Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Robots

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You know I dont even care about the top 5 anymore. I just like seeing her.


Okay, naysayers. I'll concede that perhaps GLaDOS doesn't qualify - but what about these turrets?

Come on! Give me that at least!

I was going to paint a picture of you, but I ran out of the colour insult ever.

The Claptraps were 99% of the reason I bought Borderlands, love those little guys.

Nice episode, best one in a while.

*Insert obligatory disagreement* your list is bias and sucks!

I remember Scrapland, I loved that game! Great soundtrack too.

Please always do the robot, it made me laugh =)

Am I the only one who finds it wierd that KOS-MOS, at 3:15, does what can be accurately described as openning her top up?

I don't think that'd be entirely... useful in combat.

Maybe as a distraction technique.

I'm starting to get used to the hair. Red is the superior color...but she's gotta do something about that style. Am I the only one who notices these things?

No GLaDOS? She/it deserves to be on there somewehere!

Oh well... Different opinions and all that...

I can't look at the Escapist at work because the picture of Lisa Foiles looks like a porn ad. Too much makeup in the promo pics for this series dear.

iteres fishpond

Wooo!! HK47!! He's like thestar wars equivalent of Bender Bending Rodriguez... and I love him. Even if he calls me a meatbag and would murder us all in our beds without that restraining bolt.

Claptrap? Really? Ugh.

Maybe they would have more charm if they had more than five animations each, one of which being their funny-the-first-time, annoying-as-hell-the-twentieth-time "HEY LOOK AT ME! I'M DAAAAAANCING! Ooh, ah, ohh. CHECK IT OUT!"

Because of that, I never hesitated to put a round or twenty into them whenever I saw one. To no avail, alas.


Random Argument Man:
I'm wondering when we'll hear " BUT WHAT ABOUT MEGAMAN?" or some other popular robot.

No, but there seemed to be more games with robot protagonists back in the day. Now they're mostly amusing sidekicks. It's meatbag prejudice, I tells ya!


Um is Lisa drinking Smirnoff Ice with her Cereal?

Looks like it, although it looked a bit flat and watery like...

Must be that American malt liquor version. Here in the Great White North, we make it with vodka.

yes, Smirnoff Ice's American version is indeed Malted, and tastes like an alcoholic Sierra Mist that has been left opened for a while.

OT: I agree with HK-47, Im expecting a majority of posters to agree also, but Claptrap?

That annoying bucket?




Why the FUCK was this guy not on there?

I love Blendie!

Also I'd bitch about no GLaDOS, but I guess she's not a robot, she's more like a computer AI or something...

oh, if humans fight over logic, why do robots fight over emmotions? XD

If you think the blender is anoying, you haven't met the toaster.

Gotta love Red Dwarf, especially toaster though my heart always did belong to the scutters.

As for top robots from games I feel I should point out R-107 from Timesplitters, that guy made my day on numberous occasions and I think if my own personal list he would rank highly. That being said this might just be my complete withdrawl symptoms from playing timesplitters kicking in :P

But but but, Legion... Hes so much cooler...

Hmm wonder if Fulgore counts as a robot? Good list :) Better sleep with one eye open now that Blendy is around!

BIGGER GUN! My mandatory warcry that follows off from "Beep boop beep" when camping with lmg's I had a macro and everything for it...Don't ask.

Would the sentry guns from Portal be a robot...Also Claptrap sounds a lot like GiR o.0.

Lol i know Gir Rules ^_^

No Are-One-Oh-Seven?


He was a robot. On the inside.

Ratchet and Clank are fuckwin.

Claptrap, however, can stay in that ruined pilous state I left them in on purpose, just to see them suffer

L4Y Duke:
Am I the only one who finds it wierd that KOS-MOS, at 3:15, does what can be accurately described as openning her top up?

I don't think that'd be entirely... useful in combat.

Maybe as a distraction technique.

That's because she's preparing to fire off one of her weapons.

She forgot to add herself to the list... Then again this list is for AWESOME robots!

OT: HK-47 is a lame rip-off of BENDER (any braindead meatbag should know that)

She forgot about MEGA-MAN, MEGA-Godzilla and of course

WD40 from spacequest 5


yeh putting an android in a list of Robots when there are soo many other deserving robots is a shame

Also i half expected the blender to say "go make me a sandwich" XD

No love for Nordom from Planescape Torment?

I loved that guy.

"Nordom has improved!"

Why isn't GLaDOS in it? Or even DOG from half life 2?

I actually just watched Heartbeeps for the first time. I liked it. No one who doesn't especially love robots can say that. I actually ended up in an argument because I have a strong distaste for most love stories, and my only defense here was "but... robots."
Sadly my work in progress robot is still restricted to only moving when I push buttons. :( AI is a tough shell to crack.

i love this top 5 although i think claptrap should be number one, other then that great top 5

Did that Xenosaga one's boobs transform?

Transformers needs to take some hints from that girl. Transforming Boobs!

The system computer from Conker's Bad Fur Day would have been nice, I haven't played any of these though so I can't comment.

The blender had me in tears!

God whenever I hear Klaptrap I think of Donkey Kong Country

Same here.

OT: I was here to see if Robo would show up. Oh well.

I was almost pissed Clap-Trap wasn't #1... But I had forgotten about HK.
Well played, Lisa.

HUZZAH FUTURAMA! I remember that same robot from the commercial being a killer robot in mega 64 version 2. I thought Bender would be here because of the Futurama game.

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