escapist has found a source of even blander heavy rock than their own credits-music guy. woot woot.

this is awesome, i hope this becomes a more normal thing, you're music is awesome.

Holy crap, you got a deal on the site?!

Well, this is an nice, unexpected surprise.

This song is about 500% cooler than the entire game.

Awesome song

Are there any spoilers in the text?

Nope, just a very general outline of the story!


This was so unexpected.. i clicked, i heard the intro, i fell in love, this was the ONE thing the escapist was missing video wise, and you guys nailed it.. you NAILED it!

Glad to hear it :)

Really enjoyed that. I couldn't for the life of me pin down the subgenre of rock, vaguely 70's, slightly melodic metal?

I wanted it to be like a cross between Iron Maiden and Muse ... or something!

Age of the Dragon (Dragon Age 2 Song)

The Dragon Age 2 Song. Music and Lyrics by MiracleOfSound (Gavin Dunne). Video by The Escapist

Watch Video

You got featured on the main page!?


Awesome song man!

While this is pretty cool. I had no idea what I was about to view. I just finished DAII like two hours ago...
Perhaps some spoiler warnings for those who haven't finished the game?

What is it going to spoil? "The main character goes rags-to-riches and saves the world"?
I kid, of course.

OT: Excellent video and song. I was wondering if a new musical feature would be coming along soon, seeing that Rebecca M. was buried somewhere. Hopefully not in a field.

Looking forward to more!

Awesome song,love the lyrics!

Wow! Congrats on getting a slot on the Escapist! Been following your music since Gordon Freeman Saved My Life, keep it up!

That was...really good! Wow, you guys are awesome! That was so much better than anything Rebecca Mayes!

Didn't see it because I still haven't played DA2 and I'm on of those people who hates spoilers. I loved your previous songs though, so I'll check it out after I play the game.

And congratulations on getting a feature on the site.

Loved it! Congrats on getting your own section :)

Ah wow Miracle Of Sound, congrats! I've gotta stop buying your songs now though, you've just gone too commercial. :p Actually, on that note, are your songs still going to be uploaded to iTunes and Amazon?

Hurrah. The escapist has found a source of even blander heavy rock than their own credits-music guy. woot woot.

You may enjoy the next song more then, it's Bowie/Prince style electro-pop :)

Woah, mind blown.

Awesome! He got a show! Seriously, I'm so excited and happy for him. I remember when he debuted here, got the official post and all; awesome music. :D

Congratulations on the featured content (and front page) MoS (about time too). Looking forward to seeing more of your videos.

I'm used to the more campy humor of most escapist shows, so it will be interesting whether ot not I get into this.

This gonna be a weekly thing?

Great song as usual!

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