Daily Drop: Silly Putty

Silly Putty

It's solid! It's fluid! It's viscoelastic!

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Why does it say last was Kinder Egg, when it was Duck Candy last time?

Bouncy blue thingy =S

What's up with all the poor ways the oldschool gameboy is being treated lately?! Poor thing... I almost don't want to see the crowbar next time. Almost.

I love that the boing sound effect was also slowed down.

Hmm. First piece did nothing, but the other piece wobbled pretty well.

And geez, the subject # errors are getting worse! You're off by TWO this time! Just saying.

An original Game Boy this Monday... Well, what can you do to something proven to withstand a bomb blast from Desert Storm!? We shall see.

I thought that was a bit underwhelming. But the Game Brick will be fun monday.

Sound effects, weird. BOINK!

Most likely crowbar on Monday however, unless the plastic in the brick system became brittle over the years.

Where did they get a bomb from? jk

Eh, this one was oka. not really expecting much from silly putty.

That was silly.

Monday will be a sad sad day D:
Dropping gameboys isn't nice :(

Nooooo! I grew up with the old school gameboy! Oh the huge manatee!

For a second there, it looked like it could have hit the camera if it had enough momentum..

Come monday, I'm going to mourn the loss of a dear and close friend. I knew you well, Gameboy.

Poor Gameboy, it has to go to the extreme of sacrifice itself to give us entertainment nowadays. Makes me sad.

I wish they would use the crowbar on the silly putty as well.

Well if that wasn't the silliest thing I've seen today, paint me blue and call me Monkey.


So, yeah. It was ok, though there have been much more awesome drops.


IT'S A P****!!!!!!!

I'm heartened to see over half the posts are wailing about the Gameboy because that's what I came here to do too.

More on topic, the Silly Putty was a lot less smushy than I expected. Don't know why.

The silly putty deformed much less than I was expecting.

Also, what is up with that 'boing-boing' sound? does silly putty really sound like that or did y'all put it in there special?

Heh. That silly putty reminded me about how much fun I have with kneadable erasers in art class. God, I love those thi- Whatthefuckisthis? Gameboy? GAMEBOY!? NOOOO! WHY MUST THE POOR THING SUFFER? YOU HEARTLESS MONSTERS.

Well, I figured you'd deke us out and bounce something wierd for April Fools Day...

I just didn't expect you to bounce a Y chromosome!

I never realized those things were so big... Thanks for your contribution to science!

Huh... actually a pretty impressive bounce and dance on the second form...

Hey, I ate some of that stuff when I was a kid.
It's not that tasty.


I actually think the Gameboy is going to hold up pretty well being dropped. '85s technology and whatnot.

Dammit, why do you always make me wait a weekend for the really good ones?

Is it normal that I both want to see and don't want to see the GameBoy being dropped?


The sound it made was really weird but it was rather underwhelming but WHY the Gameboy? I can't bear to see the crowbar next time.

You know, I saw the silly putty, and the first thing I thought was 'you guys know it bounces, right?' Yep... you do.

Also- Obsolete Game Boy! Noooo! I've wanted another one of those for years, just for nostalgia's sake.

everybody watch closely tomorrow to see if this weird component is inside

don't spoil it if you already know

I saw every single Drop and approved of all the destruction for entertainment's sake. But you crossed the line with the GameBoy Classic. I'm afraid you will rot in hell.

You'll prolly need the crowbar tomorrow. Seriously, I remember dropping my old GameBoy many, many, many times as a kid (a few on cement even) and it still works. Things were big bulky and heavy back then but they were neigh unbreakable.

drop a crowbar! :)

Less deformation than expected.


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