Escape to the Movies: Super Mario Bros. (Rough Cut)

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Super Mario Bros. (Rough Cut)

MovieBob gets a rare sneak peek at the first offering from Nintendo's new movie studio.

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Nice one bob. Cant wait ;p

I'd totally see this movie for real Bob.
Wait! Yoshi's not in it?
I wish THIS one had been an April Fool's joke:

Damn it Bob, it took me all of 3 minutes to realise you were pulling an April Fools joke.

lol. You are such a Nintendo fanboy, Bob.

I still loved this.

Ke$ha Peach in 5D.

Will "Madea Goes to Dreamland" be in 5D?

Did I spell that right? Ke$ha?

I laughed so hard when Samuel L Jackson showed up.

The card gag was funny too.

ehh... could have been funnier.

and now Bob has his equivalent of Yahtzee's DNF review. I would go into what would probably be the best format or style for adaptations of Mario, Zelda, Metroid (which would probably take to the screen the best), and Fire Emblem, but that's for another day

All in all.... disappointing.

Meh, needs more explosions.

Also those shy guys look familar, but I put my finger on where I've seen them before.

You sir have made my day, thank you.

A tour de force in cinematic achievements.

Great April Fools joke.

I liked the Avengers references.

My poor brain... The sad thing is that you change all of the names and this could be a serious review. Most of this stuff is at least half true.

You almost had me there, Bob. Haha. Nice one.

note to nintendio lay off the smack really this has bad idea written all over it i'll be surpissed is this flim even recoupe half of its cost(yes i'm well aware that nintendio is full of surpisess.) BTW why super mario and not say mertiod, zelda, or star fox(not a fan of any of these franchise but still)this just sounds bad before i seen the first tralleir.

What the f-?

Oh, right... it's April 1st...

Motherf-cking internet...

Okay. Okay, Bob, I admit it, you got me. It was unexpectedly funny.

Still hard to tell at some parts if it's genuine satire or your nerdy fantasy of a Super Mario movie. You weirdo.


wow wow wow

how long did it take you to come up with all that? WOW. Huge props just for effort. I'm not a big fan of april fools so i really didn't see that coming but when you said Wommy Tiseau I went 'he's fucking with us'.

Very impressive.

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I'd totally see this movie for real Bob.
Wait! Yoshi's not in it?
I wish THIS one had been an April Fool's joke:

Are you implying that the movie with Mario Mario and Luigi Mario is a crap movie that should only never exist?

You better watch it Bob or Tommy Wisau studios will come at you...xD

Always nice to have some april 1st material. Although I think a mario epic could also be made centered around his growing addiction to the leaf, shroom and flower derivative which end with him tragically wondering around downtown Manhattan in a tanuki suit...

Ok......please tell me this is an april fools joke. PLEASE TELL ME BOB! Because if this is real, OH man, OH MAN! This would be WORSE then the original Mario movie.

It was obvious before I even clicked on the link.

Come on guys, you need to do something more subtle. This is weak, but still a funny watch.

Oh Gosh dratnit Bob, you had me fooled! If you hadn't put the April fools after the credits, I'd totally made a fool out of myself and told all of my friends about this.

Do I detect a hint of your despise for lamp-shading the "goofyness of the source material"? David E Kellys Wonder Woman hitting a nerve there?
Anyhow, nice video.

he had me going, for about two seconds... mongolia?

5D? that must be twice as good as those 2.5D platformers!!!

...I need some quiet time...

Bob should be given the money to make that film. Also it will have to be in 5D or i'm not going to the cinema to see it. I'll wait for it to come to VHS!

This is kind of, mabye I'm just getting old and jaded, bug April Fools is really lame now. I guess there's younger kids on the site though, and they might appreciate/get tricked by this a little easier than me.

That being said, it was interesting to watch bob poke fun at his own sensibilities and pop culture I guess. I like it better when there's a serious undertone though.

Ha ha ha...?

While I understand that an April Fool's prank is tradition, I would have been much happier with a standard review.

Also, no offense to Bob (I love you), but I'm not a fan of your original comedy and story lines. That's why I was turned off my your "Antithinker" thing.

Nice try, and there were some moments that made me laugh, but I was too busy being disappointed to enjoy it as much as I could have.

See you next week.

Well played MovieBob... Well played...

well played, Bob. If you'd left out Wommy Tiseu I might have fallen for it.

You know, at 0:45, when you realize it, it stops being funny.

*shrug* wasn't that bad on an april fool, but feel a bit weak

Would rather have got a movie review

April Fool's isn't a real thing, you're just a fucking liar.

But I'm reminded of this old piece:

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