Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Robots

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What? No Fisto? The sexiest robot in the Mojave wasteland? How could you!

No GlaDOS? She's at least as much of a robot as Blendy. Also, Smirnoff and Lucky Charms seems like an... interesting... combo.

God whenever I hear Klaptrap I think of Donkey Kong Country

You're not alone.

OT: I'm surprised at the lack of Glados or Dog or Portal Turret. I guess she didn't want to go with the obvious ones.

WAIT!! Where is GlaDOS?!

Some people will probably complain, but I thought the blender bit was pretty funny surprisingly.

Do modrons count? If so I'd put Nordrom from Planescape Torment, even if I did have to pull out pencil and graph paper to get to him...

The first robot that came to mind when I read the headline was HK-47.

GlaDOS is not a Robot, GlaDOS is an Artificial Intelligence.

Totally agree with HK-47 being no.1...but your robot dance could use some work, it's not jerky enough!

...I guess GlaDOS is more of an A.I., but then you did include an android...and what of legion?

Madara XIII:
Snip Note* Put some spoilers for your images next time.

T_T I guess that I'm the only one who loved the Megaman Zero games...

DOG, GLaDoS, Legion, Mr. Handy ??

Heheh...HK-47 is really the best robot companion ever.

Organic meatbags. Hehe.

Frozen Donkey Wheel2:
1. Sorry, but uh....Claptrap sucks. I mean he really, really, REALLY sucks. My least favorite part of that game.
2. I forgive you because of the awesome Arrested Development reference at the end. "I'M A MONSTER!!!!!!".......Anyone remember that? No? Fuck it.
3. Legion is awesome, too. Because of this:

I rest my case.

You, sir, have me reeling. I have played through Mass Effect 2 with Legion in my party twice, and I have NEVER seen him do that! I am crushed beneath the weight of my own incompetence! *sobs*

As for you, Lisa. For not putting Sovereign on this list, you should know that you exist because we allow it, and you will end because we demand it.

I usually don't question TOP 5's... since they're based on personal appreciation.
But # 1 should have been Mr. Zurkon.


Im surprised nobodys mentioned the robot from Machinarium. Or I just havent been paying attention.

Rivers Wells:

i had a vacuum robot once i thought was cool now when i look back it sucked!


OT: Funny vid Lisa. Keep em comin, though I'm a little surprised GLaDOS didn't get at least a runner up mention. Oh wait, maybe she's more just an OS.

You quoted me just to say"...Ugh..." thats a...bit short..

I absolutely loved the blender. Nothing better than a satirical blender beating up on ole lisa to brighten my mood.

No mention of this?

If you think the blender is anoying, you haven't met the toaster.

Oh the memories! I watched this episode just the other day, classic. Damn you Talkie Toaster... now I really want some toast.

OT: I'm loving old Blendy, he can come back to berate Lisa any time as far as I'm concerned!

How can number 1 and 2 be anyone else other then Dog in HL2 and Robo in Chrono Trigger! Baffling!


But what's with that clip of that android chick?
her breasts were transforming into bigger breasts ?
Lisa sure knows how to pick the right clip
(I think she secretly really likes breasts, or atleast that's what I like to think)

And if you pick a robot from Ratchet&Clank, you should pick Dr Nefarious, Mr Zurkon or Lawrence, not Clank, he's got no personality.

I think she just knows her audience.

No HL2 Dog in here... I call shenanigans!

Ahh. Blendy gave me the lulz.
Not many things do nowadays!

my dear girl I think you meant to say DE-TRITE-US

as in:
debris, the remains of something that has been destroyed or broken up

not DE-TREE-TUS which is gibberish :D

and is that guys first name really "American" or do people just ask to see his passport a lot?

Statement: your judgement on the greatest videogame robot of all time pleases this unit.

Gonna have to re-do this list in a few weeks to put Atlas and P-body at the top of this list when Portal 2 launches.

No Gla-DOS?
You're crazy?

No love for D0G?


Anyway, I've always been a bit iffy about HK-47. Sure, it was funny the first time he casually offered to murder someone. Some goes for the first time he called me a meatbag. But after the tenth time, the joke had worn pretty thin.

i have that exact blender!

though mine only tells me to kill other people...

HK-47! yes! my favorite rusty bucket of bolts with an attitude...

*Welcome to the Hall of Heroes, Miss. Where would you like your statue?.*

HK-47 is the best robot. Until next week when Portal 2 comes out.

Wait a minute! THAT'S HK-47!? I have never played KotOR, but with all the love and hype that HK-47 gets, I was expecting something a whole lot funnier. Please tell me those aren't his best lines.

As long as clank is in the list, I'm content.

Im surprised nobodys mentioned the robot from Machinarium. Or I just havent been paying attention.

Nope, you're right, but point-and-click adventures don't get much love around these parts. Lisa, on the other hand, definately has a soft spot there. That robot is just sooo cute. All the daydreams he has are interesting. No dialogue whatsoever but the point gets along just fine. Kudos to the designers.

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